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la femme et la lune

" You were mistaken, but I hope-not disappointed."

I wonder how much MLP fanart I can spam you all with before you hunt me down?

Anyway, this is another piece that ended up completely different from what wanted. I meant to paint an angry Celestia. Whoops. 200th deviation yay! My tablet pen battery died for you. :D

Although I probably draw Luna the most, I can begrudgingly admit that my favorite princess is probably Cadence. Wow. When I first saw her design I was like RAWR MARYSUE WHY DOES SHE HAVE WINGS PINK GIRLY MARKETING GIMMICK

But she makes the starry-eyed little girl in me go apeshit

Luna, however, is just plain cute. She's just so awkward and pretty and full of RAGE.

Oh! Oh! Everybody tell me who your favorite princess is and why. DO IT

also i painted Luna's mane with the help of this starry texture: [link]
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Luna is my fav cuz she’s the prettiest in my opinion and I relate to her on many levels

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I know its kind of a stupid choice but Twilight. I like how she had to go completely out her comfort zone to get where she is. She has always only relied on herself, especially when her brother left for the royal guard, and then all of a sudden she had to trust random people she just met with her life and make friends. I know its kind of generic main character crap but I love her none the less.
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Luna, because she has a dark aura.
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Rainbow Dash: SO AWESOME!!
ME: I Agree :D
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Luna because she's the princess of the night and I love seeing the stars at night
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Celestia is more powerful and has a lot of potential as a character, while Luna also has a lot of potential, but she's a biiit more Mary-Sue-ish to me (night alicorn that has been shunned for her differences). Luna, even in her nightmare form, was beaten by Celestia.
I respect people's opinion, though.
I just can't understand how an angry Celestia turns into a cool looking Luna pic.

oh wait...
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I think I might be spending a little too much time looking at pretty Luna fanarts
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This is really nice, good job there!
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Heinlein was right; the moon is a harsh mistress. :)
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my fav is Luna, i DONT know why.maybe cuz shes only in fev episodes :3
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eh? the title is in french cause it's niftier than titling it "moon goddess" or something equally generic
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I did see just a bit of Mary Sue in Cadence when all I saw her do was play bride/princess. However, she did have Shining Armor hurl her like a spear to save Spike and the Heart when both almost get eaten by King Sombra, you gotta love Cadence's bravery. Yet, all-in-all they could've done a bit better with her character/role.
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Simply beautiful!
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God, she's gorgeous. :love: Great piece!
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Love it but maybe you should add some rim lights to separate her from the background and give more depth to her figure.
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You're right. I dunno about returning to this piece tho, I'm laaazy and I got new ideas to paint. Including you as a pony.( it's awesome)
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Aw well I hope you do no pressure though :)
I need to draw more.... i keep saying that but then I don't...
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JUST DO IT. I've recently gotten into the habit of sitting down and continuously drawing/painting til I'm done. You'll be amazed at how fast you finish.
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