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When all the truth does is make your heart ache

Sometimes a lie is easier to take.

Discord wants something he can't have.

Speedpaint! Experimenting with form and color. serious discord is best discord
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Ah, the classic 'brooding over the person you adore because it seems they'll never even like you back' angst. So good and painful. Always end up falling into it myself because my favorite ships are usually crushed by another lesser ship ;u; You sell that angst in this piece!!
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Why he can't have her? ;^: I'm confused.
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I can almost imagine this being a scene from the original, retconned, Pandoraverse story/timeline. Nice!
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Great art but Discord needs to get over it. 
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Yeah, i am the stupid one...
My first thought? Somebody kidnnaped/hurt/killed her... then i read the description and comments. Now i am confused. One sided? Is it all about? If it is, why is he angry? He should be, dunno, sad... 
So, pretty please, explain, tell me, what's going on? I beg you :( (Sad) 
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Have you noticed he is holding a PURPLE feather? And the author is a Twicord shipper?
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that look sent shivers down my spine.
he looks sad...
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Not sad, mad...VERY mad I can tell
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Oh no...whatcha' doin' now dissy!?
PikkuKuolema's avatar
And I shall sail with this ship. Dang you sold it to me XD Better push it beside every other shipping I have. Besides now this just enables my FlutterMac obsessions as we has TwiCord <3
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Whoever that was, I'd hate to be that guy.:icondiscordlaplz:
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What did he/she say?
Lopoddity's avatar
even if i remembered, that's none of your business
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Well, sorry for asking o__o 
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Wow, this is beautiful. Dark, intense and moody. 

I love one sided stuff too. Dunno why, maybe because it makes you yearn for the character to be happy.
I'm writing a fimfic about discord at the end of the world and think this might work very well for the cover art.  It's meant to be very tragic.  I'ld want to get your approval first though.  You had another piece that could work as well.
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I love how you made him hold feather and...GAAAH I LOVE IT ALL!!!
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(Wait... Artists can pay other artists for commissions... Right? I want to have your artwork be my first commission...)
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