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A Watchmen Movie wallpaper made by me.


Watchmen is an upcoming 03-06-09 American superhero film directed by Zack Snyder and based on the 1986 comic book limited series Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

Who watches the watchmen?

Hope you like it!!
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I like to make a blender animated movie about the Watchmen as a chapter to my Blender DC Universe franchise and give the The Watchmen a cooler, less intense and better lot than Zack Snyder's film and even make them eventually join the Justice League
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epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!
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Very cool. A lot of Watchmen wallpapers made by fans are icky, but yours is brilliant.
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thanks very much! =)
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Nicely done! I especially love the stark contrast between the dichromatic picture and the glow of Dr. Manhattan. Very nice. :D
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I loove it!!
I watched it two days ago, and at first I hated it (mainly because of all the blood and cutted arms, ect) but now I really like it, it's a good film and an amazing comic!
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Yeah! jeje :-D
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este tambien parte
me gustan los juegos azul, blanco y negro
Lord-Corr's avatar
a mi tbn me encanta
las iluminaciones con color azul son lo mas
blue power!
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I like this move, its different then any super hero movie I'v seen
where's the comedian?
it's great!!
two thumbs!!!
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haha thanks! ^^
the comedian is... dead XD
this is fantastic, would make for a wicked canvas, thanks for my new wallpaper buddy :D
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jejeje you´re welcome!...and tanks! XD
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i love the shadowing with the blue!
this is probly my favorite watchmen peice iv seen so far!
and the movie was rad! one of my new favs!
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no comedian?
i'm not complaning, i don't really like the guy.
otherwise GREAT JOB!
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