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This is one of a rare art that really need to be more out there. Seeing starfire as a giantess made my heart jumps for joy. The colours...

Now THAT a badass pose! I read some sonic comics and watch 'Evil dead' when i was young, and bunnie got a 'serious ash' kind a vibe. Th...

This picture reminded me of one of those picture booth that you can find in malls, and in carnivals. It's tell me a love story about 2 ...

Okey, this is my first time doing this critque thing, so you can tell me if i did something wrong after this. The artwork is wonderful!...

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Amy's growth story episode 1: Tails's platform

This artwork was made by GistMellow.
Tails is banging away with one of eggman's robot, trying to get something inside. He almost got it when there a knock at the door. "Okey, i'm coming!" He shouted. He put down his tools and walk over the front hanger doors. "I swear to chaos if that the door to door con artist again..." He open and was greeted to amy. "Hey tails!" She give him a hug. "Amy. Nice to see you." He let amy in. She look around to see weapons all over. "Are you getting ready for war or something?" She ask. "Sorry amy, i just tightened the security a bit." He close the doors and push the button to lock it. "Long story short, there a salesman who want me to buy junk by force." He notice amy is wearing a red one piece swimsuit as she cover it over with her usual red dress. She look at him with a smile. "It for the little experiment you been working on." Tails nodded and walk over the lab.
Amy was excited to see his friend's machine. Ever se
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Cream's big rampage or Tails's great payback
"Our story take place at cream's house. Tails and cream is in the living room, putting a few touches on a weird looking gun"
Cream: Tails, are you sure this is going to work?
Tails: trust me cream. If this works, we can finally have the recognition we so deserved. And no body is going think the same way ever again after we show those people who the REAL stars are!
Cream: I'm going to guess that Nintendo didn't pick you for "Super smash bros" again.
Cream: Well, your blaster is similar to Mr. Megaman's buster, so...
"Silence field the air"
Tails: 'Ahem' Well... There that. And SEGA has once again to ignore both you AND me for getting our own games! I mean i was going to help them put in the new age of gaming back on the map!
Cream: Well i for one like to see what my game would be like. I mean, if peach and luigi have her own
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Hello everyone. It has been a while sence i did this.

So... Normally i don't do these things, but in a time like this, desperate time call for desperate need. This is a one time opportunity for those who are interested of using it as they please.
I'm selling this one of a kind book sketch of giant cream the rabbit. 

Big cream by lordadrian1000

This is what going down: If you like to have this sketch, all you have to do is bet some points. Just tell in the comments below and the one who bet the highest will keep it!

The story behind it: Cream busted out of a building from the background and look down at the viewer as she is getting larger.

Now some of you may be asking, why are you selling this away?
The reason: I need some points to do a point commission. That and the D.A. shop selling system is so confusing.

Here the rules. #1: Everyone who are interested are welcome.
#2: Bet as much as you like.
#3:No backing out. Once you start betting and somewhat win, you can not making excuses of any kind.
#4:No copy/stealing it during the betting. 
#5:Spred the journal around. The more who join in, the better.
#6: Be a good sport.
The starting bet: 50 points.
The deadline: The one who will win this sketch will be announce on October 11. 
I wish of you the best of luck.
Thank you for your time and have fun!


lordadrian1000's Profile Picture
Hello there. I'm lord adrian 1000. 'Adrian for short.' You can also call me the lazy asker. Why? Because i like asking questions and being lazy. 'But not too much.' I like artwork of all types, even giantess pictures. Hopefully i'll do some art of my own in the future, so watch out for that. Keep this in mind that i use this thing for 2 years only for looking, but now, i'm all fired up and ready to kick some butt! Well almost. I need to get some stuff to make it great but hey, i am trying my best. So i hope you like what you see there. Laters dudes!!!


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Hi everyone. I open the donation box so i can get core membership, some new art stuff, and so on. I also do short stories point commission! I'll be so happy if you put some point in there, but hey it's up to you. Thank you, and have a good one!=)

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