Photomanip Newsletter September 2018
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Hello friends!

A little later this month but I’m here again with the latest news and features:

:new: The latest news

:bulletred: Amazing Manipulation Award 

Amazing Manipulation Award (or AMA) is a project supported by the groups World-of-Art-Kingdom, Art-Revival, Stewed-Tomatoes, The-Imaginarium and DA-LOVERS. AMA is given to photo-manipulation artists for their arts, dedication, imagination, innovation, ideas, creativity, etc., which is remarkable for the community of manipulation, and deserves an award. The last one was awarded to the winner in the category

TELLER OF TALES - GabeehSilva:icongabeehsilva:

Unborn by GabeehSilva   Amazing Manipulation Awards (AMA) #4 WinnerThe winner of the fourth edition of the Amazing Manipulation Awards (AMA) for the theme:-
A visual narrative which illustrates an excellent story with a juxtaposition of emotions, background details in an effective, skillful and in an amusing way.


Congratulations to the winner as well as all the following nominees:
From the Stewed-Tomatoes gallery:

From the Art-Revival gallery:

From the The-Imaginarium gallery:

For now the project AMA is suspended for some internal reasons, and will be renewed later.

:bulletred: Walpapers: New Beginning 

Gene Raz von Edler, aka Ellysiumn :iconellysiumn:, became a new community volunteer for Walpapers category. The uniqueness of this category is its universality. Photomanipulation also can be a walpaper. To know more about this kind of art read this article: 
Let's talk about wallpapersWhat is a wallpaper?

A wallpaper is a decorative paper for the walls of a room

or the background image or set of images displayed on a computer screen or TV.

What does wikipedia say about wallpapers?

A wallpaper or background  (also known as a desktop wallpaper, desktop background,

 desktop picture or desktop image on computers)

is a digital image -photo, drawing etc. - used as a decorative background of a graphical user interface on the screen of a computer, 

mobile communications device or other electronic device.

On a computer it is usually for the desktop, while on a mobile phone it is usual
Want to try your hand at creating wallpapers? Go ahead! You even have a chance to win some prizes in this contest:
Nature Wallpaper Contest. ENTRIES
Welcome to our first Wallpaper Contest!
The rules are simple and entering the contest is easy... Keep reading!

The Theme is... Nature!
Nature, in the broadest sense, is the natural, physical, or material world or universe. "Nature" can refer to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. The study of nature is a large, if not the only, part of science. Although humans are part of nature, human activity is often understood as a separate category from other natural phenomena.
:bulletorange:Inspirational Wallpapers:bulletorange:

:bulletorange:The Rules:bulletorange:
Deviants may subm

:bulletred: Adoptables week on projecteducate 

projecteducate will be hosting an Adoptables week from October 15th to October 19th. This means they are looking for members of the adoptables community to contribute content: tutorials, features, interviews, contests etc. If you interested, read more here:

Adoptables Week: We need you!Dear members,
projecteducate will be hosting an Adoptables week from October 15th to October 19th. This means we are looking for members of the adoptables community to contribute content!
What type of content could you contribute to this week? Well, almost anything! Here are some of the many options:
TutorialsGuides Walk-throughsArt featuresDiscussion/debate journalsChat eventsChallenge/ContestInterviewsAny other type of informative/educational content!
So if you have an idea, even if you're not too sure about it yet, send a note to projecteducate with the title "Adoptables Week Idea!" and we'll chat! Don't be afraid, we can always brainstorm ideas. Also, feel free to share this with anyone in the community you might know, to spread the word :)
Thank you! :la:

:bulletred: Artists interviews 

Wesley-Souza :iconwesley-souza:, a talented artist from Brazil, one of the most visible figures in our PM community, gave an interview to Hazel WhimsicalBlue:iconwhimsicalblue: and the group :iconart-glory:. What is his greatest challenge in creating art and what ways has he found in overcoming the artistic challenge? Why fantasy is the main genre of his art? Wesley tells about it here:
Bruxinho Travesso by Wesley-Souza  Artist of the Month - Wesley-SouzaThis month’s artist is a  well known figure and has seen DA grow from strength to strength, his contribution to this community is unparallel. Everyone looks up to him and has inspired many artists.
His artworks speak a lot about his passion for fantasy art and creature, which leads us to an imaginative world. They are beautifully captivating and magically spell binding.
So let’s welcome :iconwesley-souza: our artist on spotlight at :iconart-glory: whose zealous for art can be seen in his work, a talented artist from Brazil:heart:
1. Have you taught someone how to create art? And what was the result?
The closest I taught was few years back for a contest named “Coaching challenge”, it was a wonderful experience teaching artists on how to improve their skills. And for that I made a simple tutorials explaining on how to enhance their work.  And I’m proud to say that the outcome was surprisingly amazing. There was a huge improvement in their wo

