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pengirlx's avatar… i think someone stole your whole idea of project.
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It's beautiful! So sad but still full of hope ^^
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Nice monochromatic melding of styles.
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I love it !! It's beautiful <3
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I want this as a tattoo :O
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Awesooooooooooooome !!!!!
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it looks like a sad pic cuz his head is down n the only color used is black ):
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This is so intense.
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....I have no words.
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I'm hearing the thing, all that white white white white, all that white anger, his furious left hand plucking the chords and the darkest notes all soiling the empty white canvas.
I hear the thing and watch all the black butterflys enraged in their spasm, their black wings weightless relief. The black butterflys looking haughty and disdainful to their coloured counterparts.
Soaring high.
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How do you DO that?
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Beautiful style and technique! And overall great execution on the concept. I really like this.
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