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Scene from the Incan Dwarf Marketplace

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At the time I am posting this, I have five more submissions to go before I reach 500 total. I have a little Christmas vacation so I know what I'm doing in my free time! Playing video games until my eyes bleed! No wait...

I read an article in the December issue of Archeology magazine (the magazine about old stuff with advertisements for old people, to make you feel even older) about the abandoned Incan city of Huánuco Pampa. Sad story. It used to be a thriving commercial hub for the empire before the Spanish arrived. The centerpiece was the market square/government plaza, where dignitaries from the provinces and regional tribes would gather and not only shop, but debate and spread the news about their corners of the world. Each representative would have his or her section of the plaza to demonstrate not only their local goods, but also any news and reports to the emperor if he was in town. Huánuco Pampa was more centrally located than the capital of Cusco. Plus the Incas kept sophisticated granaries and food silos there to distribute the year's harvest fresh. Every morning, according to Spanish missionaries and now archeological evidence, the market would open by an announcer blowing into a conch shell at dawn and ringing a bronze bell. The illustration I used for reference (by 16th century artist Felipe Guaman) seems to show the announcer wearing a feathered hat. I guess so he'd be more visible to the shoppers. 

Then tragedy struck as the Spanish not only captured the last emperor Atahualpa, but also spread smallpox through the empire. The last signs of life in Huánuco Pampa are the crumbling silos, market square, and a half-finished temple that still stands. I know it's a depressing note for the season and I'm sorry, so I wanted to draw my dwarven people starting their day in the market. I also want to admit that I have no idea how to draw a conch. I could have looked it up online, but I was watching another Christmas show while I was drawing. 
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Lovely, just lovely concept based upon detailed history here!
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Human-Legacy-Anime Digital Artist

I like your art style! :D

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Lord-TriceratopsHobbyist Traditional Artist

Thank you, and especially for saving this one!

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TarturusHobbyist Digital Artist
Great concept.
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Lord-TriceratopsHobbyist Traditional Artist

Thank you and thanks for putting it in the group!