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Sweet Victory

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Recapping from this: Our Romance is more of a No-mance, but not really by Lopoddity, Zipperflash hatches a plot to antagonize his rival Aerostorm by asking out his sister, Cloudburst, and pretending to date her. It's fool-proof! Cloudy goes along with it because of the entertainment factor, and mostly because of the daily burrito Zips promises her. Despite the payment, Cloudy half-asses her role as Zips doting girlfriend, and the pair fails entirely at upsetting Stormy. He's still traumatized from Rosie and Phoenix dating, he's very much numb to Zips' bullshit at this point.

So the fake dating isn't really working out, but Zips refuses to throw in the towel so quickly! As for Cloudy.......eh, she guesses it's not so bad, really. Just hanging out. It's kinda fun, playing at being boyfriend and girlfriend. Cloudy doesn't mind. Most ponies tend to forget she exists, and she's fine with that, really, but it's nice to be noticed. She's never had a best friend all her own before, not like Stormy has Rosie, and Phoenix has Smokescreen. Zipperflash is badly starved for attention and companionship himself, and the fake dates kinda become excuses to keep spending time together.

Slowly, something genuine starts to form out of their flimsy staged relationship. Zipperflash hearing one too many of Cloudy's "guess I'll die" depression jokes, and clasping her hands and asking her not to joke about that, okay? Cloudy showing Zips grounding techniques when he has an anxiety attack, teaching him how to breathe. Zips  absolutely blowing up at something mean a Wonderbolts gossip rag printed about Cloudy and Cloudburst needing to hold him back from throwing hands everyone involved. Zips demanding Cloudy teach him cool skateboard tricks and inevitably beefing it hard against concrete. He's hurt and embarrassed and expecting Cloudy to laugh at him (she does, but only a little bit), but instead she fishes out a box of rad rainbow bandaids and patches him up, tells him he's gonna live and pets his hair a little too long.....

Zips learning the rules of buckball and going to all Cloudy's games to cheer her on/screech at the ref. Cloudy stealing Zips hoodies and sleeping in them. Cloudy becoming the first person Zips wants to share good news with. Zips snickering at Cloudy's jokes, even when they're lame, and absolutely lighting up when he gets her to laugh at one of his. Cloudy being sheepish about being a weak flier, so Zips promises to fly underneath her to catch her if she falls. Both coming up with increasingly convoluted reasons not to "break up". Looking for excuses to touch. Talking late into the night and sharing deep secrets. "Fake" hand holding, "fake" proximity, "fake" compliments and conversations, "fake" daydreaming what it'd be like to kiss the other before snapping out of it and shaking their head furiously because this is stupid, the other wouldn't possibly ever like them for real.....

Anyway, I figure what's happening here is either Cloudburst won her championship buckball game (with Zips showing up to cheer for her in full team colors) or Zipperflash won a Wonderbolts derby he'd been agonizing over for months. Of course this warrants a big victory hug, right on the field! And victory tension, and months of fake dating and budding friendship and denied attraction and feelings all coming to a boiling point.....

Stormy says oh well, guess I stan, Phoenix is exasperated her baby sis fell for a chicken, and Lightning Dust is DISGUSTED that her SON could fraternize with the ENEMY. Cloudburst is the daughter of Rainbow Dash, the brazen blue bitch that not only got Lighting kicked out of the Wonderbolts, but her father (and flying legend) Wind Rider as well! Zipsy how cud u do dis???

from my lovely patron Ketirz:

I can just see the pair breaking apart after a few seconds and Cloudy having a huge dopey grin on her face, while Zips looks embarrassed beyond belief (and like he might have just swallowed a lightbulb, HOLY CRAP Did that just happen? Did I just kiss Clou-oh shitttttttttttt I'm in public.) Cloudy gently pats Zips on the head, murmurs "That'll do, Zippy" and pulls him in for another kiss~

and delicious ramblings from the decidedly delightful :iconroboheather::

-The only pony who could possibly take this news worse then Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust is Bruce, suddenly realizing with silent horror that he and Zipperflash might become in-laws someday. Oh god. OH GOD. Brothers-in-law with Lightning Mcdork?? WHY? Bruce worked so hard to become a better pony! Yeah karmas' bitch but COME ON!! Okay, okay...calm down Bruce. It COULD be worse. I mean...it could be PANDORA. Ha! Thank God he'll never become in-laws with HER at least. She and Phoenix have never even hung out to his knowledge so whew. Bullet dodged.

