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Hello friends!

Today as we celebrate our group's first anniversary at :iconart-revival:, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for partaking in all our achievements and success.

And now, to coincide with the anniversary we would like to announce our 3rd big contest. The theme for which is:

Poster by Lora-Vysotskaya, credits are here

Lewis Carroll's Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland stirs the mind & imaginations of readers from around the world. And also inspires every artist to enter and discover the enchantment of the Wonderland!

Let us also go there! Follow the White Rabbit and see what magic awaits us:

You will have to create a PHOTOMANIPULATION based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (the classic Lewis Carroll’s book, or the eccentric Tim Burton’s movie, or another version you know). It can be anything - a portrait, scenery, fantasy, a humorous or a surreal piece. Dark or even an abstract artwork - as long as it is pertaining to the contest's theme.
We strongly encourage originality and uniqueness in your entries.

This challenge is a 3 month's long journey. Starting today, January 8th, 2018 and ending in April 8th.

Each member has the chance to participate with 3 entries.
Also this time more members will get the chance to win since we've divided the contest into three categories:
Art Amateurs, Art Mediums & Art Masters.


Participants can also win additional 100 points (but only once, no matter if you have participated with more than 1 entry).
Mini-contests will be held while the contest is going on, comprising of 10 entries each ( the first 10, the next 10...and so on) and the one adjudged as the best by the group admins will receive a prize of 100 Points
But this still won't deny the winner of mini-contest to win our main big prizes.

So what are you all waiting for? Ready, Set and.....GO!

Tap your imagination and mesmerise us with your creativity!

Here are some awesome works for your inspiration (don’t copy please):

   Wonderland by amebleu  Tea-party in Wonderland by mary-petroff Back to Wonderland by Juli-SnowWhite  Wonderland by Antonio-Figueiredo  
Dark Alice by BenjaminHaley 
Wonderland Fashion Show by aaTmaHira  Alice In Wonderland by BenjaminHaley
Let me guide you in Wonderland by LadyPingu  Alice III - White Rabbit's House by nina-Y
  Where Is Alice! by Black-B-o-x
Alice's Adventures by Black-B-o-x :thumb116952433:
Queen Of Hearts by Lora-Vysotskaya  We Will Fix This! by Black-B-o-x  Mad-Diner by Mr-Xerty
Lady Hatter by kosolap Tribute to Burton's Alice by Dferous Little Empress by GingerKellyStudio :thumb594727132:


From January 8th to April 29th


:bulletred: You must be a member of :iconart-revival: to participate. JOIN US!

:bulletred: We accept just photomanipulations and mixed media (but with most of a photomanipulation)
:bulletred: Your artwork must be new and created exclusively for this contest.
:bulletred: All entries must include a link to this journal and the group icon in the description.
:bulletred: Entries are limited to 3 submissions per artist but only ONE entry can win. 
:bulletred: No excessive violence, racism, gore etc. Nudity and dark art are welcome, as long as your artwork is made with good artistic taste.
:bulletred: Credit all stocks you used with a direct link. Stocks which have been deleted MUST still be credited with the link to the stock provider’s profile. If stocks came from deactivated accounts they MUST still be credited with the name of the original owners.
:bulletred: All stock and resources must come from legitimate sources. What are illegitimate stock read HERE and HERE. Read this useful article also.
:bulletred: No DA watermark, just your little signature.
:bulletred: Submit your entries to the CONTEST FOLDER

:bulletred: We reserve the right to decline any work with too poor quality, or if it doesn't meet the rules of the contest and doesn't fit its theme. 

Most part of the points for the contest was donated by the groups admins:

:iconsummerdreams-art: and :iconlora-vysotskaya: 

And many thanks to our generous sponsors who helped us to make this contest possible:

points donators:

:iconkeithspangle: :iconbranka-artz: :iconserenaletheia: :iconenkrat:  :iconerikshoemaker: :iconsoulcolorsart: :iconsurrealistic-gloom: :iconjocelyner: :iconmandelblute: :iconlotta-lotos: :iconsweetda: :iconvw1956: :iconatralunadesign: :iconsylviasart: :iconrenata-s-art: :iconmsfowle: :iconphilippel: :iconlayercake-deluxe: :iconauswolf666: :iconwillow-bree: :iconmr-ripley: :iconbenjaminhaley: :iconloloagain: :icongatetodreams: :iconpanjoool: :iconkarissa-salton: :iconmrscats: :iconjuansixx1961:

stock and feature donators:

:iconkarinsphotography: :iconmr-ripley: :iconwesley-souza: :iconhermitcrabstock: :iconkuschelirmel-stock: :iconrenata-s-art: :icontitefee-muse-de-ca: :icontheallex: :iconannewipf: :iconatralunadesign: :iconmagicalflowerbomb: :iconstarscoldnight: :iconpanjoool: :iconcharllieearts: :iconmshellee: :iconpiaglud: :iconawphotography607:

Thank to them the winners will get...


