Photomanip Newsletter February 2019
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Hello friends!

I’m here again to share the latest photomanip news, events and features with you. Here goes!

:new: The latest news


 :bulletred: Throwback Thursday on CRPhotomanipulation

Throwback Thursdays is a series of features, organized by Gejda:icongejda:  and lauraypablo:iconlauraypablo:. They include awesome DDs, fascinating tutorials, beautiful manips and outstanding stock. Look at the new issue from the series:
Throwback Thursday #23HELLO THERE!
Throwback Thursdays are a bi-weekly series of features over here at CRPhotomanipulation, organised by  Gejda and lauraypablo. We're going to show you four things - three older Daily Deviations, three older tutorials, three random works from our gallery from last month, and three  stock photos. Once a month, you're going to see stunning works that are at least a year old, and two weeks later, you're going to see beautiful works from the month before. At the end of each journal, there's going to be a question and sometimes, a few words from us or other deviants from the community to start off a discussion. 
Also, we shamelessly stole the idea from CRLiterature. They were first. 
Let's start!


  :bulletred: Amazing Manipulation Award

The AMA (Amazing Manipulation Award) is an award given to photo-manipulation artists for their arts, dedication, imagination, innovation, ideas, creativity, etc., which is remarkable for the community of manipulation, and deserves an award. Each month the event is hosted by a different person.
The winners of AMA#6 (the supporter is panjoool ):
Carlos-Quevedo:iconcarlos-quevedo: in category THE BEST OF THE MONTH

TatyanaChe:icontatyanache: in category THE BEST ARTWORK WITH WINTER THEME

Eve II by Carlos-Quevedo New Year's adventures of a little pig by TatyanaChe
All the rest nominees and more details are here:
Artworks by The Winners of AMA  azimutthno1intheworld l  cornacchia-art l  GabeehSilva l Dani-Owergoor l  itsbxd

Trophy   WINNERS   Trophy 

Congratulations to the winners Clap


Score - Jury points:  5 + 7 + 5 | community votes: 21 | total = 

Score - Jury points:  10 + 9 + 10 | community votes: 18 |

The categories of AMA#7 (the supporter is Pendragon-Arts) are THE BEST OF THE MONTH and THE BEST USE OF LIGHT AND SHADOW :
AMA Awards, Who will be the nominees this month?Hello everyone,
The AMA Award is back, You're welcome to make suggestions.

The AMA - Amazing Manipulation Award- (In some languages, Ama means LOVE.) is an award given to Photomanipulation artists for their arts, dedication and creativity. Each month will have different category to give a symbolic prize to their art.
Each month the event will be hosted by a different person The supporter of this month is me, Pendragon-Arts
In this AMA the nominees will be chosen by the two supporters Wesley-Souza | panjoool  and the guest host Pendragon-Arts

In this AMA 6 the nominees will be chosen by the two supporters Wesley-Souza | panjoool  and the guest jury Pendragon-Arts
The piece must have

  :bulletred: New group 

A new fantasy manipulation group FeedYourImagination was founded by BrankaArts  and AliDee33 this week. As the group progress, they are going to  host bi-monthly contests. Join the group and share your fantasy art there!
:iconfeedyourimagination:  A New Fantasy Photo Manipulation GroupHello Beautiful People
I would love to tell you about my new Fantasy group.
Please join me, bring your friends
and let your fantasies run wild.
I'm Branka :iconBrankaArts: the Founder
Your Co-Founder is
It will be a group for Fantasy art, Photo Manipulations only.
Folders are open and they're as follow:
Featured Folder
For your best work of the month.
Only one submission per month is allowed.

The rest of the folders are 10 submission daily,
accept for the Mature folder, which is
one submission per week.

