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DreamKeepers Trick or Treat

By Lord-Kiyo
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This is for the Halloween contest at :icondreamkeepers-fans: I for the most part only did it for fun, I don't think it could win. for one I had no idea how to get both view in one shot, so I kinda put it together like this, and it don't work, but I don't know what else to do with it.

Anyway, In the back we have Namha as a mummy, probably just got some toilet paper as she snuck out of the tower, but in her mind she is more than a mummy.
Next is a young version of Scatler. Who can only say "My mommy said my face was the costume."
Lilith is dressed like a witch. She is already green, so she needs no makeup :D
Mace is dressed as Mace Windu. Well I did that for obvious reasons. And Mace more likely stole that real good costume. since he could not even afford to find a stick and paint it, not alone get robes. And Whip is just there for the candy.
And then we have Whisp. Who only says, "My mommy put me in a straight jacket :D"

They all come to the door and is greeted by Nabonidus, who gives them candy. It's said he has the best candy in the neighborhood.
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Mace Windu. Brilliant.

Maybe his power is the force.
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glad you see it :D
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I can imagine Ravat as Palpatine when he's trying to get Mace to use his power.
"Let the hate flow through you..."
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Well he did that already.  Now he just out to kill him.
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So cute these fantasies Hatsune Miku-07 (Cries) Hatsune Miku-07 (Cries) Hatsune Miku-07 (Cries) 
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strong with the force
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Love Mace's outfit. It suits him perfectly!
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I love how, since Wisp is in a full-on straitjacket, her basket...Bucket? Is carried around her neck on a little cord. It's small touches and displays of forethought like that which can turn a good picture into a great one - like right here.
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Thanks.  I kinda figured there is no better costume for her.
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Halloween kitty! Great pic bro ;)
Star Keepers or Dream Wars? This is the matter...
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Ha, light sabre!
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Congrats on your runner-up!

you certainly deserve it!
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Thanks, but not exactly sure what a runner up is.  Is it like second place, or just something worth mentioning.
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it's like second place. you get custom buttons for the contest, which is a pretty good prize I would say (considering these are unique, while the books are the books)

of course, that's  just me thinking "once in a lifetime chance SO RARE", so really I think runner-up is the milestone one should aim for. (of course you should always do your best)

yeah. there ya go. 
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shoot. I forgot to mention this in my comments earlier, but I want to be noted that this piece, despite how early in the contest it was posted, set the high bar for the contest, imo. 

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I never imagined that anyone would visit his house on Halloween Night heh heh.
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He has the creepiest house in the whole block.
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*Ponders* Given his height, Nabondius would make a great Slenderman XD


Nice draw Kiyo __^

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LOL  I suppose he would.
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 I still need to read this...:iconfacepalmplz:

  I'm guessing they got the house of the villain? Oh dear... but that candy looks so gooooooood!

 I do like dark lighting mixed with the brightly colored characters. And details all the individual pieces of candy instead of just random shapes.
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yep, it the villain, but some of the kids are villains too.  and thanks for noticing my work on the candy :D
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