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The Secret Rule: Ch17
Well, here we go. The story approaches its endgame: only two more chapters after this. Thank you all for sticking with me; I hope I won't keep you waiting too much longer.
Sabanto clenched her fists as she watched L fall. Or at least, the man she thought was L; she hadn't gotten a good enough look at his face to be certain. She turned back and scanned the crowd. Who had killed the man? That was Kira's duty (or hers, if he so chose). Kira's reign meant a determined, absolute justice, not a justice that just anyone could decide.
That's a disadvantage of having to work through the population, she thought. There's always one guy that thinks he knows better than us. She wanted to find whoever had disobeyed Kira's orders, but to take further charge here would risk exposing herself as his chosen one. And she couldn't allow that.
This was not good. Not only was Sabanto not sure that the dead man was L, but it would be impossible to confirm his identity or even verify his d
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The Secret Rule: Ch16
I apologize for the long wait. The least I can do is release this chapter to you guys as a New Years' present.
I haven't sat down to write in quite a while, so, as of yet, I haven't written any of the future chapters (though I have a general idea of how they will turn out). So the wait for Chapter 17 may unfortunately be even longer than this one was.
I reiterate that I DO intend to finish this, even if it takes an unreasonable length of time to do so.
Anyway, I hope you like Chapter 16. I really think this one turned out pretty well.
Sayu screamed. Matsuda started to run to Yamamoto's side, but Ryuzaki yelled out, "Nobody move!" and the whole room froze. All eyes were on L, and his eyes were visibly in a state of panic.
Taro shook his head in disbelief. What had just happened was clearly impossible. While Yamamoto wasn't using a false name (or at least a name Light didn't know about), there was no way Light, or a proxy, could have known that Yamamot
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The Secret Rule: Ch15
Thank you for being so patient. You shall all be rewarded!
...with Chapter 15: Fractures
Taro sat in the nearly empty room, contemplating his position. He wondered if the people who had worked with the original Task Force ever felt such despair.
Back when Kira first appeared, people had been cautious about him. Many supported him in secret, but news stations refused to acknowledge his existence for awhile, and even then they were very careful about what they said. As the years went on, he became more and more influential. But Taro had never seen Kira so aggressive. Maybe that's just because he had never really been on the inside before now.
But he was in now. According to L, he had used this room in the very beginning. Before there was a task force, back when he worked alone. Supposedly, this was a location that Kira didn't know about, so the five of them were setting up headquarters here. Taro had scouted out the place, while the others were trying to smuggle Ryuzaki in,
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The Secret Rule: Ch14
This is probably not worth the month you guys have been waiting, but at this point, I'm just trying to finish this thing. Motivate me, people :)
Presenting...Chapter 14
"Ryuzaki, I have a question," Taro asked.
"Yes?" The detective didn't look at Taro, but kept looking over the huge stack of papers in front of him.
"You had been the world's greatest detective before the Kira case came around, even if you weren't as well known. Then surely you must have heard of the people I killed, back in 2002.
"As a matter of fact, I did."
"How come you never came forward then?"
"Well, there simply wasn't a case. By the time it came to my attention, the whole thing was over, and no one had actually died, so I figured it must have been some kind of hoax. A very big, complicated, pointless hoax, but still just a fraud. It seemed beneath me at the time."
Taro thought about that, "I guess that makes sense." Then he saw that Ryuzaki had looked up from his papers, and seemed deep in thought.
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The Secret RuleL Ch13
Sorry it's been two weeks since my last update. I've really fallen into a slump with this story. It's not that I don't know where it's going (because I do), but lately I've just barely felt motivated to write for it. Fortunately, I have a few chapters in reserve, just for situations like this.
I've got other stories that I really want to get to, but one of my personal rules is not to try and carry two multi-chapters at once, which means It Began With a Question has to wait until this one is done.
I just urge all of you to stick with me. I've never had to abandon a published story before, and I'm not about to start now. Please review, even if you don't like what you're reading. If nothing else, it'll get me motivated to get this story written faster so I can move on to better things.
And here we go...
Hideo Kaneko, Heart Attack.
Finds a letter in his mailbox, and carries out the instructions written in it.
After doing this, he dies pa
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The Secret Rule: Ch12
Okay, before I uploaded this chapter, I went back and changed a few small things in the last chapter, based on some of the advice I received in the reviews. I encourage all of you to review, and PLEASE tell me if something doesn't seem to be working in the story. I can't guarantee I'll change it or whatnot, but I can't know what you guys are enjoying (or not enjoying) if you don't tell me.