Folders updated on Feb 5, 2019

Fantasy Folder
Emotional Folder
Conceptual Folder

Surreal Folder

Sci-Fi Folder

Submit your art to the group in the genre you've originally
submitted it to DeviantArt, thanks.
Dark Folder

For all dark art and Gothic art
Wallpaper Folder

If you submitted your art originally under Customization>

:spotlight-left: Monthly  spotlight :spotlight-right:

Last month in spotlight was:

ErikShoemaker:iconerikshoemaker:  Wallpapers: Featuring ErikShoemaker



Colossal Titan by ErikShoemaker
WAR by ErikShoemaker
Perfect Fairytale II by ErikShoemaker

:devart: Artist’s story:devart:

Meet a very original and wonderful artist from Russia LadyEvilArts which shared her inspiring and motivating story with us:

“Until 14 years old I didn't have any interest in art, I loved reading but didn't painted at all. Then I discovered a programm on my pc that could do simple changes to images, it could even cut an object with some lasso-like tool, and I started experimenting with my own photos. Soon I realized that I need more field for experiments and started to learn photoshop using tutorials found on the web, it was a perfect hobby for me - to say the truth, I don't like making anything directly by my hands, and I think it's the reason why I didn't start my way to art earlier:-)
My level at that time was, well, very mediocre, a complete mess from web tutorials (now I understand that most of them were not very good really), but I kept on practicing despite got some bad comments on my art. Next important step in becoming a real artist was joining DA, it was 2010-2011 I suppose, all my favourite artists were here, I could follow them to get inspiration and to analyze their works, you can see my works of that period were very common and very alike with everything you could see in DA pm gallery. I had better ideas, of course, but had no idea how to fulfill them.
2014 year was most important of all, I realized I can't go any further without using photoshop professionally, so I took 3 courses (advanced ps, and two for the retouch), it changed everything, but skills don't help with mess in the mind, 2014-2016 was kind of a trial, I tried different genres, not really my best period.
The clarity came only in 2017, probably that is aging or simply I needed time to sort things out (btw I'm 28 now in case you were wondering:-)), I simply let my real crazy nature out, all my ideas that were put aside before, were moved directly to my art. Now I don't care any more whether my art will be considered “too weird” or not. Art is made to be weird! In real life we are limited by standarts of behavior, location, gravity after all, so why not to have space with no limits at all? It is a possible utopia, I enjoy every minute of art making, that feel of freedom makes me happy, and I am addicted to it.
From my own experience the only important thing – believe in yourself, in your art. Do not be distracted by comments both nice and not very, keep on working, and take responsibility for all the results (again both good and bad:-)), and you'll achieve everything you want.”

And now I invite you to visit the amazing gallery of this beautiful Lady and to give her your love and support:

:+favlove: Undiscovered Artists

This rubric is a small exposure for those artists who need more attention and support (watching, faves, comments, critiques) on my opinion: talented amateurs, skillful newbies on DA, artists who returned to DA after a long absence and lost their former watchers, or just for people who remain in the shadows for some reasons. I’m going to select a couple of artists for featuring every month and ask you to support them by any way. Thank you in advance!
El fruto II by EstebanSayhueque Reina blanca by EstebanSayhueque

Mature Content

Venus resurge by EstebanSayhueque
Alineacion by EstebanSayhueque
Queen of vampires by S-Lana Dragon by S-Lana Poisonous plant by S-Lana Halloween Pumpkin by S-Lana

:camera: Stock treasures

Many thanks to all the DA stock providers, who make our work possible with their fantastic images:

Stock features:
The Unseen Stock - January

Sky_Stock_263 by xENDing Florida by FairieGoodMother
Florida Everglades by FairieGoodMother
Winter 169 by MASYON Bay of Bonifacio in Corsica Island by A1Z2E3R Golden Stormy sunrise_Stock1 by Arts-of-Cendrayliss
Background Stock by FjellvangPhotography
Deserted Island STOCK PHOTO 5 DARK by KarahRobinson-Art Frozen Pine Needles by howlinmadd123 Cloud Stock 02 by SoreWounds Deserted Island STOCK PHOTO 1 by KarahRobinson-Art
Winter 225 by MASYON
wild Flowers 3 by sherrierchrds
Mshellee's Stocks and more StocksI would like to share my stocks and textures to Artist out there. I hope you use them and Credit me. I am open to my stocks/textures being used outside of  DA, just let me know.  Thank you for your support.