Amazing artist JayGraphixx was selected to be exposed on the group homepage The-Imaginarium with a special feature and a short interview. What made him become a digital artist? What has been the most challenging project he has worked on? Read Jay’s answers here:
A Glance Of Nature by JayGraphixx  Special Feature and Interview - JayGraphixxEvery month we select one member to be exposed on the group homepage The-Imaginarium  and we will do a special feature and a short interview.
Set of amazing photo manipulations and short interview by talented artist JayGraphixx

1. First of all we would like to thank you for taking the time to provide The-Imaginarium  with this interview. Please tell us more about your Art and what made you become an Digital Artist ?

Describing my art? Hmm, if I should find the words to describe my art. I'd say I want it to be epic, astounding, entertaining, intriguing, action packed but yet beautiful. I want the viewers to be filled with emotion and be inspired. I've come a long way with my art but the journey has just begun. The life of an artist is not an easy ride -- I've said it before, ‘art isn't a six-month course’. It’s an ongoing voyage where you’re continuously learning. It's a lot of hard work, fun and excitement but

:bulletred: Wesley in Fantasy Calendar 

Wesley-Souza  shared another news as well: his work My Friend Monster has been chosen to be on the 'A Knock at the Door 2019 Fantasy Art Wall Calendar''! Congratulations Wesley!

My Friend Monster -  Update 2016 by Wesley-Souza   I'm in Fantasy Art Wall Calendar 2019A great news, I'm on the ''A Knock at the Door 2019 Fantasy Art Wall Calendar'' with my little monster :love:

My little monster has been chosen to be on the calendar, I'm in the month of June.

You can buy here:

:spotlight-left: Monthly  spotlight :spotlight-right:

Today in our spotlight an incredible artist with unrepeatable, recognizable style - thegirlcansmile. Her works are full of emotions, they are sad and touching. They always carry some message. They sound, they talk to you. Sometimes they cause a smile, and sometimes sadness, but they never leave a viewer indifferent. 

“I would absolutely say art is my way of expressing feelings. It's the one place I can go where I can be completely free and raw without worrying about a safety net. Art doesn't have to be safe, it doesn't have to feel good. It doesn't have to leave you with a good feeling as long as it leaves you with something”,  -  the artist says. - “It's all about finding your own voice and then not being afraid to listen to it. To use it, and dare to use it loudly. Not worrying so much about the effect it will have on others, but the effect it has on you. When you create with passion you can do no wrong.”

Please visit thegirlcansmile’s gallery and and you will not want to leave this magical place.

Jelly arms by thegirlcansmile
The kites below by thegirlcansmile

Hearts by thegirlcansmile
Butterswim by thegirlcansmile

That sunset story by thegirlcansmile

Dreamer by thegirlcansmile

I used this interview to prepare the rubric.

:star: Other wonderful artists Nikkayla:iconnikkayla:, PlacidAnemia:iconplacidanemia:, Renata-s-art:iconrenata-s-art:, Julianez:iconjulianez: and Ellysiumn:iconellysiumn: also was featured this month:
Featuring the artist: nikkayla44


Nikkayla Green
Artist | Professional | Digital Art


SHINE BRIGHT by Nikkayla
Portrait: Tai'ath by Nikkayla
drem yol lok by Nikkayla
Electricity by Nikkayla
Portrait: Mischa by Nikkayla
the guardian by Nikkayla
andare by Nikkayla
you can find it in me by Nikkayla
featuring the artist PlacidAnemia

London 2 by PlacidAnemia
schizophrenic prayer by PlacidAnemia
DragonGirl by PlacidAnemia
Portrait D by PlacidAnemia
Tourments by PlacidAnemia
Spectral Guest by PlacidAnemia
Tempete by PlacidAnemia
Art versus Artist by PlacidAnemia
PLacid by PlacidAnemia
ID who will be next by PlacidAnemia
Anemia by PlacidAnemia
Dark passager by PlacidAnemia
Freedom by PlacidAnemia
le cheval aile by PlacidAnemia
Desolation by PlacidAnemia
proliferation by PlacidAnemia
just an other Alien try by PlacidAnemia
Beautiful decay by PlacidAnemia
Queen of Hearts by PlacidAnemia
Maleficient by PlacidAnemia
Snow White by PlacidAnemia
Water angel by PlacidAnemia
Gabrielle by PlacidAnemia
Spectral Guest by PlacidAnemia
Featuring the artist Renata-s-Art

