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Koollzz Commission Color 4 of 5

By LordAltros
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part 4 of a 5 part sequence commission for :iconkoolzz248:
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She looks nice
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I wish she was my wife

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where is the 5 ?

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It's somewhere in my gallery
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Thats one big ass and those boobs are huge. I love how her clothes are ripping

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thats good stuff
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she looks so soft and yummy! i wanna touch that body of hers :)
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Those are some beautiful curves. Great pear shape.
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Her: MMMMMM I got a perfect pear I should enter it into the county fair!
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I know one person who has an ass like that. but too bad she is is married and has a weird obsession with Selfies. It gets worse in octobers...she forces everyone to like her selfies. 
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with a butt like that, who wouldn't be obsessed :D 
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the booty is eating her pants!
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"Oh well there goes my outfit oh well it was bound to happen anyway!"
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My oh my, it's it alright if I say I wish this would happen to me...? :flirty:
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Definitely not wrong.
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of course it is :)
and if your plans work out, 
something along these lines may very well happen to you :)
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That's definitely the plan ;)
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This is definitely my favorite next to 3 in the series she looks massive, marvelous and majestic, love the jiggle lines of movement as she grows :D
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