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1.) PB Sandwich and Midnight Abyss both work at Sugarcube Corner. Since Pinkie Pie left years ago to open a party supply emporium with Cheese, and since the Cake twins have careers unrelated to baking (Pound is a boxer, Pumpkin is a teacher), Mister and Missus Cake have needed help keeping their bakery afloat. PB is a super dedicated, enthusiastic, and loyal worker, adored by the elderly Cakes, whom he adores right back. Midnight is also there.

Midnight developed an interest in baking at a young age, and after much begging, she was allowed to start an apprenticeship with Miss Sugar Belle. Although Sugar at first tried to keep things polite and strictly professional, she couldn't evade all of Midnight's questions about Our Town, and eventually spilled the beans. Listening to Sugar's stories of Starlight's cult disillusioned Midnight on the idea of the great magical destiny her mothers always said was waiting for her, and especially affected her relationship with Starlight. Rather than becoming the pretty princess her mothers dreamed of, Midnight became a slacker witch-for-hire. She often needed space to get away from her moms and pressure about the future, so on a whim she applied for a part-time job at Sugarcube Corner.

Now Midnight spends much of her time baking with her co-worker (and eventual boyfriend) PB Sandwich. She's kind of a terrible employee and entirely apathetic to customers, but the Cakes aren't sure if firing her would bring a terrible curse down on their heads (answer: yes it would, Midnight has already calibrated the spell). PB however thinks "Abby" is just the absolute bee's knees, and can often be spotted being a blushy doting dolt around her.

2.) Midnight's mamas learning she's dating PB Sandwich

3.) does anybody else have older coworkers that just.......constantly overshare

"PB usually rolls out the dough with Missus Cake while Midnight mans the register, but he was sick when this happened, and he can't understand why Midnight refused to cover that shift for him ever again. Did something happen? Missus Cake is usually such a good companion - she never runs out of stories!"*

4.) Pumpkin Cake is here for your candyyyyy

a doodle of two witchy gals. I imagine Pumpkin Cake is a kindergarten teacher and intense Nightmare Night enthusiast (she sews her own costume every year). A sweetheart and diehard party girl, Pumpkin never quite left her high school goth/occult days behind her, and Midnight can sense that. The two get along pretty well whenever Pumpkin pops her head into her parents' bakery, and have formed a sorta sisterly bond, in that Pumpkin is way too nosy about Midnight's personal life, but Midnight curiously doesn't hex her. 


"Midnight Abyss insists that she doesn't listen to My Chemical Romance, but rumor is that when Pumpkin got them both front-row seats to the reunion tour, Midnight actually smiled. (Rumor also says it was more like a Cheshire, baby-eating grin, which honestly tracks.)"*

5.) It's not that Pinkie hates Midnight Abyss. Really, in any other context, she'd be thrilled that one of her children had found somebody to love and understand them. Buuuutt.....

- Cupcake, her oldest and most dependable child, literally packed up her entire life to follow a giant chaos monster around Equestria indefinitely for reasons Pinkie doesn't understand?? For reasons she suspects Cupcake herself may not understand????

-Jamboree, her most savvy child, is now spending more and more away time from home to visit Canterlot......something about conning Canterlot aristocrats and courting a certain alicorn? Now Jammy's brushing off her mom hugs and kisses and always on the move.....

- Now PB, her sweet and precious baby boy (younger than Jam by two minutes), her one kid that's actually bothered to stay in Ponyville, is being.....lured in......by a witch? What? Some meanie-pants necromancer that pals around with corpses for fun, this girl, this insult to the color pink, who walks around with that constant look on her face like she swallowed a lemon- this girl that treated PB like something nasty she'd scraped off her hoof- is now dating her son? Pinkie doesn't like it. What's Midnight got that Pinkie doesn't? It's....it's got to be some sort of curse or something! And Pinkie's gonna get to the bottom of this, no matter what it takes!

the irony here being that while once Midnight wouldn't have given a single solitary fuck about Pinkie Pie's feelings on the matter, she's becoming increasingly, awkwardly invested in acquiring Pinkie's approval. She wants Pinkie Pie to like her, and she doesn't like this fact one bit. Urgh. Really, Midnight would say she's the one under a curse here.

