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Damn, this is pretty dark. I love the disturbing narrative, though. :) Great work!
YuukoDreams's avatar
love the shoes kinda xD
kome's avatar
This is amaaaaaaaazing!
EssenArt's avatar
What did you use? Water color and ?
PsychoSs's avatar
very creative!!!! genius!
SeeThroughDream's avatar
love this one...
what kind of material (colours/paper/...) do you use to paint??
EarlyinJune's avatar
I like how this sort of tells a story, and how it makes you want to know more about the girl (lol, I know that sounds odd but that's my impression (:)
It's a very good painting as well, I love the bright colors.
theHetman's avatar
Bit the bullet?
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incognitomestizo's avatar
It makes me sad that she would want to...
CalledInSick's avatar
Wow, I love how the words are written backwards. Beautiful as always.
I thoroughly enjoy this.
you obviously put thought into this.
chershin's avatar
wowwww so awesomeee
toeorchestra's avatar
your work is ALWAYS AMAZING. <3 i was wondering how you got your pieces to appear so clearly on deviantart. do u scan them then clean them on the computer or do u take a picture with a camera? thanks :)
Tazzes's avatar
This is really beautiful in the most twisted way <3
haha i actually got a mirror to read what you had written in the speech bubble ;)
your artwork is always so amazing :)
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He he. There are many ways to look at this one which I like about it. It is open to the viewers' own interpretation. To me it looks as though the image is in a dialogue with the artist(yourself I guess) about the drawing itself. It looks to me like the figure in the image is suggesting another way to have achieved the distorted release from the unicorn in the head. Just my take but I love it.
Bun800's avatar
love the colors, and the unicorn. Very unique. Your artwork always makes me smile in one way or another
zanepepper's avatar
Nice, I love this :)
eldar1's avatar
can i just say, i have yet to dislike anything you've done
Wow, this is beautiful and so unique. I love it. Definitely one of my favourites by you!
As always, highly imaginative and creative work. I can see multiple interpretations from this.
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