What other positives? Well...if Zipper is with Cloudy then he might stop panting after Stormy. Hm. Bruce likes that. He likes that a lot actually. That is HIS hippie horse. Okay what else? Well...Bruce likes Cloudy doesn't he? Yeah. She's a good kid. And Stormy adores her, so if she's happy...then Bruce guesses he can be happy for her. Though how anyone could be happy with Mr "hurr hurr I pluck MY eyebrows in dumb shapes so somehow they're better then YOURS" is beyond him. Okay, okay....URGH!!!! But STILL! In-laws!!! And oh NO he's gonna be UNCLE ZIPS to BRUCE'S kids oh god!!!! And-....and.....and hold the FUCK up, WHEN exactly did Bruce decide that he wanted to marry Stormy and unleash a hoard of their ankle-biters upon the world? When did Bruce start wanting to be a DAD? Oh god. OH GOD! And that's how Cloudy and Zips being adorkables in love set off a chain reaction of internal panic within like six different ponies. Kiss more responsibly in the future you two

-One pony I can see being quite happy with this turn of events is PB Sandwich, 'cause he predicted it the second Zipper told him about the fake dating. Like yeah good luck with that buddy you're gonna fall madly in love with her I have 46 favorite fanfictions to show you why. Zips just brushes him off...but time goes on and he starts bragging about Cloudy's awesome skateboarding skills, then her buckball talent...then oh hey Peebs lookat this wicked drawinh she did of me imma frame it!!!...then frustration cause she makes me take NAPS with her Peeby but guess she does look pretty cute all snuggled up...not that I really like her or anything no don't read me that story again im NOT in love God...did ya ever notice how pretty the color grey is? Mmm no reason...just thinking...."OH NO PEEBS IM IN LOVE WITH HER!!!" "YOU DON'T SAY?? I'VE ONLY TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN FOR MONTHS YOU PUDDING HEAD!!!"

Did I say happy? More like just almost violently relieved that Zips finally got his head out of his ass and Peebs finally got to stop listening to his dumbass friend being so oblivious. No one listens to Peebs.


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Areo: “ehh, I saw it coming”

Nix: “why tho?...”

Lightning: “disgustang!!!!”

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These two are so cute-

Peebs is a mood

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now thats love, right there,

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If only I could use Mama Lightning'd wtf face as an emoticon

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Power move: Make your crush your brother-in-law

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Cloudburst looks so cute in this! she might be one of my faves ;w;

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Every time I see Cloudy, I feel like she sounds like Phyllis Smith, the woman who plays sadness in "Inside Out."

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that lightning coming off their wings when they kissed was SUPER cute,I never realized how much I like ship dynamics like this one so once again another great piece of art and character building,AWESOME job lopodiddity!!!
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Cloudburst is literally my favorite I can't even

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Birb horse go brrzzz

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Honestly, Cloudy's legs are slaying me…

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When i saw the first one I was like "They need to be for real" this has made my dreams come true

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Cloudy's face in the second picture!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA it's so CUTE!

And the ear blush in the third!


I just adore Cloudburst! Really love how you drew her...

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I hardcore STAN these two as a doffy chaotic power couple ❤❤❤

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Wait, I thought Zips' dad was Thunderlane? When did that get changed? :O

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Wait no, I misread that. <i>Her</i> father; Lightning's dad - gotcha

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Adorable!! How did you create those lightning effects?

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This is so cute and I really want it to be canon in your universe. But now I'm a little curious, I think you mentioned before that Cloudy has some medical issues right? How would Zipperflash react to Cloudy having an asthma attack?

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The blushies! I am 1000% here for this wholesome dork-ship, though it does make me wonder how this may change the dynamic of Mags and Rosemary.

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It doesn't affect the dynamic between Magnolia and Rosemary at all. Their relationship with Zipperflash has only ever been polite friendship (or annoyance, in Magnolia's case)

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