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Aragorn's Lament by akrasiel, literature

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SORRY, we no longer accept A.I. generated work.

We are a group dedicated to housing the many fans of the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, both books, movies, and any other creations having to do with it. Whether you come to submit art, submit stories, role play, or just to chat, we welcome you.

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    I need to join please 🙏

    These LOTR artworks are AMAZING!

    My fanart for Lord of the Rings and Pippin Took is there as well.
    Arianthe and Anthea Pondering their Orb by Au-Plau-Se


    We DO allow crossover pictures, however, Tolkien's characters MUST be the main focus. Examples of things we will NOT accept:

    -The Golden Trio from Harry Potter hanging out with Frodo (one Tolkien character vs. three from another work)

    Your character must be strictly a Tolkien based character. Unfortunately, we do not allow crossover characters, or one single character that you use as an OC for all of your fandoms.