Falling to Wonderland by Renata-s-art
Tea Time by Renata-s-art
Entry to Wonderland by Renata-s-art
The Jabberwocky by Renata-s-art
The Queen's Croquet Ground by Renata-s-art
Falling through time by Renata-s-art
Free-Man Bust Statue 2 by Renata-s-art
Free-Lantern by Renata-s-art
Free-Gravestone 7 by Renata-s-art
2 by Renata-s-art
Queen of Darkness by Renata-s-art
1 by Renata-s-art
Splash Wall by Renata-s-art
Vanishing away by Renata-s-art
Blood Thief by Renata-s-art
Golden Sunset by Renata-s-art
Time Travel by Renata-s-art
Silent Night by Renata-s-art
Judged by the color by Renata-s-art
Picking Mushrooms by Renata-s-art
Checkmate by Renata-s-art
Summer Ballad by Renata-s-art
Hilo Rojo-Red Thread by Renata-s-art
Which weights more? by Renata-s-art
Featuring the artist Julianez

Julen in the forest by Julianez
Angel of Light by Julianez
Alice in Wonderland by Julianez
witchcraft by Julianez
Fairy with forest spirits by Julianez
The stallion by Julianez
Earthly autumn by Julianez
Sleeping in the rain by Julianez
Ninfa queen of the waterlilies by Julianez
The unexpected snowfall by Julianez
Sheltering angel blizzard by Julianez
Arctic nymph by Julianez
Keys of hope by Julianez
The polar bear by Julianez
Nymph of the first snow. by Julianez
King Kong conflicting emotions by Julianez
The door Neverland by Julianez
Riding Hood and the Wolf by Julianez
Haven of peace by Julianez
The voices of the dead by Julianez
Pinocchio and his friends by Julianez
You're mine by Julianez
Dragon Whelp by Julianez
She and the red moon by Julianez
Featuring the artist Ellysiumn

Four hundred billion stars out there... by Ellysiumn
Are we alone? by Ellysiumn
The immensity of freedom by Ellysiumn
Walking my dog around the old railroad track by Ellysiumn
Magical lights #Daily 8 by Ellysiumn
Everdream #Daily 14 by Ellysiumn
Night lights by Ellysiumn
Hue circle by my artworks by Ellysiumn
Art vs Artist 2018 ID by Ellysiumn
Black Rose by Ellysiumn
Magic Roses by Ellysiumn
Rose Art by Ellysiumn
Winter dragons by Ellysiumn
Black Angel by Ellysiumn
The night fairies by Ellysiumn
Purity by Ellysiumn
The Goddess by Ellysiumn
Hopelessness by Ellysiumn
Heavenly Temptation by Ellysiumn
Featured in Suspense Magazine by Ellysiumn
Phantast17 by Ellysiumn
Dreaming by Ellysiumn
StarGate by Ellysiumn
Eagles dance by Ellysiumn

:clap: Congratulations on the DD!

Photomanip DD Round Up for August 2018
Crimson Tide by Cyren-NaliniTiger Lick by WalkingGedis 
Morning coffee by SvetlanaKLimova Love in Venice by da505
Final by NaouriRedouane1998 The sun and the moon by Amaranta-G
the listener by old-timer-dev 
  Stock and Resources AugustHi everyone!
Here the DD´s for August. It´s a small feature due to my vacation. Please give them some love!

