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Venethia 3 - The church

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Like all cities, Venethia also has its places of worship, and in this case the church of the serpent god. Its priests carry a long staff with the effigy of their god, they wear rich robes but no footwear. They always walk around barefoot.
Among the three races that inhabit Venthia, besides the lords (the misterise humanoid figures who always wear a mask), the frogkin and the gremlins.
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I like how you make a story line to go with the old props and outfits.

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Thank you, i love to use old items in a new way. For example Castillo del Diablo, is a great church.

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Yes. I've used it once. Should use it again sometime.

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In this case, i will abuse with another prop: Canal Grande, but the water don't come out as i want.