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Hello everyone!

     Do you love the rain? Personally I prefer Summer and sun, but I love how the rain sounds, its music calms and inspires... And I also love the rain in art, this is always beautiful...

     Btw, did you already see the new challenge from the group :iconstewed-tomatoes:

Dance in the Rain

     Join the group and play with us! We hold contests non-stop, and everyone can win there, from a beginner to an advanced artist. We are waiting for you!

     And here is November Rain from DA gallery for your inspiration:

Rainy Mood by Lora-Vysotskaya

November Rain by Emerald-Depths

RAin by BaxiaArt

Rain by antonisfes

November Rain by lauraypablo

Rain by Megan-Arts

Crying in the rain by oloferla

Kiss the Rain by Doucesse

Tears Of Rain by NatsPearlCreation

Under the Cover of the Rain by Josiane-Rey

It can't rain all the time by FuzzyBuzzy

Rain Spell by temporary-peace

Summer Rain by TitusBoy25

Shooting in the rain by Ellysiumn

Set Fire To The Rain by BaxiaArt

Rain Patrol by Vilk42

I love rain by Megan-Arts

In the puddles of rain... by DiosaEMR

As The Gentle Rain From Heaven Upon the Place... by KingaBritschgi

I Hate Rain by Uot-Mi

.:My Rain Dance:. by SummerDreams-Art

Fire to the rain by TheSecretIsMine

rain in the city by ZedLord-Art

Lost in the Rain by alltelleringet

Emotional Rain by DanielPriego

November rain by Rafido

Brittany Rain by JeRoenMurre

Singin in the Rain by crilleb50

Shelter from the Rain by Brumae-Art

Set Fire To The Rain by mauricioigor

wish to rain by HUSSIENAL-SHTERI

In the Rain by Blackpearls91

The Taste of Rain by MoOnshine90

Rain in the city by Michael-Rayne

Rain by KittyD

deszcz 2 by BaxiaArt

November Rain by Notvitruvian

Low Man's Lyric by HFFK

'Til the love rains down... by WhimsicalBlue

Tread softly... by Iardacil

Sanctuary by Notvitruvian

.Rainy night. by Pure-Poison89

E x i l e by aphostol

Waiting For The Train by Iribel

Untitled by LittlePurpleBee

Faith of the Heart by Iardacil

Is that all you got ? by thenSir

Through The Barricades by Iardacil

No me esperes con la lluvia by tatucito

Nautilus by IrKos

i miss you... by BaxiaArt

Waiting.. by Megan-Arts

Precipicio by DanielPriego

Hudjan ( The Rain ) by Cold-Tommy-Gin

Refuge from a Storm by PaperDreamerArt

The Final Gig: Portrait by PollyUranus

Totoro by AllaD8

Taking Over by Mr-Ripley

Charade by Aegis-Illustration

Heaven's a lie by lady-amarillis

November by Irina-E

Other worlds: The beginning... by aphostol

Looking for right direction... by Iardacil

Life method by Ash-3xpired

Great Ascension Church by inObrAS

... by BaxiaArt

Escape from Skull Island by Mr-Ripley

Leviathan and Esednahea by drcrane

300 - looks like rain by silverwing24

Set Fire To The Rain by art-mely

War Remains by Ahmad-Tahhan

The blinding lights, rain and the cat's plot by Antoshines

I will Protect you Sweet Girl by Wesley-Souza

Dilemma by Aegis-Illustration

No shelter by doredore

The Sound You Need ...rain by naradjou14

:: Two to Tango :: by SummerDreams-Art

The girl who dared to dream by theflickerees

In my Dream by Antoshines

Purification by DigitalDean

Tomorrow Isn't So Far Away by Syst-eeem

A rainy day by CindysArt

A lost memory by theflickerees

Hexe by Celtica-Harmony

Exit zone by JJohnsonArtworks

GAZ-M1 by inObrAS

monster. by daChelissius

Just a good moment by Miesis

Last of our togetherness by esstera

Find the way home II  by EstherPuche-Art

Curse exists by Drake1024

Autumn rain by Alshain4

Rainy Night in Rome by annewipf

Paper Boat by Megan-Arts

All that avails .. by Ash-3xpired

The time has come by Josiane-Rey

Winter Rain by Stroody

I hear your whisper through the rain by dreamswoman

The end of civilization by YagaK

End of the line by TonyGCampagna

Night Watch by MarcoHerrera

Chant of the sky tears by Rahimz

Rain-Eso by ladyjudina

Rain by flina

.:Dancing with Dream Lights:. by SummerDreams-Art

Beauty alien by Sweetlylou

My memories by LVAMPAR

Peacefully by debNise

Solitude by FictionChick

Resurrection by Le-Regard-des-Elfes

Dreamspace Reloaded 24 by DenisOlivier

Always By Your Side by ShortCircuit123

I didn't die.. by BrietOlga

Water Violin by B-O-K-E

Best friends by pepexx

At ease,content by esstera

In The Rain by djaledit

Sea of Umbrellas by WhimsicalBlue

Far from the city by Doucesse

kissing in the rain by BaxiaArt

Rain by innakayuta

Contemplation by esstera

Apocalypse by brillgk
Uncharted waters by Notvitruvian

Rain Sound by TheClassica

Noah's Ark Tragedy by Raczso

The Last Trip by noro8

Escapism 101 by pylangelov

I'm different by MademoiselleKati

Rain by shiasgraphics

A Walk to Remember by Secretadmires

And It Feels Like Rain by Lhianne

Army of Darkness by gotman68

Rain giving a life by Statique77

The Walker by ecoban07

Journey by SukhRiar

A House and a Cliff by Art-Kombinat

I Ching 40 - Hsieh (Deliverance) by annewipf

Lost in the Lost World by Mr-Ripley

CRASHED.. by chryssalis

Spillin' Love. by cherryx94

.Cry by masKade

Coming Alive by Eternal-Dream-Art

Renunciation by dilarosa

Rain by Caroffspring

Desert by Skategirl

A place to pray by Doucesse

Fear Factor by debzdezigns-lamb68

Set Fire To The Rain by vanesagarkova

Rain in The Night by apanyadong

A Quiet Rainy day by alkab-art

Under the rain / 2016 by Alena-48

Rainy season by antaia-art

PAPER BOAT II by apanyadong

The Forgotten by lenyca

Travel light by SoulcolorsArt

Rain Music by Lora-Vysotskaya

Journal skin made by Lora-Vysotskaya
Image: pixabay.com/en/rain-am-lonely-…
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