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Society and the Unicorn

:boogie: LORA ZOMBIE ON FACEBOOK :boogie:

girl's based on photo by :iconzorrie:
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The painting of lora zombie brought me here, I can't believe this girl actually exists, she must already be a young lady, I wish there was a current photo of her 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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I love this!!!
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i love this so much omg, so profound :heart:
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Beautiful work!
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her face is melting 
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Perfect and a wonderful concept.
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Well you know what they say, society killed the unicorn =(
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This is SO amazing!!!!
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very good job Nod 
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What does it actually depict?
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To me, it is the appearance of a rare 'unicorn", someone that is different, and in the artist's point of view, someone who is colorful and has different hues to them compared to the black and white and same blonde color as the rest of the girls. "Society and the unicorn", or "society and the different person."
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Oh, my bad. I thought it was less obvious and typical.
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To be fair, it could just be a colorful unicorn girl and her very identical looking sisters!
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I've spent a good few minutes comparing the details to see if they're copy+pasted. I'm actually quite amazed with how perfect they all turned out xD
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Wonderful work of art :clap:

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I see the other  3 as your everyday cookie-cutters and the unicorn girl grows  up to be an artist.
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your work is amazing !

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i really connect with the conceptual aspects of your work, as well as the sheer aesthetics.
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