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The History of Srenore (The Book of Civilizations)


The History of Srenore (The Book of Civilizations)

When Wovilive was born, the gods suddenly had a feeling that they never felt before. An indescribable feeling you get when you are not alone, yet you are perfectly safe because of the lack of said loneliness.  Many years and many days passed by, and Tizotz decided to do something fun with his kids. He challenged them to make something new and interesting to populate Srenore.  Cuulla and Thihysus got to work. Wovilive, however, didn’t know what to do. “Father,” he said, “they know how to make things, but I don’t. How could I even take part in this?” Tizotz leaned forward to his son Wovilive, and he spoke to him a secret for creativity. “Your sister Cuulla and your brother Thihysus faced the same problem you are facing currently. What they did was look around and find inspiration. Sometimes, it takes something as simple as the world surrounding you, or maybe even yourself, to gain inspiration for your works.” Thus Tizotz concluded his talk with Wovilive. Wovilive decided to take a

The History of Srenore (The Book of Beginnings)


The History of Srenore (The Book of Beginnings)

Author's note: for the history of our current leader, Lord Zeddicus Laver, read this. More than one billion years ago, the Hands of Creation molded the realms. Worlds upon worlds were forged, and later spread across the universe. Among the many worlds, one was the first to be chosen, and that was what we now call Srenore. From the fingertips of the Hands, came small particles. These particles showered down as comets to the  planet's surface, creating valleys and canyons. As the dust settled, the comets cracked open, revealing the gods of Srenore.  One by one, they opened up their eyes, and stood up, walking out of their comet shells. As they stood, there was nothing. They looked left and right, but all they saw were themselves, the shells they "hatched" from, and the valleys and canyons that were created when they landed. Memrus, the God Of Fire, clapped his hands, lighting them aflame. Though he shined the dim light from his fire, all he could see was the gray surface of the
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