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Odyssey into 2012 - Chapter 2 Submission
Chapter 2
Lightspeed to Tokyo

For a moment she rests there, her cheek feeling the soft carpet. The rhythmic pulse of sound almost reminds her of something. Like a soft clatter it soothes until she begins to drift off.
With a sudden start she jerks herself awake. "I can't sleep now," she thinks. "I have no idea where I'm heading. What if it's the wrong way?"
Shaking herself briefly she looks around. The train has a curiously old-fashioned look, yet out the window the stars are streaking by like lines of light. Curiously she looks out the window. The train is somehow riding those lines of light. "Is the clattering cased by the train or by passing the stars?" she wonders but quickly dismisses the thought. It's time to find out where we're going.
Working her way up the cars she's struck by how empty it is. Everything looks like the people vanished in an instant. Smoke tickles her nose from the pipe laying on a seat, a gentle hint of perfume in the air. Cards scattered, lug
:iconlord-darcy:Lord-Darcy 0 0
The Strut by Lord-Darcy
Mature content
The Strut :iconlord-darcy:Lord-Darcy 6 4

Air rushes swifly by
     Feel the wind whistle in sky
         Till heat from the cliff lets me fly

Wings cleave air strong and sure
     Quickly rise through air so pure
         Scan the ground no prey to lure

By beat climbing higher yet
     Racing up the skyward set
         Reaching for the top to get
:iconlord-darcy:Lord-Darcy 2 0
Never Give Up
Five times told could not be done
   Yet each time the victory won
Miles to go long weary road
   Home at last lay down the load
Lost the precious gift so fine
   Build precisely measure time
  This is a poem of three people who inspire me. The first two lines are about my grandmother. At 62 years old she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the doctor told her she was in better shape than a woman of 30, well I believe it. We could never decide if she was a feminist before her time or a pioneer after her time but that woman had will power to burn. Five time the doctors told her she would never walk again, she made a liar out of them every time.
  The next 2 lines are actually about a great uncle of hers. He was captured during the civil war and held in a POW camp in New Jersey, virtually starved to death. At the end of the war they set him outside the gates and forgot about him. Now he is recorded as being 6'9" but not shaved, bathed, in r
:iconlord-darcy:Lord-Darcy 4 0
Portnoy D'artagnan J. Mouse
              Portnoy D'artagnan J. Mouse
Down winding brook lane, past crowe rock lay the house
    Of meek little Portnoy D'artagnan J. Mouse
What his parents were thinking no one can say
    To give him such a name on his first birthday
All his life while growing such teasing he took
    That refuge he would find only in a good book
So now tiny Portnoy write adventures each day
    Of the dreams that he had and the games he did play
These dreams give a life to belief in his tales
    So daily Pixie Post brings requests through the mail
Each hurts him to read but he trembles in fear
    "I can't even help." he says shedding a tear
Then one day a letter arrives from a vale
    Telling of the troubles of young Abby O'Dell
This six year old girl and her troubles just took
    All the fear away. Now how different he looks
Then Portnoy D'artagnan J. Mouse los
:iconlord-darcy:Lord-Darcy 2 0
Methuselah Pine
                            Methuselah Pine
Around me all is silence, I find comfort in the dark.
   Yet my soul seeks solace, for in me there's a spark.
So slowly up I reach, hungry for the light.
   As I struggle to leave safety for the place of my birthright.
            Soon enough it will be time to sleep.
In eagerness I waken as I stretch and grow each day.
  What joy it is to witness all the life that comes to play.
Golden days pass into memory each a treasure ever more.
  Little friends each night tell stories from relatives of yore.
            Yet Winter comes and it's time to sleep.
I still remember those old friends, as I shelter those they bore.
  Telling stories of their ancestors that lived so long before.
From the mountain I see clearly, how the land has vastly changed.
:iconlord-darcy:Lord-Darcy 1 3

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Recently I saw a notice from a fellow deviant about finding some of his photos online. Stolen from DA where he generously shares them to be used on a porn site. Obviously this is illegal, a violation of copyright law. DeviantART makes that perfectly clear in the terms and conditions when you sign up, and you are legally bound by them even if you just click "I Accept" without reading them. Small consolation to an artist who must now fight to have his work protected under the law. Another deviant, also a photographer, has a very serious discussion on his page about it. You can find that discussion here….

Why should we care about this? Well I'll give you two reasons. Any artist will never share their work if it will be stolen, so where will you go to find quality art like this for free hmm? Just as bad, the artists that do share their work are forced to watermark it in an attempt to prevent theft. Watermarks are like locks on a door, they are only there to keep honest people honest. A professional who wants to steal it can still do so, but why bother. There is so much else they can steal for free they don't bother. The watermark is a halfway decent means of protecting your rights and an effective means of making the art much less enjoyable to see. Copyright theft effects us all.

There is an alternative!

Before we get into that though, let's discuss just what a copyright is. In the case of any piece of Literature, Music, Art (of any definition), Movies, etc, etc, etc current copyright law defines the copyright of any piece created after 1976 as lasting the life of the creator plus 50 years. Registration is not important to establish the copyright, just the act of creation. If a company commissioned the piece or created it, the copyright is 100 years period. An exception is made in the case of Logos, etc which fall under Trademark law.

Fair use laws are a lot more limited than they used to be as well. At one time you could copy anything for use in a classroom no problem. Charging for copies along with using that to avoid buying textbooks put an end to those practices. Limits also had to be set on the ability to use something to parody it, etc, etc because of abuse. Even using part of a work inside a larger piece is dangerous. The only way to be completely safe is if the piece is changed in such a way as to be unrecognizable. When in doubt keep three things in mind for fair use. Did I make any profit from using it in any way form or fashion? Did my use defame or degrade the piece, the creator or subject in a way that is not easily recognizable as satire? Did I use more than 25% of the piece and did it make up more that 25% of my total work? If the answer to any of these three questions is yes, chances are you would loose a fair use case so you better have written permission.

Have I given people the idea that copyright laws are a lot stricter than they used to be? Good, because they are. Every time copyright laws have been re-written they've been strengthened and this is a long way from the days when a copyright lasted 7 years from the date of publication. Today's copyright laws don't have teeth, they have fangs!

The problem is the Internet. A digital medium with limited tracking ability and a wide open system of transmission. The solution is a web based effort to eliminate copyright theft. This free service works in a three step process. First you upload a copy of your work that is logged and securely stored, A digital "fingerprint" of this work is made, logged, stored and emailed to you providing free proof of copyright for legal purposes. Your original creation is now registered and protected and you are allowed to display the provided copyright logo to announce that fact.

It's a sad fact of life that a lot of this theft occurs simply because someone doesn't see a copyright logo and assumes it must be public domain. The truth is exactly the opposite. Unless you see a statement that the work is public domain you MUST assume it isn't, that's the law. Take advantage of this special service. After all, we all know the true meaning of the word "assume."

Given the importance of this information, I am acknowledging here that the information I've written will be public domain. It may be freely distributed, copied, quoted and used by anyone. Please get the word out there.


United States


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