You are welcome to send me your suggestions.
Mocris´s Guidelines

:camera: Stock treasures

Many thanks to all the DA stock providers, who make our work possible with their fantastic images:

In Black (45) by FrostAlexis
lizard 5 by yellowicous-stock
Autumn Trees ~ Foggy morning copy1 by AStoKo
Stuff 022 by MAW-ART
Temple of the four winds by paul-goddard
Texture 766 by Sirius-sdz

Other stock features:

The Unseen Stock - August

2018-04-19 Wizarding Afternoon 15 by skydancer-stock
Forest Stump by fallen-cherubim
Sunset Stock by Blue-Simplicity sky by marlene-stock
322 - Stock Image 2 by ElyneNoir
mountains by dreamlikestock fune-stock_summersky16of20 by Fune-Stock helish sunset by marlene-stock
Forest 1000 by MASYON
Dahlia 24 by destinysWalrus 63 by JewelsStock
The Unseen Stock - August (II)

STOCK - Cumberland Falls 2 by Whisper292 Reference photo snow covered trees by Geekophelia Tihemetsa 40 by MASYON
Waterfall III by Wylderness
Waterscape V by Wylderness Blue flower by maestock Stock - Badlands Visitor Center 2 by WildWillowHEE
Misty moor stock I by Wylderness
Waterfall I by Wylderness Forest I by Wylderness Western Beach9 EXCLUSIVE by Amliel
Clear red hibiscus by A1Z2E3R
Bega Beach 34 by LuchareStock
Stock and Resources #8Pistols (Forshortening) 09 by Null-EntityIntrepid Adventurer 47 by Null-EntityKickstarter 1 by PirateLotus-Stock
Waterscape II by WyldernessForest 9 by LakelaScotland Stock 281 by Malleni-StockScotland Stock 288 by Malleni-StockMossy tree trunk STOCK by AStoKoDSC 0287 Summer Dragon 1 by wintersmagicstockPoppies stock by ratinrageForest 1000 by MASYON
Scotland Stock 359 by Malleni-StockLeopard 3 by LakelaFlying Fox 04 by NellyGraceNGSeahorse by BetaDraconisMoth Stock1 by Gnewi-StockDino CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Cindrella Castle Side IMG 2755 by WDWParksGal-StockSan Francisco Dawn Lights by boldfrontiersScotland Stock 166 by Malleni-StockWood Bridge -PNG by 35-ElissandroOld dovecote 02 - 2018 by HermitCrabStockSci-fi Window by Wesley-Souzawooden bridge 2 by dreamlikestockStatue of Saint Teresa of Avila by EveLiveseyGold Lamp Saucer by boldfrontiers
Creative Commons Stock Rules. by Null-EntityResource Artists Feature by Maiart-Realm

:gallery: Art features & contests winners:winner:

Find out how the contests turned out this month, or see if one of your works has been featured in our collection of features!

:bulletred: Features:

Digital art photomanipulation
welcome to Art-Glory  support / appreciation/ Showcase , these are best digital Photomanipulation from group's gallery and my favourites co
llections , Please visit these wonderful works and show them your love
Daily Desviation
Congratulations on  Daily Desviation Clap

Goodbye My Friend by isildurion ( Featured byGejda ) 2018-08-10

The Arrival by Ellysiumn (Suggested by MoonFairy82 and Featured by Gejda ) 2018-08-09

<strong align="justify">
Sunday Feature #63As always on Sundays, we are here again with a collection of the best photomanipulations submitted into the group gallery this week:

Octopus-Sy by Madink-art
The Arrival by Ellysiumn
Goodbye My Friend by isildurion
Samurai Showdown near a Water Fall by umbatman
Chasm of desolation by saritaangel07
The Pull of Home by vacuumslayer
Swamp thing - The Pale Lady by the-Scarlet-Queen
Vampire's Regrets - NEW WORK! by BrietOlga
A message from the beloved by saritaangel07
Il cimitero degli angeli - The Angels Cemetery by Aramisdream
Redemption by EstherPuche-Art
Shaman (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena
Between poppies by Eithen
The Gun Under Rain by ManuxGame
La cometa by Quijuka

Uranus by Iskander1989
Best of the Week 169Here is my selection of the best photomanipulations submitted this week on dA. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.


Il cimitero degli angeli - The Angels Cemetery by Aramisdream Expectations by alltelleringet
Dream City by FantasyArt0102
The Tear by BBstar7 The Avenger of the Future by marcosnogueiracb
Birds refuge by Ellysiumn
La Regina degli Avvoltoi by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A Enchanted by anais-anais61
Enjoy Your Slay by StarsColdNight
El fruto by EstebanSayhueque
Feature Time! 15Hello dear friends :wave:
I'm sorry for being quite inactive. I'm very busy this year. Hope you all are fine. 
This is my first journal and the pic below is my 4th artwork  in 2018
Hope you like it. :)

