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Sue Storm

I wanted to draw someone really quick and asked my friend Luke what to draw. The conversation went as follows:

[10:06:38 PM] Me: any ideas?
[10:06:43 PM] Luke: well hmmm
[10:06:46 PM] Luke: what you thinking?
[10:06:48 PM] Me: maybe I should draw a marvel female character.
[10:06:55 PM] Luke: okay marvel is good
[10:06:56 PM] Luke: hmm
[10:07:10 PM] Me: Scarlet Witch with ASTRONOMICALLY HUGE BOOBS
[10:07:10 PM] Luke: the invisible woman?

and I am so glad I didn't draw Scarlet Witch.
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sorta' quick... ?
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peoject: roofyop is having a F4 redesign contest. You seem to be 1/4 of the way there.
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Oh really? Awesome!
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nice looks extremely profesional
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why thank you for saying that :bow:
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Great job like always, man! More Marvel Comics stuff, please!
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Really? Hmmm... interesting thought.
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Funny conversation you and your friend had! This is really good. I like how you made the force field glow.
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