this would change your memories about animals.

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  . Tiger Attack .

  " i have nothing to say about this vid but , go look by your self "

  . Longest Dead Snake Ever Seen .

  " damn!!! "

  . Super Fast Turtle .

  " are you sure that was a turtle? "

  . Berlin Zoo .

" OMG are the bears ok?  "
" Bear 1: Hey, what's on the menu today?
   Bear 2: Dump bitch "

. Man VS Crock .

" oops!! "

. Snake VS Porn Star .

" though she were sexy or at least she trying "



removed a deers vid 'cause this has becomes up some useless topics and its getting annoying.
what the point that i've post those vdo here is? to see how much human stupidity , some are try to put their head in croc mouth , some thought that sneak was dildo , some thought polar bear cage is a swimming pools.

hope you all enjoy a vid

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I still love animals. You have to have respect for a wild animal. They are not toys. Bears are in an enclosure for a reason. I knew the tiger was going to do the the minute he started rubbing on the fence like a house cat does. Not doing it cuz they love you... they are marking what they think belongs to them. He wanted that guy to know that area was his. The polar bear one said... when polar bears attack. looked like only 1 went after her. I think when she was splashing he thought she was a fish lol. And got a bite and let go. She wasn't supposed to be in that area. She is lucky because they could have killed her. The snake well.... he may have been after her implants or something lol. I thought most of them were pretty funny. Doesn't scare me because I would never put myself in that position. So the only part that scares me is that there are alot of stupid people in the world lol.... Enjoyed it though, thanks
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i sympathize with the animals that were harmed, not the people. people know better! as a matter of fact if it were my way, i would kill the poachers! :furious:
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Sunset-murderStudent Photographer
stupid people. =-= blond woman... i think, she's a whore...
Animals are animals, they eat to survive. if they had money, they would not attack people, and went to the shops for food :DDD
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kimistarrphotographyProfessional Photographer
lol I agree with you.. doesn't really change a thing on how I view animals
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pakkiedavieProfessional Digital Artist
That's really frighten me!
I'm still curious what happened with the man attacked by tiger.
anyway, the polar bear in Berlin video remind me to 'Knut' which was a polar bear gone after his papa had taken heart attack.
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Lord-KevinzHobbyist Photographer
although , his precious time hasn't been taken by an usual experience.
to face with lil'tiger , at least it was harmless way.
there is a big surprise that he wouldn't forgot for his entire life's.
i bet while he got attacked if i didn't hear something wrong , i heard he has orgasm moment as well :]
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pakkiedavieProfessional Digital Artist
ha ha! Good for him though!
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Idony-BlazeHobbyist Traditional Artist
the people are idiot and there is no way to change that
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just-jin General Artist
pffft. I don't even have to play these videos to see these people are idiots. X0P
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And sadly the snake died because he got intoxicated with silicone .

Ps: I love breast implants but i don't like the combination of implants and snakes >.>
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Obviously the snake was lucky to bite her big titties .
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ArlouetteStudent Digital Artist
That guy with the crocadile deserved what he got. I hate how people are so ignorant and cruel to provoke and torment animals like that. As for the tiger, well, he should have seen it coming.
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the deer thing was annoying
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VikingWidunderHobbyist Traditional Artist
*like* xD

Animals are to be respected, they are not toys.
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For the last one I would add ... if you don't have a gun, throw a rock towards them, it'll always distract!!!
How stupid can we get, people? Why someone would put their head inside the crocodile's mouth anyways? It's not cool, fun nor thrilling, just stupid as hell!
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maskqueraideHobbyist General Artist
more epiK lulz in your edit section :"D

I guess people look too hard into these videos. And maybe the point (as you mentioned in your essay haha ) fly over their heads. . .

ps. getting in a car towards a dear might not be good idea because sometimes, they like to break things. Like breaking the windshield. I guess it depends on the mood of the deer its self. ya know.

maybe the deer thought the dog was a rat, so it just stomp'd on it. squish it like a bug :bug:

Maybe she wanted to touch the deer, omg so soft !!! Can i touch? XD

And yeah, the person whose recording didn't really care, it was more for her enjoyment. Kinda sick. And that girl who was screaming "Stop it" <-- C'mon. The deer can't understand ENGLISH. Yelling english words won't help. Maybe try animal sounds. :rofl:

Rather than the title imply that our memories of animals should change, maybe it should be, memories of humans and their stupidity dealing with animals. Obviously they mistake them for play things..
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Lord-KevinzHobbyist Photographer
yeah! seems to be , it's some animal of angry mommy deers who try protect they child. why beings serious?
perhaps, that baby deer was grown up like 5 yrs by now . and the mother might has sent to chinese restaurant and her head might be hanging around brazil store ( kidding )

the cameraman is pro to rec a things , no hand shaking while recording.
no panic and chill out! and lol'd alot in her mind to see her neighbor freak out!

title has brought it up as random. its working for 1-3 first vid.
other was a dead zone.

ps , car towards to a dear might not be good idea for stay still , but when you hit some options under your feet in a cars , this could be perfect killer machine.
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maskqueraideHobbyist General Artist
Apparently, if you see wild animal in your neighborhood, that means you need to get your whole family outside and watch it. even go near to pet it, because its so cute !! and bring all your animals / pets with you too. <-- this is a must.

haha, oh my, that's so bad XD But chinese people don't usually hang the dear heads, usually its people in Alaska ! jk

The camerawoman is happy to capture the video of a deer stomping on the dog . and she wanted to be YouTube Famouse, so she posted . in HD? lol. crazy gal. As you said, she's so pro. Didn't even shake the camera. she was excited. maybe shes confused and thought she was profesional camera man on the wild animal planet channel. oh! Deer in the human habitat (her street). idiot.

probably she hated her neighbor and didnt care if her dog got hit, thats why she talked so fine and pretended to care. screaming girl should done something more than scream like a moron. seriously.

She can do hit- and - run with her car. hit the deer, then drive away :"D but usually car accidents happen when the deer is running across the street from forest and the car runs into it. then the deer crashes the window and kills the driver...but in this case, the deer is still. lol, so she can honk horn. but i dont think that would work. after that girl screamed so loud - maybe louder than a horn - the deer didnt care. so idk if horn would make a difference :"D
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Actually, the owner of the dog "Start" was not trying to steal the fawn. She was only trying to get a look at it. Her dog must have startled the mother deer into attacking it. Also, if you've seen the full video, at the beginning, the cat was licking the fawn's ear. If the cat didn't bat at the deer, then the deer probably would have left the cat alone seeing as it was in a submissive position.

That snake video scared the hell out of me. That turtle video was so funny, though.
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My mistake--it wasn't licking, it was merely smelling.
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Theres nothing anyone could have done to help the dog. The mother deer was angry and was only doing what she thought she needed to do to protect her baby fawn.
The owners probably didn't expect the deer to attack the dog, and it happened very quickly.
They could have gone up to the deer maybe but that probably would have earned a kick from it, and I honestly would rather be kicked by a horse. Deer have pointed hooves, and that is their defense. When they fight they kick each other.
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Lord-KevinzHobbyist Photographer
no , that why a car use full in the moment [link]
not my suggestion to do such a things.
but atleast if you have to choose between , your dog and a deer you would?
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I don't think they had time for that. people are too used to their safe comfortable lives to react quickly in a situation that can be dangerous to them.
Plus that would be extremely damaging to the car and dangerous to the dog, it would kill it if it got caught in the tires.
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