Queen of the night. Chapter: 19.

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Queen of the night. Chapter: 19. (-no chapter title-)

Ophelia could not even bring her head up to pay her guest the proper attention he deserved, as he quietly paced anxiously back and forth in a repressed rage, with a look about his features implying he was doing his best to sustain a remarkably calm exterior despite how he is physically fuming. He was an older gentleman to be sure, his hair thin and grey to compliment the fellows features and physique.

He kept his eyes locked onto his queen with a fire in himself of him, urging him to let loose all of his anger towards her over the grave injustice his family has been served.
"It won't do," He began, clutching his fist. "it won't do at all! My daughter, exiled?! Over a single slave?" He could not contain his outrage as he protested for his child, raising his voice when recalling the letter he received to inform him of the news.

The dark queen could not suppress a sigh when she finally lifted her gaze to her guest by propping her head up with her hand, barely able to keep her own eyes open from how weary she felt.
Between managing the fallout of Keziahs banishment, both publicly and politically, tending to her sweet Maria's condition, and looking after Del's injuries. All of this on top of what their queen did already to manage her kingdom has left her precious little time to rest, barely enough to afford her a meal in peace.

Even then she would still be signing papers, writing official letters and documents to or for the oligarchy concerning the monarchs recent actions, where within a fortnight she has acquired a succubus as a servant, on later that very evening claim possession of a young man to put him on display, only then to publicly announce to all of those in attendance of her intentions to use him as a personal pleasure slave.
And several days later when he is taken from his rightful owner, treated rather harshly by the woman holding him at the given time, only for the queen to then -by her own admittance- react with a shocking level of ferocity and viciousness where she attacked the noblewoman holding him, not long after that she is to be exiled for an undetermined amount of time without even having her family or herself a chance to fight the sentence of banishment, due Ophelia suspending any rights she was due given her noble birth.

Needless to say, much of this has sent both the public as well as the oligarchy into an uproar over these decisions and called for the queen to be suspended from power on the assumption that the queen is becoming increasingly unfit to rule due to the belief she has become sick and it is starting to affect her judgment.

Lord Kewell is the father of Keziah and is currently pursuing a means of bringing his daughter back, by either getting the queen relieved of her powers as queen, or a legal loophole they can exploit, thus allowing the oligarchy to annul the sentence and bring her back.

'It will not be the first time I have been relieved of my duties' The queen thought to herself, a slight trembling within the very hand she was now using to soother temples as a glass of wine hung from her fingers, held by the bottom of the glass itself where its thin neck ended.
She has been fighting the ever growing need to sleep since this whole ordeal has started, she leaned back into her seat, yet making sure she kept her back straight to help her stop from feeling the gnawing urge to give in to the temptations of sleep while in the presence of a guest.
Not to mention she is holding a rather fine vintage of wine over a wonderfully expensive and decorated rug, and would not do to be stained by the queens cavalier vigilance.

The private room she uses to host any confidential audiences has evidently proven to be a poor place for her to entertain her guest.
The quiet crackling warmth of the fireplace worked its way into her weary form, all the while its crackling and light snapping of the logs was close to a lullaby for the lethargic Ophelia, one who did not require it anymore than she does now.

Fortunately, -in a sense- Lord Kewell was posing a credible obstacle to the sirens call for rest what with how loud he protested at his queen for the prompt annulment of his daughters banishment.

"I understand the need for a punishment on my child for stealing your property and damaging him," Kewell said softly, his features relaxing as he spoke. "nor do I condone any of the actions she committed while she had him in her care." Lord Kewell was wisely looking elsewhere when mentioning how the lady had dared to toy with the dark queens boy in such a manner.
Ophelia forgot about the desire to rest and how strong it may have been at his words, her eyes glared at him so fiercely, surely she held no doubts as to him feeling her gaze upon him like an insect knows it is being watched by a bird.

Rising from her seat, she felt the vigour's inside her veins rekindled by the renewed anger she harbours from recent evens surrounding her poor, precious boy.
Though it had pained her to perform her wrath on one she considered a friend, she simply cannot let the crimes of theft, sexual molestation and torture of her boy go unanswered.

"I have exercised my right as a queen to distribute a fitting punishment for your own child's crimes," She said darkly, speaking it straight into the lords ear. "I may have lost the approval of a few men and women too old to remember their own names, along with affection from the mob. I will return to all of their good graces eventually, no matter the time it may take to get it back."

The lord Kewell's spine went rigid as he sensed the feel of the dark queens breath on his skin, warmth creeping down his neck. Setting the hairs on the back on end as the sliver of air left the gentleman feeling the cold chills of a shiver rush along his flesh where her breath did reach, giving Kewell a need to resist the urge to let himself give off a sight shudder.
He kept his composure however, he has had dealings with his queen in the past before, knowing well how she tends to exert her dominance and authority as a monarch onto others on top of using a reputation she's gained for being feared and respected, it came with centuries of living.

