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R-01 Magnhild and Elecmon: Rotation Roit

(please download for full size and see the details perfectly XD)

For :icondw-championship: Toybox Rumble, all for themselves, only one splash image. What to do, what to do... GO 3D!!!!
To be honest, I wanted to include 3D in at least one entry and since I already went mad in flash once, why not do go mad again? The basic idea: Have Grapleomon go all out, spinning the train like a hammer throw... just without the throw X'D

App [link] and evulotion chart [link]

Teams who get their ass kicked:

The original sketch had a few more characters, but when I was finished with the 3D background I found lots of problems (aka cluttery) so I had to skip 2-3 teams. Otherwise it was quite the challenge to recreate toy town from the Digimon World 1 game (there is over 500 modeled parts used, mostly lego pieces that makes the building) and my first goal was to have it linearted too, but I couldn't make it look good enough so I skipped that and made the characters lineart thinner instead :3 and it looks more like the original game so I'm not complaining XD

And for everyone wondering, everything was made from scratch from models to textures. Right now, I just wanna throw it out the window shouting "I'm done with you bastard! MWHAHAHAHA!!!"
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oh wow!  I just saw this!  I have been super inactive on dA as of late lol due to school... switching fields.. etc. .  I can see you've been busy!!!  Looking really well done!  What an awesome way to make a mixed media piece!  I gotta say I am really digging that dino XD
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Haha thanks, gotta use 3D sometimes, I been very lazy at sharping that skills lately. (I bet your inbox is drowning if you been inactive for that long XD )
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lol naw.. im not half or even a quarter or even an eighth as popular as you are haha
i miss 3D too :( I miss art in general :cry:
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Wow... Simply wow. Awesome job compositing the 3d and 2d together. Everyone really integrates well into the 3d scene. Not to mention the texturing is just right (really enchanted by the texturing on the costume house)

But how did I know your team would be going on a destructive rampage XD So awesome though, good luck.

*Imagines train just floating in 3d space*
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Thank you :3
Yeah, the costume house was the biggest pain to deal with. I could adjust that texture and model for weeks XD I'm glad you like it!

And of course, can't have a rumble without things flying everywhere! Good luck to you too! Everyone did awesomely to be honest XD

(and shhh, train is obviously thrown by Grapleomon, not floating in 3d space *holds crossed fingers behind back*)
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Lol I imagine you could tinker with that for a long time. Was the texture hand made or did you use another program like zbrush?

But yeah everyone really gave it all they had this round. It's a tough one this time.
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I don't know how to use zbrush and the ones like that, so one could call it hand made I guess (but zbrush is kinda like sculpting and painting on top of that right? Wouldn't that be handmade too in a way?). It all depends on how one define "hand made" XD
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you blend in your drawing with 3D BG so well OwO
*puts on 3D glasses*
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it's not THAT kind of 3D, off with those glasses! XD
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Awesome use of different mediums to help the piece as a whole. The 3D looks awesome providing a grounded environment for the characters to interact with and a consistent perspective. The modeling appears to be spot on, from the exact shape of the fake trees, to the construction of the train that Grapleomon's spinning. The 3D also has this nice smooth texture which fits the plastic Toy Town perfectly. Also love that you included the slight marbling in the floor tiles, which shows a great attention to detail.

The characters look great, I'm especially liking the defeated Digimon. Etamon flying through the air, or Buster having the wind knocked out of him, or Kenjinmon possibly being too out of it to hear Jaymi. My favorite knock out is Ikkubumon, and how his body is being tossed through the wall of the mansion.

When I initially saw this, I thought GrapLeomon broke his ankle, then I realized he was a cyborg that can spin his forelimbs 360 degrees. GrapLeomon using the local toy train as a weapon is a great use of the environment and his abilities.
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Thanks you lots :3
of course the best one is Ikkubumon, legos, legos flying everywhere XD
And yeah, I twisted the foot that much by purpose, to remind people that he can rotate after all XD
Thanks again for the insight :3
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Very well done! :)
I totally like the plastic feel of the lego/toys^^
Characters "merges" good with the bg too! :)
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Thank you, good thing with 3d, look plastic to begin with XD
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Haha, aaah, you might be right XD
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this is one awesome 3d background! the characters are also awesome, so many dynamic poses!
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3D merged with hand drawn, sweeet! I like how you 'posed' and colored the characters too. :D
Also. Flying train FTW.
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the bidimensional characters and the 3D background are so well merged! *o*
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sence of epicness
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