And I'd like to thank :iconandorada: and :iconwdwparksgal: for giving me Angel without Wings Award in June.
It's my honor ! :hug:
Also thank :iconlora-vysotskaya: for putting me in Spotlight Monthly  spotlight Spotlightin 
Photomanip Newsletter August 2018
I appreciate your kind support my dear friends :hug:
Now I'd like to share you some wonderful artworks
Weekly Feature(2)

Here's our  weekly feature,with the best submissions of the week.
Show them some love!:love:


The word by marcosnogueiracb
Sweet Mind by Kryseis-Art
Meet The Parents by needcaffine
Lady Dread by Carlos-Quevedo
Retro 80's Powergirl by Jeffach
La cometa by Quijuka
Swamp thing - The Pale Lady by the-Scarlet-Queen
*Fascinating Golden Pieces*

Swamp Thing by BrankaArts
The Dark Song by mumu0909

Heaven's a Lie by EvanescentAngel666

Eternity by SandyliciousArt
Before Darkness Lc-Korim 2018 by Lc-Korim
: Witchery : by VanessaPadua
The end by annemaria48
Octavia by Lora-Vysotskaya
Danse Aquatique by MireilleD
Silent Waters Run Deep by BrietOlga
Dinomama by BrietOlga
Destination: Emerald City by BBstar7
Last Queen of the Targaryen 4 by BBstar7
Fairy Tale Fantasy Nudity by cflonflon
Enchanted by anais-anais61
Summer By The Sea by Softyrider62
Alien Mermaid by Renata-s-art
Team Mockingjay, Hunger Games Fan-Art, DS Iray by shibashake
Sylvanas by Eithnne
spanish girl by TiNcHe-NiNcHe
Leila the mermaid by gestiefeltekatze
Digital art photomanipulation
welcome to Art-Glory  support / appreciation/ Showcase , these are best digital Photomanipulation from group's gallery and my favourites co
llections , Please visit these wonderful works and show them your love
Daily Desviation
Congratulations on  Daily Desviation Clap

Morning coffee by SvetlanaKLimova (Suggested by @GeorgeXVIIand Featured by Gejda ) 2018-08-18

With Crimson TideCyren-Nalini makes a spectacular comeback to DA, creating a magical portrait with lovely lighting.  ( Featured
The Imaginarium - Thematic Art Feature #20 .
Member Thematic Art Feature, Theme of the month:

Works of the members from the poll

Works from the Community and our Gallery:
Welcome To Wonderland by Lora-Vysotskaya
Little Wonderland ~ Little Fairy Tales by nina-Y
Tea-party in Wonderland by mary-petroff Tribute to Burton's Alice by Dferous Wonderland dreams by CassiopeiaArt
Best of the Week 170Here is my selection of the best photomanipulations submitted this week on dA. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

SUNSTONE by Nikkayla
Just Another Day by SilenceInSilver A Story of Grief by Children7 Night Broken by DanielPriego
Fish by FantasyArt0102
Stolen Freedom by mumu0909 HEE Horse Avatar: Lyrical Nightfox by VIXEN-STUDIO
Lost In The Echo by CaelGibran
Until the end of time by JaiMcFerran The Night Belongs To Us by Cadavroux
Weekly Feature(3)

Here's our  weekly feature,with the best submissions of the week.
Show them some love!:love:


Twin Flames by ChristabelleLAmort
RED TEMPTATION by saritaangel07
Night Broken by DanielPriego
X-painted|Phoenix Rising by childlogiclabs
There-will-be-no-other-paradise by Paradox-Off
Romeo and Juliet by doclicio
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans by AlexandraVBach
*Our Wishes' Lakeside*

Amazing Watercolor Portrait by tashamille
Univers Steam Punk by MireilleD
I Ching 28 - Da Guo (Great Preponderance) by annewipf

Home Coming Ring by Arthur-Ramsey
Moonlight Fairy by nrcArt
Bleak Voyage by annewipf
Don Quichote de la Mancha by annewipf
The Danger Rises from the Sea Mist by annewipf
Peace and love by stellartcorsica
Fairy Of Romance by MagicAngel8773
Transformation by Neitin
Sorcerer's Fortress by removale
Fairytale Castle by annewipf
The Avenger of the Future by marcosnogueiracb
Randonnee En 3D by MireilleD
Mermaid by SaFram
Miss Future by Amanda-Kulp
Coquelicots au crepuscule by cflonflon
Steam Transporter by IZSTEVE
I Ching 29 - Kan (The Abysmal Water) by annewipf

Catch me in the Starlight by PeculiarDork
Best of the Week 171Here is my selection of the best photomanipulations submitted this week on dA. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.