And secondly, I want to thank everyone who's reviewed this story so far, particularly X59. I don't thank you guys often enough, and considering I haven't really integrated into this fandom the way I have South Park, I appreciate the support.
And now, Chapter 12...
Taro watched in horror as the NPA members and Near's people began to keel over. Sayu screamed. Soon, the only people standing were Taro, Sayu, Ryuzaki, Near, and Yamamoto.
Just then, a light lit up on the console of Aizawa's desk.
"That'll be Mr. Mogi," Near said, shaking. "He must have activated his emergency signal. W
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The Secret Rule: Ch11
Here's Chapter 11. I'm sorry it's a bit rushed, but I haven't been working on this story as much as I would have liked. Hope it's okay.
Be sure to follow The Fanfic Skeptic on Facebook, as we are in need of readers. Help us create a new world (get it? Because this is a Death Note...ahem) for Gen Fic writers.
Light walked into the alley, carrying a box of granola bars and an apple. It was true that he had stolen them, and he regretted being forced to steal like a common criminal, but at the moment, he had no choice. The bars would sustain him for awhile, and the apple...well, hopefully, it would attract a shinigami. One who could explain what was happening.
Why am I alive?
Everyone in the streets was talking about how several people who had recently been killed by Kira (no doubt a shinigami having some fun, Light thought) had come back to life. His resurrection no doubt had something to do with that. Obviously, there was something about the Death note that Ryuk had
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Reflection: Toothache by Lord-Ignus Reflection: Toothache :iconlord-ignus:Lord-Ignus 0 0
Reflection: Toothache
I already asked my Death Note readers this, but I wanted to let you guys know as well.
The new poll on my profile is which story do you all want me to work on after THAT. Repeat, after "The Secret Rule" (now at 8 chapters, projected to be between 15 and 20 chapters), "It Began with a Question" (will be 9 chapters), "Star Trek: Renegade, Episode 1" (about 5 chapters), and "One of Them" (about 5 chapters as well) are all finished. The choices include:
"Josh" (South Park), a parody of a certain 2001 movie (big South Park fans could probably figure it out if they really thought about it).
"To Be the Best" (Death Note), chronicling the events of Mello's life after he leaves Wammy's House.
"The Love of the Gods" (Percy Jackson), chronicling Luke, Thalia, and Annabeth on their original journey to Camp Half Blood.
and "The Heirs of Roku" (Avatar: The Last Airbender), which will tell the story of what happened to Zuko's mother.
So please vote for whi
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Dude, This is Pretty F***ed Up Right Here: Ch7
Sorry it's been so long since I updated. Once I found this site's new Image Manager, my ADOS kicked in, and I made cover art for all of my existing stories, as well as the ones currently in development, and thus didn't get much writing done.
(by the way, to see the full-size artwork, either check out the stories on my blogsite, or the cover art on my deviantART account, which is still under my "Lord-Ignus" profile name)
Anyway, I DID eventually get around to finishing this story. I hope you've enjoyed it.
Stan checked his phone, and noticed a text from Cartman: "im with jew boy now. fuk u bitch."
Kyle groaned. "We've already seen this. Get on with it."
Outside, the NAMBLA members continued to cheer.
Stan sighed. Kyle and Cartman as a couple? That sounded even more disgusting than Cartman with Wendy. Still, if that was what Kyle wanted, who was he to get in the way?
"Wrong," Stan said. "Friends don't let friends be with Cartman."
Cartman star
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Dude, This is Pretty F***ed Up Right Here: Ch6
Okay, sorry for keeping y'all waiting. I haven't had as much time to write as I thought I would. Enjoy!
"Now," said Cartman, "let's get back to reading this awesome and cool story."
Cartman shoveled the food into his mouth like the fat piece of-
"Ay!" Cartman yelled at the author. "I'm watching you. You better not say that, or I'll make you eat your parents!"
"How exactly will you do that when it's my story?"
"Well, just try calling me fat one more time, and you'll find out," Cartman sneered.
"...oh, alright."
Cartman finished his dinner with surprising vigor, and waited impatiently for Butters. The little dork had barely touched any of his food; it was like he thought that a "romantic dinner" shouldn't involve eating. Well, fuck that. If that was Butters' idea of romance, there was going to be some changes made.
"Butters, if you don't hurry up, we're going to be here all night," Cartman snarled.
