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Incan Dwarf Warrior

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Recently one of my watchers suggested that I do more work on the Incan dwarves project of mine so he can show them to his Warhammer friends. My knowledge of Warhammer could barely fill a Post-it note (there's a bunch of people at war. Hammers are involved. The 40K version is in space, with big dudes in big armor, and there's an Emperor). The important thing is I get to draw more cultural dwarf pictures, so I said okey-dokey. 

Admittedly I took this guy's uniform from a quick Google search for "Incan warriors." From what I could tell, most of the uniform was made of cloth even though the Incans had access to bronze, gold, and leather goods. There had to be more protective gear out there. The big gold (probably bronze) disc in the middle could protect the heart and vitals, but the shield I saw looked downright puny, and the helmet even seemed to have a bullseye in the middle! Still, these guys would be climbing up and down the Andes mountains all day, so there is some merit to wearing something light and warm. The only thing I added were the leather shoulder pads and chest protection behind the disc. I'm thinking of adding a heavier armor to a new picture, but right now I leaned more towards the cultural accuracy. One last thought, I think the reference picture I used showed an Incan officer, because that hat/helmet is way too flamboyant to just be for the front-line grunts. You'd wear that hat to be seen, and when you're commanding a thousand dudes with nothing but your voice and the way you're pointing your axe, being seen is important. 

Here's my reference: thelosttreasurechest.wordpress…
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Very good depiction, Lord-Triceratops! I like it a lot, and not least the colours. Good pose, too!

Just to check, shall I post it over on the Ninth Age Inca Dwarf thread ( www.the-ninth-age.com/index.ph… ) and gallery ( www.the-ninth-age.com/gallery/ - how to: i.imgur.com/ORLCncV.jpg ), or do you wish to do it yourself? :)

Either is fine by me, of course. Am eager to share it over there.

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Lord-TriceratopsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Go right ahead. I'm going to look over the website tonight after I get a couple things done and see what I can do to sign up. 
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Reporting! www.the-ninth-age.com/index.ph…

Besides, cultural fantasy races are 50% of what both Warhammer and its spiritual successor the Ninth Age is all about. So you're halfway there already. :D