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Suspension of Disbelief
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Published: April 14, 2019
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sorry to be quiet lately, ya'll. Besides starting at a new job (which is going nicely), I needed to take my brother to the emergency room twice. He's doing fine now, but the doctor thinks he may have lupus, so stay tuned for the next episode of why-can't-my-family-catch-a-damn-break-seriously-did-we-piss-off-a-witch

anyway, in lighter news, :iconroboheather: sent me in a really nice batch of ideas (thank you Heather, you're a gem!). One being that Smokescreen and Phoenix are best buds (Fire Bros 2.0!) She had this to say:

 "Had a sudden thought that Smoky and Phoenix miiiight actually make super good friends. I like to think they met when Smoky happened upon a young Phoenix and Jam Sandwich being bullied and mocked by a group of mean girls (both of them always felt awkward and unfeminine compared to other fillies their age, and were often targets because of it), and before the situation can escalate into an actual fight (Nix is fluffed out, wings spread to shield her crying friend, teeth bared, and body getting tense to leap), Smoky decides to help them out by changing into a giant, hairy, terrifying spider to scare the fur off their bullies. He comes back in his normal form after gleefully chasing the brats half way across Ponyville, and introduces himself to the startled girls. While Smoky and Jam do enjoy a casual, friendly relationship through their mutual bestie, it's with Phoenix that he eventually develops an unbreakable bond with.

Though their relationship as adults may appear to be a typical dude-bro one (and it IS. Wrestling, getting hammered together, watching sports, sparring practice, checking out chicks, affectionate head butting, playfully teasing the other, casually going over the best torture methods over beer and bar nuts, ect), they really do love each other and have very snuggly, affectionate moments in private too. They think nothing of it to sometimes sleep in the same bed, or have painful hangover snuggles on the couch. Smoky also honestly swears by his bestie's skill in blacksmithing, and refuses to use any weapons besides the superior ones she makes him. "

so here are the fire bros watching what they thought was an action movie, but turned into a forced romance fest at the end, booooo

on a design note, i decided to give phoenix blue eyes. i think a splash of blue helps her look more at home with her siblings~

more on these two:

5th Mega Doodle Dump by Lopoddity     3rd Mega Doodle Dump by Lopoddity  Special Agent Smoke by Lopoddity  Rainbow Dash Line Redesigned by Lopoddity

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Comments (134)
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VinilyArt|Hobbyist Artist
Cute couple that you illustrated, I love it.MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Ecstasy Coquettish Coy 
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MysticDuskaStudios's avatar
Too true, too true. I love the fact these two are besties, by the way.
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StarShine-Robotics's avatar
StarShine-Robotics|Hobbyist Digital Artist
im struggling between wanting to be nix's girlfriend or wanting to BE her (damn those arms)
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jendoes's avatar
jendoes|Student Artist
Oh no Phoenix cute 

I love this bro-ship
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SaHaDraws's avatar
SaHaDraws|Student Traditional Artist
I never thought a drawing could so accurately represent my friendship with my long time best friend Jack.....

Thanks you for this amazing work of art that has been presented before my weakling eyes.
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sakkiye's avatar
sakkiye|Hobbyist Digital Artist
phoenix could step on me and i'd thank her
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SilverFoxThief's avatar
...Omg, I love these two as unlikely snuggly friends! :iconlovelyplz:
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FireFangirl's avatar
I love this headcanon. Great dynamic. Also love how you draw human Phoenix, a queen, gorgeous goddess, 13/10
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RiverFoxNerd's avatar
RiverFoxNerd|Hobbyist General Artist
I like this because it feels like a good homage to these two's original designs/characters Ember and Jasper who I remember were besties as well 
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Mythic-Aura's avatar
Mythic-Aura|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Also I have a crush on smoke screen not going to lie
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Mythic-Aura's avatar
Mythic-Aura|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would love to see more head cannons from.the main 6 all done up with there other halves. Like what you did with the two sisters ect. I would love to see there designs. Xxx
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Kairi-Chai's avatar
Kairi-Chai|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Queer platonic relationship?  Queer platonic relationship.  <3
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DragonetXime's avatar
They are both so hot! And I love the tiny details like Smoky's sweet addiction in there. I like this headcanon.
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ToastyBrain's avatar
ToastyBrain|Hobbyist Digital Artist
While I do hope the best for your brother, Lupus isn't fun. My dad has it, not pretty what it does to people.

Onto the art, Phoenix speaks my mind, every other romcom does this, it's annoying.
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LaLuchadora's avatar
Sorry dude. My DA is weird. Just ignore
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MarikNova's avatar
I'm admiring your drawing skills honestly. Look at all those details!
The only thing that surprised me is Phoenix' appearance. Don't get me wrong, she looks very beautiful, but she doesn't seem masculine enough to confuse her for a guy and it seemed her problem/something to deal with as a teenager and adult. Is it still canon then?
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Dismal-Brony's avatar
Dismal-Brony|Hobbyist Digital Artist
She doesn't have to look 'masculine enough'. I myself am a very masculine female but I was still confused as male even when I had long hair. Looks don't always determine how others perceive you, especially if you don't fit into society's gender binary
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MarikNova's avatar
Trust me, I understand that. It's not her hair that bothered me. Phoenix just doesn't look like her pony version unlike others. Doesn't mean I don't like her.
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TipsyBearTender's avatar
TipsyBearTender|Hobbyist General Artist
More Phoenix Vogue!! Maybe a hypo au child(carried by V), I’d see them with a tiny little girly son who takes lots after Moondancer and doubles as an exotic model (lennyface) 
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Uniqueclo's avatar
Uniqueclo|Hobbyist General Artist
oof, there's gonna be a flood of Nix x Smokey shippers coming-
but seriously, it's great seeing a close, platonic male/female relationship. it's really annoying seeing people going "I ship it!!" when 1) Nix and Smokey have never been shown together before now and 2) Nix was clearly stated as a lesbian. :/ 
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Justobviousjo's avatar
Justobviousjo|Hobbyist General Artist
Come on Smoke, let's...cuddle..*gives flirty eyes*
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TeaToffee's avatar
I think what's also annoying is girls can't have guy friends without everyone thinking they are together or being asked if they are together you can have guy friends and NOT be together. 
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adanfig's avatar
adanfigEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
all the shading and highlights look so good on the hair
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