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I would wear this in a heartbeat. 
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This is so beautiful and grungy. I really think the blobs really adds the zing.
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They should sell these at their concerts!!!! Awesome!
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I would love this as a print, if you ever consider doing one :)
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I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Shut Up and TAKe MY MOney!!!!!!!
Amazing design
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oh that's so awesome! *O*
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!..........This is so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!........*U*
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i love it it is sooo amazing it inspired me soo amazing
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This is so awesome. I love her, and you rendered her so well...and on a t-shirt! Too cool!
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oh my!i'm in love with your arts!
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is there any way i can buy this shirt?
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oh my god. i love this. but my sister would probably crap her pants at the sight of this. shed be amazed. karen o is her idol.
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what do you use? its beautiful :D
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woa, this is amazing! But can you wash it? I wanna do it too! jajaja
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can i buy thissssssss or make a jacket mmmm
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