Japan by Bunny7766
IF THE SUN DON'T SHINE ON ME TODAY by elegant--tragedy Lady Liberty by JoshDykgraaf
Aftermath #2 by IvaanMR11 by IvaanMR11 Sweet Lady by Kryseis-Art Oriental morning by Nikulina-Helena
Warehouse by FantasyArt0102
Shadow - Manipulation by selkkie
RATHER BE THE HUNTER THAN THE PREY by Rhiaan -underwater effect - (_Big tortoise_) by 35-Elissandro
Future Art of Always and Today(XIII)Hello everyone!Hi!
I want to pay tribute to the great artists, and their works both past and present,
all are wonderful and impressive, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.Heart
Feature of inspirational works AugustHi lovelies,
Summer vacation is almost over, autumn and Halloween are already in sight. Oh I love the sense of a new season... I love autumn and its atmosphere, as it gives lots of inspiration - especially for dark works.
No new works from me for the moment, as I am secretly working on some projects. No time for personal work.
 I T ' S   F E A T U R E   T I M E !!!!
A new feature awaits to display the wonderful art of my friends and my fellow deviants Heart
As usual, this journal is full of talent! Wow! OMG!
I would say, show the deviants some love Love. I know they will appreciate it. HeartHeartHeart

Different categories:
The Imaginarium - Members Feature :iconthe-imaginarium:
Promoting our lovely members:
Works caught from the poll.

Lazy Afternoons by azimutthThanatos by Portraitofafool
Yuki the Silver Fox by AramisdreamEgo by CaelGibranDREAMS by Nisha2313
Evil's Sons Arrow Shooting by TeroPorthanMermaid Alyssa ~ Reading About Katy by sirenabonita
Earth by maiaschkaPalace 02 by Olgolathe hunter by CapnDeek373
Alien Mermaid by Renata-s-art
Best August 2018

Lormet-renaissance-0034M-a3sml by Lormet-Images
Guardians of the Forest by BrankaArts
Nightborne by TamikaProud
Beauty and the Beast - Color Version by Life-Is-Art-88
Snidely Whiplash by kimsol
Joan Of Arc - Saints and Mystic Reading Cards by Wesley-Souza
Shaman (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena
Roman Basilisk by JaviRGRAPHICS
Moon at 6 AM 8-8-18 (1) by knighttemplar1
The Dark Song by mumu0909
Bend and Bow by erene
When your heart cries... by WhimsicalBlue
Octavia by Lora-Vysotskaya
Love and Hate by HILIF
LNA Scape by ChasMandala
Monthly Feature-AugustHere's our monthly feature,with the best submissions of the month.
Show them some love!:love:

Venus resurge by EstebanSayhueque
Lost Pirates Island by saritaangel07
What's in your mind ? by AmetrineJewel
White Ducks Lodge by annewipf
The Swamp Creatures by CharllieeArts
Medaillonvintage by roserika
Atlantis by Mr-Ripley
Gothic Doll by jiajenn
Nebula by Siha-Art
BLUE of the Week - annewipf:bulletwhite:   :bulletwhite:   :bulletwhite:      BLUE of the Week     :bulletwhite:   :bulletwhite:   :bulletwhite:
:iconsparklesplz:    And this is the winner:    :iconsparklesplz:
The Swamp

:bulletwhite:  :iconcongratulationplz:  :iconcongratulationplz: :iconcongratulationplz:  :bulletwhite:
Stock used for header by:
:iconmidnightstouch:   :iconlockjavv-stock:   :iconshoofly-stock:
Best of the Week 172Here is my selection of the best photomanipulations submitted this week on dA. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Camomile Princess by Helea1
Coming Home by KarinClaessonArt Venus resurge by EstebanSayhueque absolution by enkrat
This War Will Tear Apart The Sky by CaelGibran
Warrior With Lion by rajrkb
Days of struggle by Consuelo-Parra a quiet moment by Kydnt
Un Hilo de Sangre entre la Vida y la Muerte by vampirekingdom Bleeding Love by silviya
Features Aout 2018      