Surprise2 Stock by mshellee
More Stocks to share
School of Fish Stock by AmandaKulpStock annemaria by annemaria48 
The Unseen Stock - January (II)

 Sunset Stock by FjellvangPhotography Saltmarsh Beach 3 by WynBird-Stock
Fury Stormy Clouds_Stock by Arts-of-Cendrayliss
snowy trees 3 by anirico Sea rocks 04 by Olgola Stormy clouds and light_StockIII by Arts-of-Cendrayliss
Ice Fog Bridge Stock by MG-Airbrush
Florida Rainbow Springs by FairieGoodMother Alien Landscape Reference Image 1 by Dinner-Mints River Reflections 3 by Crowmisfits
182 by JewelsStock
Winterscape XXXIV by Wylderness Free Stock Mountains Landscape Forest Waterfall by PeterKmiecik

:gallery: Art features & contests winners:winner:

Find out how the contests turned out this month, or see if one of your works has been featured in our collection of features!

:bulletred: Features:

Best Desember 2018

Lost - Photomanipulation by arpith20
Fires of the Heart, Beltane Forest Magic by Pendragon-Arts
Angel Avenger by marcosnogueiracb
A Christmas card from aunt Tilly by SoulcolorsArt
An Invitation to Mystery III by SlytherclawPadawan
Spades of Work [Time Travel] by Secretadmires
Ice Queen by ThelemaDreamsArt
Sanctuary by Ellyevans679
Rose etoilee by cflonflon
Apokalips by Varagka
Winter magic by Seasons-advart
Another Realm by BadAssSpartaSpawn
Son of the moon by Amaranta-G
Winter Queen by ThelemaDreamsArt
Moon Child by Renata-s-art
Krampus Has Beaten You, Santa by BrankaArts
Melody of Loneliness by WhimsicalBlue
Dressing Up by Twinkle-space
Reflections Of The Lighthouse by mumu0909
Waiting on the road... by mADnieR-cO
Pixie little smile by Secretadmires
*Crystalline January*

Un loup amoureux by Eymele
Celtic Dream by MelFeanen
The Tin Man by OliverInk
Emerald City by OliverInk
Victorian Rat Catcher by H100-Photography
Dark blue by Danilo-Costa
Starlighter by Lora-Vysotskaya
The spider that sat down beside her by davidrabin
The House of the 7 Dwarves by annewipf
Knight Errant by OliverInk
Dragon's breath by Fiantoduri
Magic night by Lotta-Lotos
The guardian of the magic forest by Wesley-Souza
Snails, bugs, beer by Nneila
Elfic Music by annewipf
Reflection by Dana-Ulama
Seasons: Lady Winter by Silviene
The Garden of Pearls by annewipf
Monde Magique by MireilleD
1,000 Wishes by Pendragon-Arts
JANUARY FEATURE I - PHOTOMANIPULATION Welcome to our first feature of January :iconart-glory:
This Feature Is A Form Of Our Support For The Best Artwork That Has Just Been Submit On DA And Our  Gallery:heart:

[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink and blue 

[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink and blue 

[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink and blue 

[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink and blue 

[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink and blue 

[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink and blue 

[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink and blue 

[ Pixel ] cute bow divider - pink and blue 

Special Member Art Feature :iconthe-imaginarium:
For the first feature of the year, I ask you, what's your favorite work of 2018?
The favorites of the gallery of our members.

