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Myers-Briggs Star Trek Edition

Those of us with even a passing interest in psychology have probably heard of the Meyers-Briggs-Jung personality indicator. I decided to categorize characters from Star Trek in it.

Read more about the test here: [link]

Determine your category here: [link]

I, sadly, do not own any of the Star Trek series.
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ok i've took the test again after two years and it had a surprisingly different outcome.
Introvert declining by 30%
Changing from Sensing to Intuition, were as Senesing was the least clear now Intuition is 2nd clearest.
Changing from Thinking to feeling, were as thinking was 2nd clearest now feeling is least clear.
Only constant is i'm sitting here, silently judging my results with 25% Judging unchanged and now clearest tendency.

So the real question is how relevant is this test?

Also you might want to visited this link:…
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From Spock to Picard to Jake Sisko... I'm calling Garak 2020
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nope, it's Seven of Nine

Can anyone tell me what the name of the ESFJ character is? Thanks!

Hi there! I'm leaving this comment as a spokesperson for CPP, Inc., publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument. As an FYI, the link provided to determine personality type does not lead to the Myers-Briggs assessment. Luckily, the Myers-Briggs instrument is available online at This online method includes a type-verification session and a professional report... and it is supported by decades of research and practical use--something other personality type tests can't claim. We hope you'll consider trying the real deal!

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Introverts seem to hate everything about ENFP type people, and so constantly seek to insult and belittle.
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I won over many an introvert, but there are always a few that are dead set on disliking me. The worst is when I am in a work place that employs almost exclusively introverts for an extended period. That gets ugly. 
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took the test im Spock cool
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I'm a Picard! But with more hair!


I almost spit out my drink laughing when I read the ISFP... Beverly would totally say that if she spent more time with her son. A lot of the other quotes were great too.

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Another INFJ!! Have you found any more?? We're really not alone! :lmao: Lol
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I'm an INFJ too!
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test says I'm Spock, with S/N and F/T under 5% though.
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Hahahha...brilliant! :D
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Seven of Nine. INTJ~
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The Vorta... Sycophants, all of 'em. They are a plague which must be exterminated from the Milky Way.
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According to that, I'm a Seven. ;) Though I've gotten the occasional INTP result.

Pretty cool combination of two things that interest me.
Looking at it the first time, I felt as though some of my assignments would have been at least slightly different--but then again, this must have been tricky enough considering that each type needed to be given a different character. For the most part, seems rather accurate.
I wasn't aware that they had been "officially" identified, though...? Intriguing...

Love the quotes!! They do capture the spirit of each type. LOL at Spock's, Data's, Geordi's, Crusher's, Picard's, etc...and TROI'S is so cute and perfect! XDD I like her. (And my favorite hairdo for her was when they made it very curly. ;~)
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oh man, I knew I had many things in common with Picard, but I see we also have the same Myers-Brigs personality :(

I want to be like Janeway
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Haha, very clever. And it strikes me as being accurate, too.
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Which one are you?
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