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The Thinking Tree



    “…It’s a tree.”

    Discord chuckled at his daughter’s disappointed face. Every afternoon, Pandora would bolt straight home from the Ponyville schoolhouse for their daily lessons in chaos. Last week, he had teleported the two of them to the bottom of the ocean to hunt for the lost kingdom of Marelantis. They hadn’t found the city, but they had found an angry kraken, and Twilight had been less than thrilled when Discord had finally brought their daughter home for dinner, the two of them giggling and covered in squid ink.

    Today, Discord had taken his young charge to the outskirts of Ponyville, where he had summoned an enormous purple tree that looked for all the world like it belonged in a Dr. HorseSheuss story-book.

    " My, my, what an astute observation. Perhaps if you do get a cutie mark someday, it’ll be in detective work. " He teased. Pandora’s face soured. Snickering, he ruffled her hair fondly.

    "This isn’t your average tree, my dear. It’s ancient, and imbued with the very cosmic force of chaos itself! Also, the bark is grape-flavored." He demonstrated by snapping off a bit of violet bark and proceeding to gnaw it.

    "What you are looking at, Panny, is my very own, private thinking tree." Discord said grandly, purple crumbs flying from his mouth.

    "Private? Nopony else is allowed up there? Not even Mom? Or Auntie Fluttershy? " Discord could see Pandora’s eyes starting to glitter with curiosity. So very much like her mother.

    "Nopony. Only draconequii." He whispered conspiratorially. Pandora barely restrained a little squeak of excitement. Discord grinned.

    "Race you to the top."


How the heck did i forget to post this, i finished this like two weeks ago

Discord’s thinking tree grew from a seed given to him by his old mentor, Starswirl the Bearded, so that “the boy would always have a quiet place to think. That boy could stand to do more thinking.”

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Love the juicebox.