Dark butterfly by Lolita-Artz
on my way to Atlantis by Lolita-Artz
Constellation Aquarius by theAllex
Beacon Of The Winter Light by theAllex
The Black Halo by mirandaadria
The Devil Inside by mirandaadria
Appa - My role Model by SeventhFairy
Fierce by SeventhFairy
Bathing by Twinkle-space
DD's Delightfully Devious Feature 16-01-2019I'd like to share some highlights of amazing works from here on DA that I personally find just so beautiful and inspiring, both the works and the artists with my DD, delightfully deviant award. I haven't done one in a while, so I have lots to catch up on and this is only the smallest fraction of the amazing works here on DA. I've been keeping track of them and since I added some of these, a few were blessed later with Daily Deviations too! You are all stars so keep on shining your lights for us all to adore!!!! 


Lady Daemon by WalkingGedis
Fifth sea light by NaouriRedouane1998
This War Will Tear Apart The Sky by CaelGibran
After Dark by BrankaArts
2019 Features to shareI hope everyone will have a wonderful 2019. Thanks again for all the support, comments, and favoriting my artwork(s). I always say I appreciate it, and I do.


         Victorian 1 by H100-Photography

Final by NaouriRedouane1998  Ariel: Little Mermaid 2 by Rickochet12  Dance With Dragons by kuschelirmel  
XXXV. Awesome works found lately 
Firefly by KittyD Bridgid by Frederic-Lievre Last Symphony by LaercioMessias
With my stock
Midnight Pool by LooseRingDigital Rowing the Lucent Stream [With video] by Anagraphy Eastern City by annewipf
Mystical Dreams by WhimsicalBlue The Shelter by Cold-Tommy-Gin  The Adventure in Sky Palace by Cold-Tommy-Gin 
Weekly Feature(1)Here's our weekly feature, with the best submissions of the week.
Show them some love!Love


Bad Weather by Layercake-deluxe
Temptation by GraniaA
The Garden of Pearls by annewipf
Walking Soul by MaryCapogna
Archer Avenger by Locxus
Vanishing by Mayoroshka
Castle Concepts by AugustinasRaginskis
The Elven Host by John-Stone-Art
Keepers by MalthusWolf
Noya, commission art by ackelb
Coffee break by Aramisdream
Bronc by JacksDad
Little Square Dragon by Nalak-Bel
Closer by LucyDyerArt
Argentea by Alrooney
The Janitor From Ghoulish Hell by JZDeviantFreak
Girl 3 by PelechiAM
kuschelirmel - the art of Jasmin JungerSince I don't get around to updating this journal as often as I should, I thought I'd leave you some information on me and what I do in case you're interested...

My name is Jasmin Junger, by day I work for an engineering and construction company based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I live in Karlsruhe though, that means quite the long commute every day (though I can do home office sometimes). That in turn means there is little time for my photography and photomanipulation hobby - so if you are trying to reach me, please don't get mad if I don't immediately respond.

I have been photoshopping for more than 15 years now and I still absolutely love doing it. Creating new exciting, dreamy, surreal worlds is just the best thi
JANUARY FEATURE II - PHOTOMANIPULATION Welcome to our Second feature of January :iconart-glory:
This Feature Is A Form Of Our Support For The Best Artwork That Has Just Been Submit On DA And Our  GalleryHeart
   Star + Dangles Bullet (DarkBlue) - F2U! Star + Dangles Bullet (Black) - F2U! Star + Dangles Bullet (Pink) - F2U!  Tiny Pixel Sparkle   Star + Dangles Bullet (DarkBlue) - F2U! Star + Dangles Bullet (Black) - F2U! Star + Dangles Bullet (Pink) - F2U! 

Pixel: Red Little Heart Pixel: Red Little Heart    
Feature of FavesIt has been a while since I registered here. Do you know that too? There are moments in life where a lot is happening, reality is catching up and suddenly you have to deal with a lot of things at the same time. Time just flies away, and things you used to have a lot of time for are now losing their priority.
At the moment I have many other things in my head and I will rarely be found here. Still, I still love to see your wonderful works, and hope, you forgive me my inactivity.
Enjoy these - your - wonderful artworks.


Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi (3) by Bulinkoupwind by pfranckeA Brief Respite by Trippy4U
Daydreamer by Sturmideenkind
My first feature of 2019MY FIRST FEATURE OF 2019


Please support this great artist, here and on their social networks!
Web site:
Artist's masterpieces


:thumb780063090: Best January 2019Hello my dear friends) Here I have collected your amazing artworks for January))

Magical Lake by AliaChek
Arwen by Euselia
M'lady by vacuumslayer
Pray to your God by CaelGibran
Raining stars by martinatera
Moon Rainbow by Hel1x
Quietude by Eithen
Final by NaouriRedouane1998
The mother of egypt by CharllieeArts
With The Stars As Witness by MoodyBlue
Marina by KellieArt
Temple of anubis by Lotta-Lotos
New Friend by Lora-Vysotskaya
One More Light... by WhimsicalBlue
Refreshment by M-Curiosity
Midnight Song by mumu0909
Druid Falls by Willow-Bree
Apple Caravan by annewipf
#14 Sand of Destiny by Makerva
Extreme experience by CZV91
February FeatureThis month of magical images

Forest Fairies by CarmensArts
Pride by AusWolf666
The Dreamer by TalXorFire
Lilith by LuneBleu
Dragon Cosmos by Joseph-C-Knight
The Twins - Ghost Stories by adrianamusettidavila
Temptation by GraniaA
DEADLY TEMPTATION by saritaangel07
Goodbye my lover by saritaangel07
RED MOON by DanielPriego
The Magic Wand by saritaangel07
by Ennya7
Angel by Ennya7
Girl by Ennya7
My time is precious ? by VanessaPadua
Winter In Me by MaryCapogna
The Hour before Dawn by SummerDreams-Art
November Rain Animated by lauraypablo
The Golden Age by Aramisdream
Deliver Me from All Evil by marcosnogueiracb
The Key of the Starry Sky by Aramisdream
Moon and month by S-Lana
The Imaginarium - Members Feature :iconthe-imaginarium:
Promoting our lovely members:
Artworks and Stocks from the poll.

unknown reality by theheek
Two by ark4n
Dark Thoughts by Lora-Vysotskaya
defender of bled by enkrat
Escape from WinterMane by dhbraley
Sea rocks 03 by Olgola
Lake Song by CeliliaWonder
Maiden of the Pond by TeroPorthan
Blowing Stars by annewipf
Midnight Star by SvetlanaFox
Art Work of the Month
Weekly Feature(1)Here's our weekly feature, with the best submissions of the week.
Show them some love!Love


Self-Portrait Surreal Painting by DaemmonArts
Tamplier by ShredderDima
Unburnt by PelechiAM
[Commission] Kittehskye Chibi by MaeTeah
XX 321 by lavellyn
Twisted Pair by JoePingleton
Slime-girl: Silvia by Wraitany
Love Letter by misellapuella
Stay strong by stellartcorsica
Selbour's Landing by Ranarh
Leon Devenice, Original Painting by leondevenice
Pranto Soaked in Sunlight by SufiaEasel
dying by lame-pun-orca
Tree Silhouettes by SuMeiMei
King Stannis by Darko-Stojanovic-Art
Oneira (+Album Release) by Feuerwicht

:bulletred: Contests winners

Winners of the Mental Health Awareness Contest Alisa :iconAliDee33: hosted this contest to make more people aware of mental health

Here are the winners of this contest

empty emotion

Finding Hope

The Dark Side of the Moon

Mature Content

Congratulations - Book cover challenge - AshCongratulations to the following artists for winning the polls. You will have you artwork made ready to sell as book covers and I will display the poll winners images on my Facebook page and/or my book cover sites for sale.……
Poll 1
Poll 2
Joint winners  
Poll 3
Short Challenge #54 - WinnersWinners
I am a dummy!  Congratulations to all the winners :happybounce: 
1st Trophy

Total score: 30
2nd Trophy 

Total score: 29
3rd Trophy 

Total score: 28
- See the top 10 most voted here: Short Challenge #54 - Votes - TOP 10
- Choose the stock required for the next Challenge:
The-Imaginarium Short Challenge.
Stock Required

