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Orc Shaman

Orc shaman for /tg/.
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Can I use this in my shaman class homebrew for D&D?
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Sure, just be sure to credit me if anyone asks.
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Cool shaman design
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I adore this, pure magic! *.* 
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Excellent work, on her look ~
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You're awesome at drawing female orcs.

Nice work :)

P.S. Looks much better than my orc shaman for a story I'm working on, haha.
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This is incredible!
I love how unique you made a "tribal" look!
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I'm glad you're starting to see some good recognition for your work of late.  (If the favs are anything to go by!)  Ever since I began watching you all those years back I thought it an injustice that few folks paid attention because, quite frankly, I think you show more skill than me. x_x
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Thanks dude! Honestly I think volume has played the biggest part in it - I've been pumping out way more drawings the last few years than when I started and naturally more work = more chance of being seen. I try not to sweat the numbers too much anyway, it's all about improving and reaching the next level. I don't think I'm any more skilled than you mind, we've both got very different styles that can't really be compared - and we've both come a long way!
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Indeed!  Though I still feel I'd kill for your skill in lineart and knack for good, diverse designs and ability to tackle many subjects I simply don't have the confidence to tackle. =P
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She's a beauty.
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