* denotes a headcanon by the darling :iconcolbyr:

nextgen characters shown:
NextGen: PB Sandwich by Lopoddity  NextGen:Midnight Abyss by Lopoddity


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I hate when people does that, they see a couple and they instantly wants to know if they are going to have offspring. it's pretty annoying.but anyway i can't get mad at m.s cake she's so lovely.

ilvbrownies's avatar

You are amazingly creative with your headcanons and for the most part I love it.

Diablo2000's avatar

On Sunset I'm going to say this.

That the thing Sunset he NOT Flash sentry! He PB SANDWICH! You best remember that.

Spottedlions's avatar

I totally thought Pumpkin was Adagio for a sec and I got really confused lol

BellBell123's avatar

Starlight’s expression reminds of Tina Fey. Don’t know why.

ErmineLeader's avatar

I was afraid Morning Glory was never gonna be brought up again after being offed by jealous boy. Good to see her here.

ZADRpunk13's avatar

James and Midnight are dating now? 8O

My, my. How things do change in these corners

jessica1124's avatar

Midnight's face in 3: Dear Celestia save me from this hell

Lol XD I'm Sorry

ConnersSupportGroup's avatar
Pumkin Cake being a cool spooky teacher fills me with happiness juice
JustJohn11's avatar

Bonding opportunity; Midnight and Pinkie Nightmare night decorating. Its perfect, covers all the bases for both

Nautilus18's avatar

Their entire relationship could be summed up with the song "Black Magic Woman".

MissMele-Madness's avatar

Seeing Pumpkin rockin her orange hair and nightmare get-up makes me wanna see her channeling her inner Winnifred Sanderson from Hocus Pcus.

Lopoddity's avatar

I was inspired by Winnifred. XD I listened to "I put a spell on you" a ton while I drew this

dziadek1990's avatar

I just noticed Abby & Mrs. Cake are not wearing hairnets.

Lopoddity's avatar

tsk be grateful for that extra protein in ur crossaint

Nautilus18's avatar

I just got one question for you:

dziadek1990's avatar

That's no way to pander to your vegan clientele.

Lapin-Demoness's avatar

Is that Starlight wearing her Headmare outfit and Sunset wearing her Backstage Pass outfit?????

CBear-Art's avatar
Are Abby and Pan friends? I’d imagine that they’d get along like a house on fire. They’d talk about their careers as witches for hire, trade spells and hexes, discuss (and maybe karaoke) death metal songs, and argue whose significant other makes the best snack. I also think Pan could really relate to Abby in terms of her relationship with Pinkie, as well as their rocky relationships with their own mothers.
RainbowFireShark17's avatar

I absolutely love this! I am curious about something though, is it possible that Pinkie named her eldest daughter in honor of Mrs.


EdenAngel7's avatar
Why do I get the feeling PB is the one who got the straight haired-house of horror effect from his mom? Like, when Midnight was turned into a statue by Moondancer, he was super sad and unmotivated to do anything, but then when Mrs. Fluttershy was brought into town by some beasts from the Everfree Forest and started going around on what had happened to her, what had happened to all the missing ponies, what had happened to his Midnight, he cracks. His hair goes straight, his color pallet nearly blackens and his eyes promise pain, with the only relief being death. . . or no baked goods for a week, whichever comes first.
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As they say Opposites attract.

Whether a moody goth and a ray of sunshine.

Or a deadpan strong horse and a spawn of chaos.


Or a sporty flightless Pegasus and a young dragon who likes to cook, clean and be tidy.

I miss your Spike and Scootaloo ship. But you do you. Your art is super adorable.

Anyways. This is one of my favorite versions of the opposites attract pairing. Again just the gloomy gloomerson standing next to the ray of sunshine is the best. The first picture where he has his arm casually around her it so cute.

Pinkie being grumpy, but she can't help that her children are drawn to the dark and unusual. It's just so enchanting.

LanternSailon's avatar

This might be my OTP of this bunch of next gens. Also, I fully support goth-at-heart teacher Pumpkin Cake.

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