2019- Commissions Open!

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My full Terms of Service can be found and read here: TOS- Terms of Service 2019

Chibi Icon

  600 Points / $6 USD   
      Changeling Tokens by LordAcies
Halfbodies will be between waist and mid thigh range!

Head/ Bustshot

  Flat | 1000 Points / $10 USD  Shaded | 1400 Points / $14 USD
   Grin by LordAcies   Viktor Von Carnate by LordAcies   Lucky by LordAcies   Weston (DnD OC) by LordAcies Old OC Portraits- Shane Phillips by LordAcies   Chiffy Pride by LordAcies

Background are usually transparent. I may add a color background on a whim, or if asked to.


  Flat | 1200 Points / $10 USD   Shaded | 1600 Points / $16 USD
  Valkyrie by LordAcies Mangaka at Work! by LordAcies Beam me up (please) by LordAcies Butcher by LordAcies  Vincent by LordAcies Hugh by LordAcies  Vengeance's profile pic by LordAcies 

Halfbodies will be between waist and mid thigh range!


  Flat | 1600 Points / $16 USD  Shaded | 2000 Points $20 USD
   Mandy by LordAcies  Arden's Evocation by LordAcies Felix by LordAcies  Lilith Niramour Vesper - Gunslinger Extraordinaire by LordAcies Buck Carson by LordAcies Faeloryn Rundath by LordAcies Caspian Wingates by LordAcies

  Elijah by LordAcies     Dancing's Not a Crime - (Art Trade) by LordAcies   Fox Cleric by LordAcies

Background are usually transparent. I can add a simple color background if asked to.


  Headshot | 300 Points / $3 USD  Halfbody | 600 Points / $6 USD  Fullbody | 800 Points / $8 USD
Chiff by LordAcies  Sketch Dump by LordAcies  Arden's flight by LordAcies Trillian the 3rd (WIP) by LordAcies   Fusion by LordAcies

Background is usually Transparent. Colored lineart can be requested.
You can also take these sketches back to me in the future and I can finish them for the price difference. (A fullbody sketch can be finished with flat colors for $8 more.)

Reference Sheet

2500 Points+ / $25- 30 USD
  Arden Silvain Ref by LordAcies Sanety by LordAcies New Altair Reference by LordAcies  EnCCore Contestant Reference by LordAcies   Acies- Artsona! by LordAcies

(Will include at minimum two fullbodies. Extra details to be negotiated.)

This category is intended for characters that are pre-existing with little to no changes to their design being made. 
Reference must be fullbody and color or have a digital palette sent with it for color picking.


4000 Points+ / $40+ USD

Mature Content

Cloudie Adopt- May I Slash you a Question?{Closed} by LordAcies
  Moower Attempt 2 by LordAcies  Jonese by LordAcies  Nigel Damocles -Pilot Aerolin MYO design by LordAcies JJBA RBG OC- Artturi Clash by LordAcies

Price varies on complexity desired and predecided design details. 
(Will include a full ref sheet with periodic WIP updates for approval.)
I do CS customs so long as you provide proof of slot ownership!

Open Commission Slots!

I have standard commission slots and special slots for custom and ref sheet work!

1) Open
2) Open
3) Open
4) Open
5) Open

 -1) Special-
 -2) Special-
 -3) Special-

Feel free to comment below or note me with your commission information or any questions!
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