I think this contest wasn't that successful,with a total of only 10 entries!:(
Here are our winners of our tenth contest,here at :iconDa-Lovers:
❀Our Winners❀

Beginners Level (third place):

Intermediate Level (second place):

Advanced Level (first place):

Our winners will be receiving:
:bulletorange:1'st place(Advanced level)-  150:points:
:bulletpurple:2nd place(Intermediate level)-100:points:
:bulletyellow:3rd place(Beginners level)-50 :points:
All the winners will receive 1 exclusive stock /premade background from

:iconRenata-s-art:  :iconmshellee::iconHermitCrabStock:  :iconAmaranta-G:

All the winners will receive a feature from
:iconannewipf: :iconH

:bookdiva: Tutorials:

Here are some photomanip tutorials and processes animation I found lately:
The Light of my Soul PSD by Nikulina-Helena Temple tutorial psd by Dolce-Kyoko

:spyedvsjark: Contests

All known to me photomanip contests always are here:
CURRENT PHOTOMANIP CONTESTSShort Challenge #59, Deadline  September 20
Bad Moon Rising, Deadline September 30
FOREST CREATURES Deadline September 30
Magical Creatures(within the AMA, read the rules at the bottom of the journal), Deadline September 30
Underwater Wallpaper Contest, Deadline October 1
Mermaids, Deadline October 15
Pandora’s Box, Deadline October 15
Stock usage contest: Deep into the forest, Deadline October 15
Vikings, Deadline October 27
Book Cover Love Contest, Deadline October 28

That's all for today:) Happy Valentine’s Day to you!:heart:
See you in March! Bye!:wave:

Skin by Dan Leveille
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yellowicous-stock|Hobbyist Digital Artist
So honored to be included in this feature. Thank you! <3
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Lora-Vysotskaya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure!
Reply  ·  
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Ladesire|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dear Lora, many thanks for the feature))Heart Hug 
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Lora-Vysotskaya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are very welcome!:)
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Ladesire|Hobbyist Digital Artist

:heart: :hug:

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WhimsicalBlue|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much Lora for this amazing feature!:heart:
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Lora-Vysotskaya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome Hazel!
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GothLyllyOn|Professional Digital Artist
 Thanks so much Lora for the feature! Smileys Kisses by LOVEMAYU
Reply  ·  
Lora-Vysotskaya's avatar
Lora-Vysotskaya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure:)
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CathleenTarawhiti|Professional Photographer
Hi Lora, thanks for the feature :)
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Lora-Vysotskaya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome Cathleen:)
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SoulcolorsArt|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was a great read, thanks :)
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Lora-Vysotskaya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome:)
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panjoool|Professional Digital Artist
thank you so much lora for share and support :hug:
it's really inspiring story from my best fav artist LadyEvilArts she have her incredible arts, and she share too what arts means to her in my pool

Art for me is the only way to be myself, I can show my real crazy nature through my art. Real life limits too much - we should behave how it is supposed to by someone else for most part, in art - no rules, complete freedom, and it makes me a happier person " 

and it's really inspiring for me congratulation :clap: 
Reply  ·  
Lora-Vysotskaya's avatar
Lora-Vysotskaya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome Panji:)
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BrankaArts|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome Newsletter, thanks, Lora. Thank you so
much for mentioning my new group. You're support
means a lot :tighthug:
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Lora-Vysotskaya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure Branka❤️
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Ellysiumn|Professional Digital Artist
Thank u so much for the mention Lora!
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Lora-Vysotskaya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are welcome Gene!
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AliDee33|Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for taking the time to put all of this together, Lora! :)
And thanks for mentioning Branka's new group! I'm thrilled to be helping her with it!
Happy Valentine's Day to you as well! :heart:
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Lora-Vysotskaya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are most welcome!
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Dolce-Kyoko|Professional Digital Artist
thanks so much :)
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Lora-Vysotskaya|Hobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure:)
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mshellee|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the Feature of my Journal about stocks. Appreciated as always 
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