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Rhino Sculpture 1

Rhino comiquette, made ​​for Sideshow Collectibles. It is entirely modeled by me. I Use super sculpey gray and pink and epoxy putty. It is made of 6 parts, and has 2 heads alternatives
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un trabajo fantástico en cada detalle, fabuloso!
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I wish I could do this kind of work in Z Brush.

Digital sculpting is just so much cleaner than regular sculpting;  The drawback is that is really doesn't have the same aesthetic as traditional sculpture.
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coooooooool قشنگه
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thanks Andy!!
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Fantastic!!!! One of the best rendition to rhino that i've ever seen
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Thanks Cesar, very good your gallery, play with my brother to be "the Impossibles" !! 
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wow.  That's some great detail!
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Great work, I enjoy your
 attention to detail
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Super Nice!!!!
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Aside from the superb expression of course, I really love the texture on this. Very well done!

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I might sound stupid, but I must know how people make such awesome stuff; How do you paste the models you are making???
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omg man...that  textures...absolutly incredible!!!! i beg u-make some youtube tutorial of it=) U R GOD
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qué pasada!!! Amazing!!
lordy! just how much sculpy did you get through!! and how did you bake something this massive??! stunning piece, must have weighed a small ton.

atb --tim
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It is very large and very heavy, really hard work!!
Have much padding, still took a long S.Sculpey
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Wow! this is trully amazing Loqura, I can sculpt ...but not like this. You're pretty awesome!
btw I too use the sculpy grey/firm I discovered it halfways thru my last sculpture and fell in love with it.
I used a little bit of epoxy clay too, but I didn't like it at all.
Muy buen trabajo, de verdad.
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