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Taressa Stuck

By LordAltros
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A commiccion for :iconshineofrain:

Of their character Taressa,  
with an extreme hourglass figure that's gotten her stuck in a doorway.
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Imagine this nurse coming to check on you....

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TARESSA! I thought better of you, you do know what field we work in right?
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This is in my top fav of all time, can we get a new work of Taressa? With this figure and all😍
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i'm glad you like it so much :)
this was a commission so she's not my character.
you're going to have to talk to the client that commissioned it.
they're linked in the description.
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Oh boy, I will send a msg for sure!
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Nurse! Help!
Ooooooo... I neep CPR
*fat body lays on me
Me silently: Oh my gosh its like a dream come true... :D (Big Grin) 
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she is pretty cute :)
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your unsolicited, unqualified and outright disrespectful opinion has been noted and disregarded.
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That's some Gordon Ramsey shit right there
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Think they got the point?
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Woah! That's a lot of traffic going through that door. 
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ain't that the truth.
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The door frame will brake eventually. That is quite the hourglass figure
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