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A funny thing happened on the way...
Dear IRS,
I'm sorry that Jeff was late to work today, but I can explain. You see, as we left the house it was pouring, and Jeff ran to open the car door for me so I wouldn't get soaked waiting. While he ran to the car, the beautiful huge Malamute ran over to him (I think it's the neighbor's dog and jumped the fence, but I'm not sure). Jeff didn't see the dog run over to him, but the second Jeff opened the car door, the dog jumped in the car and onto the the passenger seat. It was hilarious. The dog was very sweet and friendly. I then ran over to try to get the dog out of our car so we could leave. The dog just jumped in the backseat instead. Seeing as how I'm not about to kidnap someone else's dog right in front of their house (even though this dog was pretty and sweet enough to), we opened the back door, and through the laughter, convinced the dog to jump out of the car. We waited a little while to make sure the dog wasn't in front of our car, so we didn't accidentally hit it on the w
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Daemonicus Rexus Darkblood
United States
Well, I put this off for a few years now, but I guess I ought to try to fill some of the glaring white-space on my profile page.

The name's Jeff. I have a loving wife, several good friends, and an increasingly large menagerie of pets. (They're like pringles. Except hopefully you aren't eating yours.) My hobbies revolve around reading, learning, playing video games, enjoying the various arts of the world, and playing tabletop RPGs. I have yet to find the perfect combination of roleplaying a nocturnal savant who battles aliens and demons with a machete in one hand and a melta gun in the other, but I'll never lose hope.

My submissions will always be story, stick figure, and the occasional photograph. I love looking at the various pretty pictures of the world, but oddly can't stand trying to draw. Then again, I feel it makes me appreciate it all the more since I can never recreate it.

I hope you enjoy what I post as much as I enjoy what you post, and that in some small way we can inspire eachother to greater heights.
Alright, so my gallery has turned into something a lot more spastic than I thought it would be.  Reflecting on this made me think about my profile in general.

I never joined intending to post anything in the first place.  I joined to talk to two people who I'd met in high school.  I married one and have only recently sent more than the occasional message to the other, so I'm kinda messing up that one pretty bad.  I also wanted to look at their art.  The gal I married I only actually gave a thorough browsing in the last year or so.  The other I still haven't actually gone through and looked at all of it.

More recently I actually tossed a few things up.  A story that my wife convinced me people would like.  A miniature that I painted because I wanted to know what it would be like to hang out with her and paint.  A comfy historical Irish shirt that I made.  Then I got all excited, posted a journal talking about what kinds of things I'd be submitting, got lots of llamas...and then stopped posting anything.  To be perfectly honest, I've screwed the pooch so bad here that I might actually face conviction for bestiality in some states.

Even MORE more recently, though, I had a conversation with my wife that really got an idea stuck in my head.  I realized that artists work best when surrounded by other artists.  They often crave the chances it allows for professional criticism and healthy competition.  That, in all honesty, is why a site like this needs to exist.  So, realizing that she was more or less stuck working in a vacuum here, I decided to take the plunge.  I told her that I would try to draw something every day to give her motivation to try and draw something herself every day.  That's why I've thrown up the recent drawings.

Now, I'm not promising this means you'll see new drawings every day from me.  I probably won't succeed in drawing every day, and many of the things I draw I just won't be comfortable in posting here.  I am-to put it mildly-an amateur at art.  I have no major inborn talent, I haven't invested a lot of time into it as a hobby, and I've never really put it high on my list of priorities.  That might change in the coming months, of course, but there's no way to be sure.

I do hope, however, that at least one of you finds at least one of my drawings amusing, interesting, or in some way inspirational.  Even if that inspiration is to draw what I drew and make it better.  In fact, I highly support this, since there is no greater disappointment to me than when I have a beautiful idea in my head and I just don't have the skill make it appear on paper.

P.S. The llamas are doing fine.  There was a strike over compensation, and we've agreed that in addition to their food and housing, they will each get their own spitoon.  Which my computer is telling me really ought to have been spelled with a second "t".  Too bad my computer didn't realize that I think wavy red lines under my words look awesome.

P.P.S. The screwing the pooch joke was terrible, but it was only to replace one about dropping the ball, New Year's Eve, and Dick Clark that I just didn't have the heart to make.


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