Under a waxing moon by ViaEstelar
Watchers 73 + My Resources features Hellooo w00t!    
                               Like every week here my watchers features that leave their THUMB in the pool, remember all thumbs are featured, I don't reject any type of art in this area :) And also Like every week here a small feature to the ones who use my resources! :love:
Thank you so much to all the active watchers, the ones that always leave lovely comments, favs and llamas :w00t: 
As I always say, you are the reason why I keep coming back, I love deviantART!      
Feature of FavesDigital Art/Photomanipulation
Mirror. Mermaid V by WagnerCherry tenderness by Helea1Dreams In My Mind by Kryseis-ArtGoodbye My Friend by isildurionCelestial Waters by Phatpuppyart-Studios
Crossing the glens. by LawrenceCornellPhotoSky Full Of Song by YuukonNight moon 27.7. by Thunderihappy end by dS1GNTenderness by Andruhastepanovangel feather... by EdinaBaltasFrozen Leaves by amrodelAs white as snow by wiwionartFEATHER AND PETAL by LewiARTsA hoverfly by KuvailijaWeb by DavidMnr
What Remains (a part of you) 11/13 by SturmideenkindEmily by Mrs-DurdenMalin by CindysArtThe Little Sombrero by borda
News and friends featureSome news !!! :)

Have you joined the nature wallpaper contest yet?
The rules are simple and entering the contest is easy...
Original Contest Journal link : Nature Wallpaper Contest

Congrats Gene !! Devious Award and CV :heart:


Bouncy Stars II - Divider by SugareeSweets
My 6th DD thank you to you both :

:iconellysiumn: (feature) and :iconlukasfractalizator: (suggestion)
This wallpaper was part of Desktopography exhibition 2017 :)

My last cover - Be Creative - August 2018
Best of the Week 173Here is my selection of the best photomanipulations submitted this week on dA. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Doves by Laughingbird11 ( _-Photoshop Stone Effect-_)- - Surreal-Fantasy- by 35-Elissandro
Wind of change by TatyanaChe STALKER #18 by IvaanMR11 by IvaanMR11
The Great City of Cairo by panjoool
Life by FantasyArt0102 Pegasus by IPNatali
Little Fox's Grand Adventure by tamaraR red poppy by theheek
Fae Duo ****SOLD** by FrostAlexis
Feature Photomanipulation - Digital Painting:iconart-glory:
Welcome to the 2. feature in September

Spotlight Best Photomanipulation and Digital Painting works of our members Spotlight

This feature is a form of our support for the best artwork that has just been submit on DA and our gallery

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The Gatherers by kimsol

End of Fairytale by Secretadmires

Gate to the city by jiajenn

The Cuelebre by Amaranta-G

Weekly Feature(1)

Here's our  weekly feature,with the best submissions of the week.
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Special Things by PriscillaSantanaArts
The Cottage in the Woods by annewipf
Island's Guardians-by-GothLyllyOn by GothLyllyOn
Not Afraid by Phatpuppyart-Studios
Rockabilly by stellartcorsica
Mysterious by NaouriRedouane1998
Tree Sprite by AmethystRaven-Art
Random favs

:bulletred: Contests winners

Mature Content

Short Challenge #49 - WinnersWinners
Congratulations to all :party:
1st Trophy 

2nd Trophy 

3rd Trophy 

The new Short challenge: Short Challenge #50
*Attention* changes in the manner of showing the votes, see here: Short Challenge #49 - Votes
The-Imaginarium Short Challenge.
Stock Required

1º most voted entry.
- 50 Points from Wesley-Souza
- 50 :points: from @wintersmagicst
Congratulations - Book cover challenge - DonnaCongratulations to the following artists for winning the polls. You will have you artwork made ready to sell as book covers and will be displayed on my page here…
and/or my new book cover website
Poll 1
Poll 2
Poll 3
I have also chosen these to be made into book covers for sale -
Here we go...Thanks for being so patient.
We  now have our winners.
In first place is
Second place

and third place

Thanks to everyone that entered and voted.
The rest of the entries can be found below.

