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Fairy tail 282 Natsu

from the last scan Fairy tail(c) Hiro Mashima

line and color by : :iconlord-nadjib:
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if you piss off natsu, you piss off hell.
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Heh, if you made Natsu look at you with this face, then you better get the hell outta magnolia.
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Natsu kinda looks like he has dark red hair
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its just so pic picture and in the same time he's little bit like a gaara i naruto i just like it so much :) :P
Vicreshay's avatar
meh, screw Naruto and all his dick-friends, FAIRY TAIL IS WHERE IT'S AT MUTHAF***A
TigerCubby's avatar
Evil and Sexy!!! >: 3 ♥♥
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Hey man,
this person stole your work and replaced your watermark and didn't gave credit !…

You should report that person !
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amazing, this is such a epic picture
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Now that's the expression that nobody would want a chance to piss him off. Check out that glare with that vein almost popping out, especially with the flame with him. Nice work.
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This is awesome! Can I draw this sometime? Ofc with credit ^^ x
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Don't eff with Natsu !! Man he is my fav !!
Its like I am staring into the eyes of the devil and its awesome!!!!!!! Definitely feel the wrath of the fire Dragon seeping out of this picture.
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Hi, if I could use your image in a competition for a set (signature and avatar), on a forum? Please...
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XxWHITExFOXxX's avatar
that vain running down his nose would scare anyone away xD
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I just like "Go, NATSU!" when I read this page. Great coloring!
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super awesome colour!!!
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ما شاء الله عليك يا نجيب تحفة
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