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Caught With Your Skins Down

By Lord-Kiyo
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This is for the Dreamkeepers Halloween contest.  By :icondreamkeepers:

When I saw that the contest was now open, Well.... I just could not stop myself from continuously working on this.  And now I finished it.  However now I realize I have plenty of time, and could have thought about what I was doing a bit more and do a better job.  Oh well, all for fun.

The Story:
Lilith just opens a door and a Tendril snaps into attention with a gasp! For that he was caught trying to get dressed and his pants are down.  So embarrassing.  "For the love of all that is unholy!  Knock next time Lilith!"
Lilith shuns away "I'm just looking for my keys!!"

This is also an idea of what Tendril's home may be like.  I like to think that he is well cultured and would have a nice bookcase with a sofa and lamp stand nearby.  So he can read all his favorite literature.  And what is a home without good decor?  Some blood pillars I think makes a home come alive.  Not to mention dreamkeepers can make some fine art as well.
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RusFish's avatar
That is horrifying 
RusFish's avatar
T-that wasnt a compliment to begin with, but I guess it IS since this is a horror pic XD
Great job man, as all your art in general 
SuperflyMiceguy's avatar
Congratulations! You've won! (I think that symbol was either for best art or creepiest). ^^'
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Thank you.  Its for best art.  Strange it was categorized in there, but I suppose its to balance out for all contestants I suppose.  Because in a way it can be put into 3 different categories in my opinion.
SuperflyMiceguy's avatar
Fitting, because you're just a damn good artist. I see what you mean. You're original idea was that it was supposed to be comical, but everyone who saw it, was creeped out. I can see their viewpoint, but put it simply, yours just was very gory. The artist who won the creepiest category however I think deserves it.
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
I'm really just mediocre.  ^^;  but thanks.
Yeah, Gory does not = creepy all the time.
SuperflyMiceguy's avatar
Don't put yourself down so much. And you're welcome.

Nope, but it's all subjective.
JDE10's avatar
Damn, that's brutal! Lillith better watch out!

Awesome job! Love the effects and blood! :D 
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Yeah, because the next time she goes on a date with Bast, it could just be Tendril in disguise.
scottieboy2020's avatar
Lillith?  Rip out his eyes again.
On a slightly more serious note, that is REALLY creepy XD
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Well it was meant to be funny.  But I'll take creepy I suppose.
MilesProwerFan1997's avatar
Poor Lilith, well I guess she won't be sleeping for a few weeks.
A-Fox-Of-Fiction's avatar
This has to be the single most fucked up Halloween Contest entry I've ever seen...good job! Somehow I have doubts this won't get away without winning some kind of prize...possibly because the Lillies think you're their neighbor.
Here's hoping my entry is just as creepy...
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Well in a way it kinda plays along with that other one I did two years back.

They only would think I'm their Neighbor because I live in their walls and watch them without them knowing.
A-Fox-Of-Fiction's avatar
What other one?

OH! Holy shit! Am I talking to the Fair Folk?! :lol:
A-Fox-Of-Fiction's avatar
zombie Tendril horde?
Boyo, whatever your nightmares are, I don't wanna see them.
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Kinda sorta, not really Tendril.  could say its a cousin.
A-Fox-Of-Fiction's avatar
Nightmares can have cousins?
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Duno.  But they are different.  Besides the obvious ability, this particular guy is slower than Tendril and can't change up is form and fit in small places like Tendril.
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I happen to share the same reaction as the pumpkins; this shit keeps getting weirder every year lol

But jokes aside, this is a good piece of gore art; it's not my kind of thing of course, since I'm not into gross-out art, but in terms of what it's trying to achieve, it executes it's plan effortlessly...

I'd say we have a STRONG contender for the horror/disturbing section of the contest...
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phillipPbor's avatar
tendril:... uhh... I can explain...
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