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Wooloo Evolution



taking a ride on the sword/shield hype traaaain

I know this idea's been done before, but I wanted to take my own crack at it. Wooloo is such a cute, innocuous looking pokemon, I thought it'd be neat if it evolved into a monster. The name, Wooloover, is a play on "wool-over", as in to pull the wool over someone's eyes....mixed with the phrase "wolf in sheep's clothing". Wooloo evolves via moonstone!

My design was inspired by this tumblr post: carousei-horses.tumblr.com/pos…

Other names for your consideration (not gonna lie, some of these were thought up by internet folk more clever than I):
Foolyoo (as in "fooled you")
Werewoo (Wearwool?)

Star! EDIT: yoooo my buddy :iconheilos: was awesome enough to expand on Woolover, check it out: Guardian of the Wooloo by Heilos Basically she had the idea that Wooloover acts as a guardian to it's herd of Wooloos, check out her description for more info!


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a wolf in sheep clothing