While certainly effective at other times, this latest outrage serves to remind Ophelia just how far the stubbornness and pig headed mentality of both the gentry, and the nobility went.

"Yes, well, given your latest violent tantrum, you certainly have a sizeable amount of damage to repair where the mob is concerned, but how will you convince the oligarchy from considering my proposal to have your powers as monarch revoked? Even without my letter requesting they do so on the grounds of what has been done to my daughter!"
Kewell felt his blood boiling in his veins, fingers curling into fists, teeth clenched together as the heat from the fire felt stifling almost while wearing such gentleman's attire, no excuse for looking unsightly, even with his anger.

The dark queen herself was trying to keep her own set of emotions in check a feeling of heat was boiling away in her chest, every exhale she let out, eating away at the demon queens time and energy as she now endured an oppressive heat, brought on by her growing sense of frustration.

The second onset of symptoms related to Ophelia's weariness was a pressure much like the kind one feels as if nails have been driven into the skull, where upon turning, the monarchs temples steadily grew to be more in pain.
The more the symptoms persist in ailing her, the less she was able to tolerate being here for much longer, Lord Kewell was serving to make this all the more unbearable for her temper and health it would be.

Arguing with Lord Kewell has achieved little more than what Ophelia was expecting it to, Kewell has not done much else than make pointless demands for his queen to rescind the order concerning his daughters banishment from within the kingdoms borders to one of the neighbouring realms.
No doubt the woman in question has withdrawn to one of her families personal villas whilst notifying her father as to what has transpired, given how her own are currently seized by royal authority and to be held until such a time has come to release it all back to the original owners or their families.

Kewell had finally realised that his queen's nerves were near the end of where it reached, the way she was leaning against the mantlepiece with signs of showing how weary she is becoming with this little tirade on his part.
To Ophelia's personal relief, like many of the highborn bloodlines she has to be putting up with since she has assumed her role as queen, dogs along the likes of Kewell knew well when it was time to stop howling and accept the muzzle... this being one such time.

It finally dawned on the aristocrat that any chance for reconciliation or an agreement has been dwindling ever since he has begun this whole tirade over the queen's decision over his daughters banishment.

His heart lurched painfully as he stared to the woman who was behind inflicting so much pain and cruel injustice upon his child, the sense of rage burning inside his breast was matched only, by the sense of helplessness that shined inside of him, the pair like twin beacons to a ship caught in a storm.

Her head leaning forward to rest it on the edge of the mantlepiece with a glass of wine hanging from her fingers by the gentle caressing hold of the underside of the glass, the flames flickering dance at odd moments illuminated the liquids to be that of the classic red she was fond of.
She had retracted and concealed her wings and horns from view to others, many admired them for the unholy, stygian like appearance they complimented her fierce beauty with.

Even her precious boy, along with sweet little Maria seem stunned with awe when seeing the pure form of their mistress... or as close to it as Del can, unlike Maria who has seen more.

She has not yet been with her boy minus clothing on her part, nor without blindfold on his.

The queens eyes poured into the fireplace, drinking in the orange glow of the fire, washing over the queens face while she stared at the logs of wood slowly burning into ash, the smell of the flames coupled with the dancing flickering made for a therapeutic view, the heat rose up reaching her eyes compelling her to close them lest the warmth become uncomfortable.

She swirled the wine in its glass, feeling a pull as the weight of the liquid motioned around and around in her hand.

"I will not pardon your daughter Kewell." She finally said after a moment of distraction about her pets. "Nor will I allow myself to be coerced by your threats to take action by demanding I am relieved of my position by the oligarchy."
The dark queen lightly pushed herself from the mantlepiece and turned to Lord Kewell.

Kewell for his part maintained his composure as best he was able given this answer to his request, opting also to observe silence when the queen raise her free hand to kindly ask that he hold his tongue.

At least until she was finished speaking.

"I suggest you take a seat my lord, this may take awhile."

Queen of the night. End of chapter: 19. (-no chapter title-)
yes, I know it has been ages since I last put something up I am deeply, really sorry for that, and also that this is so short, I have given up writing for a while and am out of practice so I also struggle to find the time, but I hope this proves I am not dead and still working.

feel free to send notes or comments if you have any questions.

P.S. sorry for the terrible quality, struggling a lot with writing lately. and please share this with any groups that may be interested, the more my work gets noticed the more I can help motivate myself, thank you.
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This was Awesome! Nice to see the Queen truly makes a good stand. She knows what she did along with who she is dealing with. Im certain she will find a way to work herself around these troubles. She isn't a Queen for nothing:) Well done;)