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Incan Dwarf with Glyptodont Mount

Recently, one of my watchers (…) suggested what would happen if the Ice Age animals never went extinct and evolved alongside modern humans. One of my personal "theories" as to how humans became the dominant species was that we evolved in the "Age of Wimps." The end of the Ice Age took out the saber-tooth cats, terror birds, wooly rhinos, basilosaur whales, and then we found out that wooly mammoths are tasty! Anyway, Dragon Man's post reminded me of an old idea I had where a race of dwarves developed an Incan culture and lived with South American Ice Age beasts because why not? The rational is that the dwarves live in mountains, mine and work with iron and gold, and fight with clubs, hammers and axes. Incans: live in mountains, mine and work iron and gold, and fight with clubs, hammers and axes! Viola! I gave the country to a friend of mine who is making a D&D world and he loved it.

I originally thought the dwarves would use glyptodonts as war mounts, but they seem to be slow, plodding critters that just move at their own pace. They got super-thick armor, so why charge into battle? Aside from the harness and ladder, I figured the only addition needed would be the spikes around the mount's dome. Sure the glyptodont is nigh invulnerable against saber-tooth cats, but that little dwarf up top would make an easy target. Hence-forth: spike protection, and an axe or spear. Maybe I just didn't look hard enough, but I couldn't find any reference to Incan bows and arrows. Just slings. Part of me wanted to give him a rifle but part of me said an axe is way easier to draw.  
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Nice concept! Mayhap inspired by seeing your Incan Dwarf drawings earlier, I most recently launched a brainstorming thread on Andean fantasy Dwarves over on the Ninth Age ( ), and mentioned you as a trailblazer:…

Dwarves of the Wrathful Mountains by JurassicPark89

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That is so cool! Thank you! To be honest, I never played any of the Warhammer games, original or 40K, but now that you mention it, a dwarf on a glyptodont would make a cool game piece toy. I'm honored. Let me know if there's more need for the Incan dwarves. I'll gladly keep drawing them. 
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Oh yes, please do! There is certainly a need for them. :)

Would you by any chance be interested in registering on the Ninth Age?

If you would join up for some artistic brainstorming, then the relevant upload places are both the gallery ( ) and the Incan Dwarf thread (… )

If you would by any chance be interested in donating artworks of yours for concepts, then here is a quick guide for T9A gallery upload of art contributions:

Otherwise I'll be happy to act the middleman messenger and share your future Incan Dwarf artworks on T9A, properly credited and linked of course (and upload them into the gallery, if you allow them as concept art donations, otherwise I'll just share as inspirational reference, no problem).

T9A is by the way a big volunteer project, fundamentally non-profit, although companies may print their publications and sell to anyone who is interested in having a neat printed copy (important for getting the core rules and army books out in brick-and-mortar stores to draw new blood in). But on that greyzone commercial point, T9A doesn't make a dime out of it, and precisely everything is available for free download from their site.

Looking forward to see more Incan Dwarves according to your very own vision of them. :)
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I can make some drawings, especially since I have some free time this weekend. I'll also look into the website, but like I said I don't know anything about Warhammer. Still, it'd be a chance to brainstorm with other artists. I've donated to other non-profit pages before, so don't worry about the money. I don't know if you saw my other Incan dwarf stuff, but you mentioned the glyptodon. For now, you can add these to the page if you want. Thanks again. 

Incan Dwarf with Glyptodont Mount by Lord-Triceratops
Atahaulpa Mother and Child by Lord-Triceratops
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Nice! That'd be sweet. :)

Warhammer is basically simple, even though it often wax polished and detailed in quality:

You take all manner of themes from Tolkien's Orcs-Elves-Dwarves, Undead, Daemons and Dinosaurs, and mix them all together in a fantasy world based on history (mainly Renaissance-era), so the Lizardmen of the equivalent of South America become based on Mesoamerican cultures, Chaos (evil) Dwarfs become based on Assyrians, Egypt becomes Undead skeleton country and so on. Put some wacky humour and grimdark cruelty on top of it, and you're good to go! It's a grand dark fantasy smörgåsbord all rigged for a fight, with a rich setting to inspire the players and collectors. The Ninth Age (T9A) is very much like Warhammer, only having more things in it, and an even more historically based setting, and as of presently it isn't so horror-show grimdark compared to Warhammer Fantasy (WHFB):

T9A is still in early development as regards released official background, so now is really the right and formative time to put our mark upon it with new ideas. :)

Here is a brief list of factions and their real-world correspondence:…

Please ask whenever you wonder something, though I'm not deeply into the released T9A fluff, but more into the brainstorming for white spots on the map. ;)

Here is the 9th Age world map ( ), which like Warhammer is based on real-world geography. In Warhammer, South America was Lustria ( ).

Our corner in T9A is Virentia over in the New World, more precisely up in the Wrathful Mountains (Andes-equivalent). The jungles below are teeming with Mayan-Aztec style Saurian Ancients/Lizardmen (… ), and you can bet there are pesky Goblins around (… ) with some kind of exotic garb to pester the Incan Dwarves up in the mountains.

Welcome aboard, it'd be great to have your ideas and concept artwork in the brainstorming on the Ninth Age! Also, I've mentioned your other Incan artwork and included it in the reference images in the latest update.

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Pretty cool concept :) So how are the spikes attached? Are they like embedded into the armour itself or "glued", or are they held on by the rope? 
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Mostly I was thinking with heavy-duty ropes and knots, which don't show up terribly well in the pick. I realize now that the ropes are pretty puny for spikes that large. Embedding them into the armor would probably damage the glyptodont's spine. 
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Thank you for the faves. 
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