"Well, don't you want to spend time toget
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Dude, This is Pretty F***ed Up Right Here: Ch5
"Kenny, what are you doing?" Kyle asked. "Why are you carrying a gun?"
"Don't worry about that," Kenny insisted, twirling the gun casually in his hand. "For now, just keep reading."
Kenny strolled down the street, whistling. Sometimes, he thought, it's good to be me.
Sure, his family was so poor they could only eat at McDonald's on special occasions. Sure, his friends were assholes who never remembered when he died.
But he had just made out with Kyle Broflovski. Life could be good sometimes.
"There it is again," Stan noticed. "'We never remembered when you die?' Come on, of course we would remember something like that."
"No, you WOULDN'T," Kenny shouted. "You guys always forget, but so help me, these fanfic writers will help me prove it."
Kenny was sure that he benefited more from high school than most of his other friends. Stan, Kyle, and even Cartman: they were all just getting into the sex game. But Kenny, he had been ready to play the game for years, ven
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Dude, This is Pretty F***ed Right Here: Ch4
Now that finals are over, I just thought I would give you all a quick idea of my upcoming fanfic schedule for kicking off the summer.
This story is roughly half-finished; there's about 3 more chapters left after this one, since there's a limit on how many popular pairings I intend to cover (although if you've been reading the chapter titles, you can see that this chapter will tackling more than one).
After this story is finished, the next story to come out will be my Death Note fic, The Secret Rule, which I have already begun work on. And after that, probably It Began With a Question. Also, Reflection will most likely be published as a one-shot somewhere in that timeframe as well.
Some of my bigger ideas-including Brave New World, Butters' character story (currently titled Leopold's Lament), and the Star Trek: Renegade series-will take a little while longer, just because of the greater amount of planning and preparation
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Dude, This is Pretty F***ed Up Right Here: Ch3
"I still think you guys are assholes," Cartman pointed out, holding his bloody nose.
"Think what you like," said Stan, "but this is still partly your fault. Goddamn it, Cartman, why did you have to kiss Wendy and give these crazy fans more crazy ideas?"
"Ay!" Cartman yelled. "That ho kissed me!"
"Don't call Stan's girlfriend a ho, you fat fuck!" Kyle yelled.
"Don't call me fat, you buttfucking son of a bitch!" Cartman retorted.
Kenny sighed. "Why did you guys have to bring me into this?" he mumbled through his hood.
"Because I read ahead a little bit," Stan answered, "and I think you might have something to say about this next part.
Kyle was at his house, pacing. He hadn't heard back from Stan all afternoon, and he was starting to get worried. Was Stan going to go back on their relationship? Would he actually get back together with Wendy? The thought was unbearable.
It wasn't fair; Kyle already knew what he felt, and he had known
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Dude, This is Pretty F***ed Up Right Here: Ch2
Alright, the reviewers tell me that you all want a multi-chapter. So do I! Here's chapter number two...
"What the hell is this?" Kyle asked, outraged. "Someone went to all the trouble of writing a story about us, making us older, staging you to breakup with Wendy, all to just have the two of us make out? That's messed up!"
"I know," Stan said, still unable to believe what he had just read. "I can't even process that right now."
"It's like these people have never even watched our show," Kyle said. "This is nothing like what we actually do."
Opening a new tab, Stan spent a few minutes shifting through some other stories, but they were all the same: "Stan and Kyle figure out that they're in love with each other." He frowned. "This story isn't the only one; lots of people write us that way. You don't think there could be something to it, do you? I mean, that we just might give off that impression, whether it's true or not?"
Kyle stared at him. "No."
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Dude, This is Pretty F***ed Up Right Here: Ch1
South Park is the property of Matt Stone and Trey Parker and does not belong to me.
For now, this is a one-shot.
Stan got his Pepsi and sat down.
He didn't know how he got to Tweak's coffee shop after he ran out of school. The whole thing was just a blur. But he was glad that he had ended up here. Tweak's was as good a place as any to drown his sorrows.
How had it gotten to this point? One minute, he was the high school's star athlete despite being only a sophomore, made good grades, had three awesome friends, and a girl who loved him. Now, he was still the star athlete, still had good grades, and still had three great friends. But all he could think about was the one thing he had just lost.
He sipped the coffee, wishing that it was stronger. Maybe then he could be more like Tweek, who didn't have an ex-girlfriend to worry about. Of course, there were about a million other things that Tweek worried about, so maybe that was a bad idea. But still…
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