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Long time no see. Been working in this painting which turned out pretty different than I imagined at the beginning. Which was like a few months ago, when I made a quick thumbnail. It looked much colder with a lot of blue and pink tones, but the huge sun and the rim lights it generated didn't work well with cool colors, so I softly started tuning it to a warmer mood. Until everything became yellow :) Anyway, hope you like it!

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Nice ! What kind of brushset do you use if I may ask ? :)
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noah bradleyish rocks ^^ Nice piece !
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Wow beautiful image!
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This is awesome, you have an amazing style, keep doing it! Finally a fellow hungarian with a style i like.
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There are a lot of great Hungarian painters! Great to meet you, hope I'll see more of your work :)
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Woah, this looks beautiful! Nice work, love the warm atmosphere! <3
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Great to hear, thanks ;)
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Hey im kinda new to digital art and i wanted to know how you approached this, as in how do you start off the drawing. thankyou!!
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I usually make a few quick thumbnails on paper, then a rough color concept. After that comes the detail phase where I add a lot of details to my huge sized canvas (it's usually between 7k-10k pixels on the wider side). I often upload work in progress shots to my instagram, if you are interested:
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ok, thanks,
i will be sure to check them out!!
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Run, Forest, run! :D
This is quite an amazing piece. The colors are so subtle and gentle, yet the concept is very powerful!
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Thanks! Tweaked the colors a LOT over time :) Glad it turned out harmonic (more or less)
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Such a beautiful piece. I really like the dynamic in it. It looks like it is in motion. Well done :heart: 
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