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TDA - Judge Bro and Penguinmon

For the The-Digital-Anomalia :iconthe-digital-anomalia: Soooo, not a contestant this time, but a judge.

With his legs brighting everyones days, he leads the way to the future!

Bror been traveling back and forth to the digital world for some time now, orginally a quest to find an passed away friends digimon partner to tell him the bad news but as they never found him they went on new adventures instead.

Penguinmon was once a brilliant digimon scientist but one of his experiments went wrong and one day, Bror went to save him and they been together since. Unfortunally this also led to Pens mind not being so clever anymore as he may have  bringht ideas he often misses important details.

Bro and Pen: Reference Bro and Penguinmon
Champion Kingpenguinmon: TDA Kingpenguinmon Reference

Bro way back:…
The meeting: TDA: BnP: The meeting Page 1
Champion form: TDA BP: Champion form

Other Drawings:
Midsummer: TDA - FSF Swedish Midsummer edition
Teaching Senna about sunlight: TDA: Bror teach Senna about the sunlight
Surf it up!: TDA: B n P: Surf it up!
Taking a trip: BnP: Taking a trip

Fanservice Fridays:
Nurse: TDA: FsF: The Doctors come to visit
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Oh, so you are going to make a Digimon group? That looks really interesting.

P.D: The Chocolate meter is going to be high?
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Well, I don't made any group, but I sure am helping out. As long as I get paid in chocolate. And I recommend keeping an eye out for the group, specially for fanservice fridays!
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Yep, I would keep an eye on it as I would like to know if the canon Digimon lines are going to be more "free" than in other groups ^^
Lord-Evell's avatar
There will be FAQ and stuff up soon, and if those doesn't answer the questions, be sure to ask when those are up :)
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Slap you until your soul comes out then continues slapping your soul until your stuck in hell for eternity.
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All them slaps!
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