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Akrera The Cursed by Wansworld by LordAmon12

:  Akrera

Alias: The Cursed 

Race: Demigod 

Height:   6'0

Age: 33

Place of Birth: A remote Island on the Mediterranean Sea

Gender: Female

Hair: Red

Eyes: Hazel 


Ares (Father)

Aegiz (Adoptive Father)



Superhuman Strength:  Akrera has superhuman strength that rivals and possibly surpasses that of Oceania, who can lift at least 50,000 tons and  much more, (Oceania is only slightly weaker then Hyper Girl on land).

Superhuman agility: Akrera is obviously far more agile then a mere mortal. (Hypersonic reactions, can dodge lightning)

Superhuman durability: Akrera can tank most forms of damage with not real issues. (Can tank attacks that can destroy islands and countries) 

Skilled combatant: Akrera trained in many forms of combat throughout most of her life. 

Weapon expert: Akrera is skilled in many forms of weapons, she is an expert on most forms of weapons, like axes, hammers, spears, swords and even guns, in addition Akrera can quickly learn and adapt to new weapons.     

Weapon conjuring: Akrera can summon weapons at well such as swords and spears. 

Rapid arrow fire: Akrera can fire godly energy blasts from her hands. 

Demigod Biology: Being a demigod, Akrera ages much slower than an average human and she is also much more resilient is mind manipulation, hypnosis and psychic attacks. Akrera 's mind has defenses that make it difficult for telepaths to take control over her.    



The Axe of Bloodlust: Her main weapon, which are capable of killing other demigods.

Poison blades: Akrera has hidden blades on her wrists, which are stained by the blood of the hydra.



While being a very powerful and skilled, Akrera is not completely invincible as it is possible for her to be taken down by an opponent with superior strength. Like Oceania she can be harmed be penetrating attacks and poison can slow her down. Akrera is also enjoys fighting and violence, there is a chance that she might let her opponent use their full power or she might fight beings who are completely out of her league.  


Being the child of the God of War; Akrera is very bloodthirsty in general and enjoys the thrill of battle. She shows almost no remorse or empathy for others and would kill with no hesitation. The only person she actually cares about it her adoptive father Aegiz. Akrera also has a deep hatred and rivalry with Oceania a child of Poseidon.


Akrera was born on a mysterious island in the Mediterranean Sea, however she doesn’t remember much of her lifetime during the island including her actual birth parents. When Akera was only 2, her home island was destroyed by an unknown being; before the island was destroyed she was saved by a demigod named Aegiz. Akrera viewed Aegiz as a father figure, due to not having any knowledge of her true parents; despite this Akera didn’t quite had an easy childhood. Aegis was very harsh on Akera when her trained her on the art of survival and combat, the demigod even left Akera in the wilderness to fend for herself at the age of 10, survived however and she even killed a wild boar with her bare hands. Aegiz was impressed with the young girl and decided that she is indeed worthy to train even further. Years later Aegiz hosted a tournament were the fighters will have to battle to the death, which Akera being one of the competitors. Akera eventually reached to the final round of the brutal tournament, her opponent was a large well-built man. While Akrera’s opponent was fairly powerful, Akera was still able to overpower the giant, right before Akrera can finish her opponent; the man begged. Akera hesitated at first, but Aegiz insisted Akrera to “finish him”. Akrera proceeds to decapitate the giant with an ax; she dropped the weapon and said: “sigh that was disappointing”. Shortly after the tournament of bloodshed, Aegiz revealed to Akrera that is a demigod and also the child of the God of War Ares which explains Akrera’s bloodlust; Aegiz also said that Poseidon is responsible for the destruction of Akrera’s home island. Angered by this Akrera swore vengeance on the sea god, hoping to make all of his descendants suffer. Akrera and a few other demigods joined Aegiz in a group called “The Godslayers”


I tried to do a slightly different format for Akrera's bio, I hope this works. 

I have also revealed that they are plenty of demigod villains in the Amonverse and even a team "Godslayers"

Akrera's love of violence and killings is quite a contrast to Oceania's displeasure of using her full-power and taking a life.   

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