Art Amateurs:

1 place - 750 points 
2 place - 500 points 
3 place - 250 points 

Art Mediums:
1 place - 1000 points 
2 place - 750 points 
3 place - 500 points 

Art Masters:
1 place - 2500 points (of which 300 points are from :iconmagicalflowerbomb:)

2 place - 1500 points 
3 place - 1000 points 

All the winners will receive:

Premium stock from 

:iconkarinsphotography: :iconmr-ripley: :iconwesley-souza: :iconhermitcrabstock: :iconkuschelirmel-stock: :iconrenata-s-art: :iconmagicalflowerbomb: :icontitefee-muse-de-ca: :iconpanjoool: :iconmshellee: :iconpiaglud: :iconawphotography607:

Feature from

 :icontheallex: :iconannewipf: :iconatralunadesign: :iconmagicalflowerbomb: :iconstarscoldnight: :iconcharllieearts: :iconmshellee:

All participants will receive stock gifts from Lora-Vysotskaya and SummerDreams-Art 

Don’t forget you can win additional 100 points right now! (v.s.) 

Well, you have three months to make a masterpiece! Amaze us with your imagination and creativity! 

Good luck! 

The entries so far:

First 10:

The Rabbit Hole by SweetDA  It is a poor sort of memory that only works backwa by amethystmstock
Alice in ice wonderland by annemaria48 Alice 2 by annemaria48
:thumb725075949: Return to Wonderland by Cold-Tommy-Gin
Alice Forest by mumu0909 Run Run Alice! by Fisch-mit-Ohren
Return To Wonderland by KarinSPhotography :thumb727838439:

And the first bonus winner is...

Cold-Tommy-Gin! He receives 100 additional points right now!

Return to Wonderland by Cold-Tommy-Gin

Second 10:

this is wonderland by yellowicous  Wonderland 2 by annemaria48
Entrance to Wonderland by Renata-s-art :thumb728696615:
Alice In Wonderland by jiajenn In Wonderland by jiajenn
Through the door by Miss-deviantE Which Way by amethystmstock
The Nightmare of Wonderland by Amliel Alice Through the Cloud by cazcastalla

And AWPhotography607 receives the bonus 100 points for this entry: 

Congratulations to Amanda!

Third 10:

Queen Of hearts by jiajenn  Return to Wonderland by theheek

Wonderland - Alice's Return by SoyUnPeredor  Alice in Wonderland by MagicAngel8773

I feel like I 'm being watched... by removale  Alice In A Maze Copy by MrsSerrano1

Why is a raven like a writing desk? by PrincessMagical

Wonderland: Down the hole, we go! (part 1) - WON! by SecretDarTiste Wonderland: The Rose garden (part 2) by SecretDarTiste

Back into wonderland by theheek  Paint The Roses Red by Willow-Bree

And SecretDarTiste becomes our third bonus winner with this amazing and original double entry:

Wonderland: Down the hole, we go! (part 1) - WON! by SecretDarTiste Wonderland: The Rose garden (part 2) by SecretDarTiste

Congratulations to Evelyne! You receive additional 100 points right now!

Fourth 10:

:thumb733170756:  We're all mad here by nrcArt

New Alice by MrsSerrano1  Alice in Wonderland by anais-anais61

Mad Rabbit by amethystmstock  Alice in Wonderland return by Quijuka

Warped to Wonder by Willow-Bree  Alice in Wonderland by Quijuka

RETURN TO WONDERLAND by anais-anais61  Alice by Amedeya

And we’re happy to announce the fourth bonus winner! Maria Daneva anais-anais61 receives additional 100 points right now for this entry:

Alice in Wonderland by anais-anais61

Congratulations to Maria!

Fifth 10:

Red Queen by anais-anais61 

The Queen's Croquet Ground by Renata-s-art  Take Care in Wonderland by kimsol

Stuck In Wonderland by BannerGraphics  Alice - return to fantasy ! by MikhaelPacheco
The story of Alice by Amaranta-G  Falling through time by Renata-s-art
:thumb741614781:  Hide and Seek by Mylene-C

We collected the next 10 entries and now we’re happy to announce our fifth bonus winner! This is Amaranta-G and her amazing entry:

The story of Alice by Amaranta-G

Congratulations to Amaranta!

Your well deserved 100 points go to you right now!

Last 4 entries:

Alice by DanielPriego  The Wonder of Wonderland by cluttergirl
Return to Wonderland-The Arrival by GrafXthings  Welcome Back Home by no1intheworld

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Congratulations to all of the imaginative winners !  how wonderful .. and strange ,, I love this book,, and recently did a series of photos, just by chance about Alice in Wonderland ... I would have loved to compete ,, but here are two photos you might enjoy,,, Alice in Wonderland today by GeaAusten    Alice in Wonderland by GeaAusten   best wishes .. Gea xx