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Hello friends!

Finally our contest 


came to an end in which we received 54 amazing entries!

Throughout the contest we gave 5 bonus prizes to

:iconcold-tommy-gin:, :iconawphotography607:, :iconsecretdartiste:, :iconanais-anais61: and :iconamaranta-g:

for these beautiful entries:

Return to Wonderland by Cold-Tommy-Gin  Wonderland: Down the hole, we go! (part 1) - WON! by SecretDarTiste  Wonderland: The Rose garden (part 2) by SecretDarTiste  Alice in Wonderland by anais-anais61
<da:thumb id="728696615"/>  The story of Alice by Amaranta-G

The bonus winners were chosen from each 10 entries and the artists received 100 points each.

At the end, all the entries were sorted out and put into 3 different categories depending on each works' skill levels:

 Art Masters:

Return to Wonderland by Cold-Tommy-Gin  Wonderland: Down the hole, we go! (part 1) - WON! by SecretDarTiste  Wonderland: The Rose garden (part 2) by SecretDarTiste 
  Alice by Amedeya  Alice by DanielPriego  Alice in Wonderland by anais-anais61
Welcome Back Home by no1intheworld  Take Care in Wonderland by kimsol The story of Alice by Amaranta-G 

Art Mediums:

The Rabbit Hole by SweetDA  this is wonderland by yellowicous  In Wonderland by jiajenn  Alice in Wonderland return by Quijuka
Alice Forest by mumu0909  Return To Wonderland by KarinSPhotography   Alice in Wonderland by Quijuka
<da:thumb id="728696615"/>  Alice In Wonderland by jiajenn  Queen Of hearts by jiajenn
We're all mad here by nrcArt   RETURN TO WONDERLAND by anais-anais61   Return to Wonderland-The Arrival by GrafXthings
Red Queen by anais-anais61   Alice - return to fantasy ! by MikhaelPacheco  Falling through time by Renata-s-art
 <da:thumb id="741614781"/> 

Art Amateurs:

It is a poor sort of memory that only works backwa by amethystmstock   Alice In A Maze Copy by MrsSerrano1  New Alice by MrsSerrano1
Wonderland 2 by annemaria48  Alice 2 by annemaria48  I feel like I 'm being watched... by removale
  Alice in ice wonderland by annemaria48  Paint The Roses Red by Willow-Bree
<da:thumb id="725075949"/>  Run Run Alice! by Fisch-mit-Ohren  Entrance to Wonderland by Renata-s-art  Through the door by Miss-deviantE
Which Way by amethystmstock  The Nightmare of Wonderland by Amliel  Alice Through the Cloud by cazcastalla  Back into wonderland by theheek
Wonderland - Alice's Return by SoyUnPeredor  Alice in Wonderland by MagicAngel8773  Why is a raven like a writing desk? by PrincessMagical <da:thumb id="733170756"/>
    Mad Rabbit by amethystmstock  The Queen's Croquet Ground by Renata-s-art   Stuck In Wonderland by BannerGraphics  Return to Wonderland by theheek
 <da:thumb id="727838439"/>   Warped to Wonder by Willow-Bree
The Wonder of Wonderland by cluttergirl  Hide and Seek by Mylene-C

And were evaluated and rated by the group admins and

7 independent judges:

:iconrowye:, :icondani-owergoor:, :iconerikshoemaker:, :iconbrietolga:, :icongejda:, :iconmihaela-v:, :iconladyevilarts:

based on their Technique, Originality and Visual Impression. After tallying up all the scores, we are very proud to finally announce the winners:

Art Masters:

I place

Double entry by SecretDarTiste :iconsecretdartiste:, which got score 241

”Wonderland: Down the hole, we go!” 

Wonderland: Down the hole, we go! (part 1) - WON! by SecretDarTiste

“Wonderland: The Rose garden”

Wonderland: The Rose garden (part 2) by SecretDarTiste

II place

“Return to Wonderland” by Cold-Tommy-Gin :iconcold-tommy-gin:, score - 221

Return to Wonderland by Cold-Tommy-Gin

III place

“The story of Alice” by Amaranta-G :iconamaranta-g:, score - 217

The story of Alice by Amaranta-G

Art Mediums:

I place:

“this is wonderland” by yellowicous :iconyellowicous:, score - 196

this is wonderland by yellowicous

II place 

“In Wonderland” by jiajenn :iconjiajenn:, score - 195

In Wonderland by jiajenn

III place

“Red Queen” by anais-anais61 :iconanais-anais61:, score - 171

Red Queen by anais-anais61

Art Amateurs:

I place

“Run Run Alice!” by Fisch-mit-Ohren:iconfisch-mit-ohren: , score - 171

Run Run Alice! by Fisch-mit-Ohren

II place

“House of Fantasy” by adrianocadau :iconadrianocadau:, score -154

III place

“Alice 2” by annemaria48 :iconannemaria48:, score - 143

Alice 2 by annemaria48

Congratulations to all the winners!

And thanks a lot to all the participants for their amazing works!

Special thanks to all the contest donors & sponsors along with a very fabulous team of Jury without whom this contest wouldn't have been successful! Thanks to all of you for your invaluable assistance!



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Great work everyone!