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.Com Bror and Pen

Personality: Flamboyant and outgoing, he loves being in front of camera, or in front of anyone really. While he loves to give life advice, he doesnt acutally do much himself when it comes to solving problems. If you look closely you can see him sparkling. It's rare to see him frown and will put on a fake smile if he has to.
Current situation: After being "out of buisness" and on a "watchful eye" from "certain people", he haven't got many gigs as a model nowadays. His partner Pen, who he has known for many years, gets dragged along as they get curious what is happening in this so-called organization that have developed in the human world.
He also has special shoes Pen created long ago (before he turned into penguimon) that can transform the shoes into skates, rollerblades, wheelies and stuff. But unfortunally these only work in the digital world.

Pen (penguinmon/IQpenguinmon)
Personality: Once a very smart being, he was reborn after an lab accident as Penguinmon. He likes to experiment on data and do fiddle with Brors digivice to see what he can do with it (all of it ending if failures). Because of this the digivice is malfunctioning alot which end with Bror to having to give it a "hard hand" to make it work to Pens dismay. Pen also don't like to be compared to other "simpleton" rookies and will add a "IQ" to his species name to signify his so-called inteligence.

Ice prisms: Shoots ice shards from beak
Sliding attack: Lays on his belly and slide-tackles
Eternal slapping: Just what it sounds like.
He got skills to modify electronics and data but will always calculate
something wrong. He rater flee than attack.

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In relevation of the most recent event of DigiAnomalia........
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Hey hey, no judging! *offers sparkles*
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Winfried: Oh thanks er... I really don't need this.
Guile: Hey, look. Winfried. I'm sparkly!!!
Winfried: Glad you're enjoying yourself.

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the most fabulous bror is here :iconsparklesplz:
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Hohoho yeees, to make everyones days more fab!