Increasing of spam accounts from old accounts

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I have this deviation

Chershire smile

I created it years ago to try the DAMuro, then when I started dividing the galleries, it remained in the main gallery, as a first deviation.

Now when a spam account wants to get noticed, the bot that controls it gives the FAV to this deviation.

For the uninitiated, the spam account is an account controlled by a bot, usually in the description it has a link that 90% of the time leads to a dating site, a paid porn site or something similar.

Until a few months ago, spam accounts were accounts created a few months ago, with no profile picture or anything else, just a lot of FAVs to unsuspecting Deviant Users, who perhaps out of curiosity clicked on the proposed link, and found themselves in the magical world of porn at payment. Lately, however, things have changed a bit, accounts that are almost ten years old suddenly woke up, they started giving the FAV to my famous deviation, but when you visit the profile there is always the usual link to the site web hot. The thing that worries me is that now these spambots check abandoned profiles, and to do so there are two chances: either they were sold by legitimate owners or they were hacked.

However, I don't think a person sells his account on Deviantart, also because usually the nickname is always the same, in the end it becomes a part of themselves, and I don't think it is sold out so easily. So the hacking hypothesis becomes more plausible.

Maybe it would be possible to report this situation to Deviantart, but I think that like many other things they will pass it through the antechamber of the brain, and forget it there.

However, I ask you if one day you will go away from Deviantart to deactivate the account, otherwise one day it could become one of the many zombies controlled by a spambot

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