Fallout 4 fan-fic. Chapter: 1. (Preview)

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Fallout 4 Fan-fiction. chapter: 1. Blood, sand, and steel.

The squad had been traveling for nearly two days on foot; catching a few hours of sleep wherever they could find an abandoned building. Normally they would have tried to find sympathetic settlements to hang their hats in, but their leader, Marian, wouldn't have it.
"When you're hunting synth, you're hunting the Institute. And that means we can't trust anyone. Not right now." And that was the last word on the subject. Her Squad had learned to follow her lead.

Marian was an outsider in the eyes of the brotherhood, and a vault-dweller to boot. But despite these stigmas she managed to rise to the prestigious rank of Sentinel in only a few short months. She was a dead eye with her plasma rifle and completely fearless in combat, which to the Brotherhood of Steel meant almost everything. Even her former commander, Paladin Danse, followed her orders to the letter. Though privately he would often make suggestions and review strategies, in the field, Sentinel Marian ran the show. On rare occasions, an initiate from some long line of knights would work up the nerve to second guess her; complaining of her lack of lineage, or the 'softness' of the vault-dwellers. In these instances, Marian had made a habit of challenging these instigators to unarmed combat. And in each case she had dominated her critics in the eyes of their peers. Often penning them in such a way that would allow her to spank them across their asses, which compounded the humiliation of their defeat.

The squad was weary from travel, but none the less diligent as they came upon the final leg of their journey. They were now deep in The Glowing Sea. This region was a heavily irradiated portion of the commonwealth that had been the blast sight for one of the nuclear weapons in the Great War. Even with their sophisticated power armour and HAZMAT suits. The soldiers needed to regularly dose themselves with Rad-Away to fend off radiation sickness.

"Sakura," Marian began after clicking on her internal communicator, "positions check."

"Two more clicks south of here. We'd be able to see it if this dust wasn't kicking up." Sakura answered.

Sakura was the squads technical expert. She was not a member of the brotherhood, but because of her experience with power armor modification, Marian had come to rely on her as a field mechanic and general gear head. A few of the knights that worked closely with Marian disapproved of allowing the uninitiated woman carry out official missions, but no one was prepared to contradict a sentinel on the matter.

"Would you like me to scout ahead, Sentinel Marian?" Danse said rather formally to set a good example in this difficult time.

"No. The synths aren't going to engage in the open. If your intel was correct, they've got a base of operations out their, and we're going to knock it down. Right, boys!" The men snapped into a brief, but enthusiastic, cheer. The squad broke into a quick march with Marian leading the way to victory.

Marianne and her squad continued to trudge through the dust storm inside her bulky power armour suit, it's brotherhood of steel paint-job scratched and faded from all her treks back into the harsh irradiated corpse of the commonwealth.

The sounds of the dust storm raged around the brotherhood soldiers, but inside Marianne's suit of power armour, it was a mere whistling that barely reached her ears, muffled by the sounds of the suits on board computer receiving and sending information to her HUD, the constant radio chatter of the squad over her Comm unit installed inside her helmet or even the heavy thuds of when she took a step wearing her suit.

The wasteland around the brotherhood members was slowly getting dark as the sun slowly sank behind some mountains in the distance to the south of their position, the unsettling green glow of the sky around them slowly going with it as the light around them died away too.

Marianne's internal HUD had already analysed the light slowly declining and sent a thin green pulse across her visor from right to left, almost as in some kind of radar sense as the wasteland around her became better illuminated despite the moribund light of the sun.

Marianne's eyes tracked the pulses as they went by her visor, the sun continuing to sink behind the mountains, Marianne briefly checked over her shoulder to check on her squad.

They were worn down but not to the point they were too fatigued to fight at one-hundred percent, she saw similar thin green pulses going across Paladin Danse's visor as well as the four other Knights wearing T-60 power armour.

Marianne knew Danse disliked wearing his helmet, he was convinced that he would not see snipers so well if he wore it, but Danse wasn't stubborn enough to ignore the logic in wearing his helmet on this rare occasion, gaining the maximum possible protection his suit could offer him against the harsh radioactive elements of the commonwealth.

Marianne turned back to facing where she was headed.

Marianne's power armour beeped as her fusion core was down to 25% power, she rolled her eyes as she gave a frustrated groan, as she knew she would need to stop to replace it soon. But what aggravated her most was the fact that over the last few weeks, her and Sakura worked many late nights retro-fitting her X-01 MK suit to have the same modifications as her old T-60 did.

But the issue was that T-60 models were ideal for being well balanced between: power efficiency, armour and integrity, mobility and most of all, being highly customisable and easy to modify.

Sadly Marianne's X-01 model was simply not the same, as it featured more advanced technology, typically associated with this particular type of power armour, because it was once used and manufactured by the now defunct Enclave, who were once the sworn mortal enemies of the Brotherhood Of Steel, who were annihilated several years ago before the Brotherhood ever even set their sights on coming to the commonwealth.

Marianne would be sad to be forced to do without some of the modifications she and Sakura had worked so hard to install, but the power drain on her fusion cores was simply unacceptable, they would need to either find a more efficient way of regulating the power supply to the suit without compromising performance, or cut some of the suits mods from the equation altogether, to Marianne the answer was clear.

X-01 MK armour models were already a bit of a power guzzler to begin with, as it's bulky design for increased protection of the wearer made the power armours frame beneath them weigh substantially more when compared to the T-60 models, so not only did the wearers of X-01 MK power armour fight like walking tanks, they moved them too.

This was why Marianne and Sakura worked so hard on improving the suits natural speed and mobility, without compromising the suits overall armour and integrity, this sadly lead to the issues Marianne was having now with even more of a ridicules power drain on her suits power supply, she would now need to either strip out the modifications that made her move more fluently, or remove some her combat support modifications.

Marianne shook the whole idea of wasting more hours of her free time on her armour from her head, she would have to break the unfortunate news to sakura later when they get back to the Prydwen, for now she needed to find a safe place her squad could take shelter in until the storm at least died down enough for them to move on.

The storm was getting worse and worse by the minute, even the advanced optic systems of the brotherhoods visors and helmets were having trouble keeping their visibility from plummeting.

“Marianne!” called Sakura's voice over her com unit inside her helmet. Marianne looked over her shoulder to look at her, both women able to hear each other clearly over the storm thanks in large part to their communications units.

“What is it Sakura?” Marianne said in rather bitter tones at having to stop and the fact her armour was faulty thanks to the upgrades she had spent so long trying to install.

Sakura tried to speak but was stopped as a strong gust of wind stopped her and she had to raise her arm to shield herself from it.

“We have to get out of this storm ASAP, the longer we remain out here the more we run the risk of sand getting into the electronics of the power armour, and I don't want to be around if that happens and proctor Ingram sees her precious suits saturated with sand, she still hasn't forgiven me for that jockstrap incident.”

"I need your help in how the team finds the vault where they get to trying to find shelter."
So this is the preview of the collab I was writing with :iconsakuraalfa3: what must of been months ago, but due to some personal issues in my co-writers personal life, they were forced to leave DA for awhile. Since then I have heard nothing from them.

And his was a far as we ever got, and I thought if I was patient they would return to help me with it, but I have not heard anything. So I have finally decided to put this up here to show how far we got, I hope you like it. Let me know if you want me to try and finish it, I'm sure I could find somewhere to squeeze this project in.

Until then, will be working as normal. I've got too much work to do. +Writing Emote - NaNo5 
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