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well, i'm back.
you might wondering that seems like i'm disappearing or missing in action ?
no..i think i'm still alive.
there are several issues that i need to take action and deal with it since before.
because this is during this period , i'm relocate
and finally i had to move out of this shitty country.
so i glad to saying that i am very happy to move off this stupid country
from experience i have been in this country for 5 years.
to face with stupid people who can't even speak english , sensitive , groupie , nazi , selfish , poor , tramp , cheat , cheap , etc..
society barbaric and uncivilized, the area is not open to ideas, beliefs or tastes different.
guarantee by 3rd world degree.
enough, i'm done ( fortunately, my visa expires at the same time.) boo hoo!!
no regret , no come back! :]


lets.. starting with new places.
here i wanted to show some pictures of my bed room
since , i had nothing to do and lived without internet for 2 weeks, i guess.
you must know how do i feel to living without connected to social network?
so enjoy!

with flash

by the way , chocolate from Hokkaido is fucking delicious


edited 2

tomorrow , some of my friends will comes over.
i bet , we would fun to do a funny photo shoot.
also i paid for 2 flight chairs.
yes! they coming for free~

and i wished that i could hit reply with all journal comment.

see you when i finish UN-packing stuff!

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Very elegant, sophisticated and tasteful. The bed is lovely. BUT most of all KATANA!!!! *~*
RenToRyuuIntheTardis's avatar
RenToRyuuIntheTardisHobbyist Digital Artist
This room is friggan awesome. So much swag. This room suits you/your style.
maskqueraide's avatar
maskqueraideHobbyist General Artist
peek - a - boo

DDaazz's avatar
Sounds like you left France..
Saru-Kami's avatar
Saru-KamiHobbyist General Artist
Congrats on the move!!! Everything looks amazing!:happybounce:
Sunset-murder's avatar
Sunset-murderStudent Photographer
brilliant photos)
nice way of life without a network!))
kaulitz-luna's avatar
kaulitz-lunaStudent Artist
i love your room, so sweet and amazing, just enjoy your new life
MAngoal's avatar
MAngoalHobbyist General Artist
hi, Kevinz-sama! Let me guess... You in Japan now?? lol.. Or if you are in a place where english is the first language.. then I got a feeling its UK? If not then its probably in the EU...Maybe..... Paris France? Since the miniature tower is everywhere in your picture? Well, glad you moved to a brand new and better place though.. Nice bed room btw! Can't wait to see your works because EVERY part of you is art!! Hahahaha.. :love:
XxBelkYxX's avatar
XxBelkYxXStudent Photographer
i understand how you feel my mystery friend ;D
maskqueraide's avatar
maskqueraideHobbyist General Artist
wah, so kind of you to pay for them to come over ~ Me next :"D jk ~

Have fun with your photoshoot :]
AyamiMoon's avatar
A man with taste! AMEN honey! Thank God, you showed me these. You are simple, yet clean, and very stylish. We need to go shopping together! Sorry about the situation you were in but ehh you learn from the bullshit or the good shit. I recently visited Germany and I loved it EXCEPT one thing, f***** bugs attacking me. I just hate it so much! I think I will visit London in a short while with some more friends. Are you traveling alot to see the world?
SphereFF7's avatar
SphereFF7Hobbyist Photographer
Wow! Awesome bedroom, it's really nice <3 Btw, where are you moving to, France perhaps?
Tsukoji's avatar
TsukojiHobbyist Digital Artist
gosh, I love your room! It is so clean and the colours are really pretty.
I'm glad that you're back :)
CleuUsagi's avatar
CleuUsagiStudent Digital Artist
YAYYY u are alive. \(^^)/ First of all your room is like awesome, the sword in your bed is like :wow: , I hope that you can enjoy your new place, and be more sociable here in DA ¬¬ (kidding kevin sempai xp ) u are adorable. ^^ Be care and welcome back.
SleepyT0m0ka's avatar
i want you're room! I'm so jealous
pakkiedavie's avatar
pakkiedavieProfessional Digital Artist
Well,I really don't like the society in that country.I also listen to some Thai ppl who live there for working.It's only good for going travel.

Your new room is so coollll!!!
I'm really envy you!
What I got is just a small and dirty room that I have gotten stuck for studying for 4 years... sooo bored
I hope I'll have some nice room so I'll take photos like u did in someday ,haha
Galefic's avatar
GaleficHobbyist General Artist
*envy* I want that bedroom D:
Oh, where are you moving ?
azngrrl's avatar
azngrrlStudent Traditional Artist
What country are you leaving from?
And glad that you're finally moving from there too.
I love your bedroom!!
lovelyxalice's avatar
lovelyxaliceProfessional Artisan Crafter
Omfg I love your room and your so hot! :3
Can you pm me for you to gimme your msn? :O
IceLiquidizer's avatar
you have very good taste in decorating rooms XD
suichio's avatar
suichioHobbyist General Artist
Hey, welcome back :)

your room is just like WHOA. its like one of those classy and elegant looking room :O sho awshum

now i feel like crap because of my room :I
Chemicore's avatar
ChemicoreHobbyist General Artist
Ohhhh, your place is great <3
Well, glad you're getting out of the country if that's what you want c:
Emma-Fluffee's avatar
Emma-FluffeeStudent Photographer
congrats on the move, your room looks so kwl, i am jelly
BillyXx's avatar
BillyXxHobbyist Photographer
Welcome back :3
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