The Poppy Is Bonfire Spread WINNERS!Hello friends!
We’re happy to announce the winners of
our last challenge
The Poppy’s Bonfire Spread

Here they are:
1 place

2 place

3 place

Congratulations to the winners!
And many thanks to all participants!
We’re waiting for your entries to our
Hello everyone, the contest "ATLANTIS:THE LOST EMPIRE", has come to an end, with 19 amazing photomanipulations, where we have been able to enjoy the creativity, technique and quality of our artists.
On this occasion, the election of the winners has been made through the popular vote and the votes of the founder CarmensArts and co-funders HILIF and Ladesire

 Atlantis Castle by mumu0909
Finding Atlantis by Cold-Tommy-Gin Atlantis (Contest entry) by Gequibren
When I dream of Atlantis by maiaschka  The Sunken City by BrankaArts
THE LOST EMPIRE by panjoool  Hercules and Nessus by Renata-s-art
Atlantis by Mr-Ripley
'Candy' Glitter Divider Bar by Momma--G
Ice Divider by AlbinoSeaTurtle
Gold Cup by KmyGraphic
1200 points :points:
#Nº15 by :iconpanjoool: panjoool
15+10+11+12= 48 votes
The Imaginarium Short Challenge #50- WinnersWinners
Congratulations on winning the contest :happehwinner: 
1st Trophy 

2nd Trophy 

3rd Trophy

The Short Challenge will give a break so you can have time to participate in the
We will return at the end of the month with the Challenge Special Halloween.
See the votes here:  Short Challenge #50 - Votes
The-Imaginarium Short Challenge.
Stock Required

1º most voted entry.
- 50
Fairytale Castle - WinnersHere are the winners of our stock use contest that Olgola and me have chosen.
Thank you all for taking part with your beautiful creations! It wasn't an easy choice :blowkiss:
1st place
"The Perfect Kingdom" by Shirokibo

More from this artist:

"Celestial Cascade" by synesthesea

More from this artist:

2nd place
"The adventure in Sky Palace" by Cold-Tommy-Gin

More from this artist:

:bookdiva: Tutorials:

This month  we present you:
A tutorial showing how to extract more details from IvaanMR11
TUTORIAL How to extract more details by IvaanMR11 by IvaanMR11

PSD from Nikulina-Helena
Hysteria PSD by Nikulina-Helena  The Pilot PSD by Nikulina-Helena

The animation process from Rowye:
Town Crier Process Animation by Rowye

Thanks a lot for sharing guys!

:spyedvsjark: Contests

All known to me photomanip contests always are here:
CURRENT PHOTOMANIP CONTESTSShort Challenge #59, Deadline  September 20
Bad Moon Rising, Deadline September 30
FOREST CREATURES Deadline September 30
Magical Creatures(within the AMA, read the rules at the bottom of the journal), Deadline September 30
Underwater Wallpaper Contest, Deadline October 1
Mermaids, Deadline October 15
Pandora’s Box, Deadline October 15
Stock usage contest: Deep into the forest, Deadline October 15
Vikings, Deadline October 27
Book Cover Love Contest, Deadline October 28

That's all for today:) See you in October!:wave:

Skin by Dan Leveille
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NikkaylaProfessional General Artist
<333 Thank you for the mention in here! What a fantastic read this was :D
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Lora-VysotskayaHobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome!
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Oh how lovely of you, thank you so much! I am touched! :love:
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RowyeProfessional Digital Artist
*touches you softly with a stick*

Congrats on the feature, much deserved!!! :heart::heart::heart:
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stop poking me haha, thank you dear :D 
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RowyeProfessional Digital Artist

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you're like an annoying older brother, I swear.... :D
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Lora-VysotskayaHobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome:)
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SecretDarTisteProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the mention of my feature! :heart: Sorry for the late reply, I was enjoying my holidays! :D
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Lora-VysotskayaHobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure!:)
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ErikShoemakerHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the news Lora! I've always been a huge fan of thegirlcansmile's art, such a great choice! :la:
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You are too kind Erik! :hug: 
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Lora-VysotskayaHobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you like the newsletter Erik:)
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CathleenTarawhitiProfessional Photographer
Hi Lora, thanks for the feature :)
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Lora-VysotskayaHobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome:)
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Wesley-SouzaStudent Digital Artist
Thank you very much for including me in the news :dance: :heart:
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Lora-VysotskayaHobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure:)
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LadesireHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the mention LoraHeart Hug  
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Lora-VysotskayaHobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome:)
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WhimsicalBlueHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the mention Lora! :heart:
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Lora-VysotskayaHobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure Hazel:)
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WhimsicalBlueHobbyist Digital Artist
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Thank you very much for the mention Lora, really appreciated to promotional work. a varied feature and with a lot to explore of great artists. :)
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Lora-VysotskayaHobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome:) I’m glad you like the newsletter Julian:)
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