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Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

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so i'm back on my bullshit

1.) slow day at Sugarcube Cornerrrr

"neck" means smooch/make out btw

bonus tangentially related headcanon from my dear patron Curio Blue:

You know, I was thinking about something earlier and it's been bopping around in my head. Midnight's mothers don't really GET her, don't really support her as much as maybe they should, and it occurs to me....what if, in the time after Midnight really starts opening up to PB, that somewhere along the lines Pinkie Pie actually starts to kinda like her? Like she sees how happy her son is, and I bet Midnight would actually be super supportive of PB's interests, like cheering him on at baking competitions (with all the enthusiasm of a corpse, but that's just Midnight's personality, y'know?) or I could see PB being totally into sewing cute outfits for himself, and Midnight totally gets that. PB also helps her collect rare ingredients for potions and such, and I could see him helping as a little side-kick for simpler, less dangerous spells, like curing blight in an orchard for the Apple family, or helping Fluttershy get rid of an infestation of poisonous plants (while also pocketing a few for her own research).

And one day, Pinkie is just extra nice to Midnight, and it hits Midnight that dammit, Pinkie has never once called her 'Morning Glory' and (even though she'd NEVER admit it), Midnight kinda just...breaks down. And maybe tears up, just a little, and they bond over their shared affection for this doofy PeanutButter horse. And their relationship is better because even though Midnight might've made Pinkie a little jealous, she's not taking away her beloved son, but enriching his life. And I totally headcanon that they have like, weekly Sunday Pie Family Dinner, because Pinkie's not quite ready to let go just yet. And it's nice, the normalcy of it all, because no one is placing expectations on Midnight, she's just welcome as she is.

2.) Midnight is extra annoyed with Missus Cake’s gossip here because that’s NOT even what happened. PB just offered her his sweater because he noticed her hands were cold because he’s a GENTLEPONY, gosh

(ah, he did "loan" it to her a few days ago though. Midnight has no intentions of giving it back)

Mister and Missus Cake can't seem to help semi-adopting all their employees, they are ponies with a lot of love (and nosiness) to go around. Midnight got the job because the Cakes needed help. They're getting older, and it's getting more difficult to run the bakery now that Pound and Pumpkin have moved out to pursue their own interests, and of course Pinkie left years ago to open her own party supply/joke shop emporium with Cheese Sandwich. Midnight had a stellar job reference (Sugar Belle, who she apprenticed under), and PB vouched for her, even though at the time he and Midnight weren't even friends. Midnight is a talented baker, aided in no small part by her powerful magic (recall Starlight Glimmer using magic to bake and assemble a triple layer cake in seconds, with no oven). Even with Midnight's sour attitude, the Cakes would've been fools not to take someone willing to work for admittedly meager pay. Despite her (horrendous) customer service, Midnight performs her job dutifully and neatly, and has proved to be quite helpful around the bakery. Watching her develop a slow awkward friendship, then eventual awkward romance with their beloved employee PB has greatly helped humanize Midnight to the Cakes, and they've ended up very fond of her, the same way you grow fond of a prickly feral cat that steals from your trash bins. Midnight has no idea what to do with this fondness and often threatens thousand year curses and plagues, but the Cakes aren't so easily spooked anymore. Midnight, u big softie u.


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So...I'm hoping,,,.....that whole thing with Moondancer, um,, solidifying Midnight,, didn't happen? Is an AU? No-longer canon? A terrible nightmare??

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Hehe, they reminded me of April and Andy from Parks and Recreations

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Is it just me or PB looks a little muscular now?

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Okay the feral raccoon-cat part broke me.

Another beautiful and creative drawing!

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why have I not seen this until now?? Homophobia deviantart, tut tut ;-; EITHER WAY I love this so much, I'm so happy to see more Midnight content, and "I am darkness incarnate" x "Literal Sunshine" are the Best pairings 10/10
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PB's response to Midnight's fate? Anger or anguish? Both? -Angst goblin grabby hands-

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What would Midnight look like as a human?

Lopoddity's avatar

Preciate you trying to help, but that art's super old and outdated (and honestly pretty uggo). I'll draw Midnight with a better human design one of these days

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Oh no, don't be! I understand you were being helpful, it just so happens that old Midnight doodle isn't how I see her anymore. :)

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Ooooh the little crescent moon birth mark is so cool!

Look, maybe I'm projecting my love for normally nice characters going apeshit, but;

-Jam and Cupcake don't like Midnight, like at all. Jam always found her kind of unsettling, and while Cuppy respected her in a professional way, since she and Pandora would occasionally meet up, all that went down the drain when Midnight and PB started dating

-They try and give Abby the shovel talk, but she blows them off because Peebs is a fully grown adult, and is more than capable of making decisions and taking care of himself.

-This does not endear her to the other two. Thanks to the power of miscommunication, they now think Abby doesn't care for Peebs. Maybe they find out about the love experiment that brought them together, and think she's just using him for that

-Peebs tries to patiently explain what exactly is going on, and how they actually got together, but they're having none of it- silly naive Pb, she's a witch

-I like the idea that the Pie sibs can be just as clingy as Pinkie herself can be, and the two girls are with their mom when she thinks it's a spell, a trick, a ploy of some sort. They go FERAL when they find out Abby is now working at Sugarcube Corner, and try to warn Peebs, and he just. loses it

-Hypocrites! He absolutely snarls at them. Cupcake, galivanting around with a chaos monster hybrid, and Jamboree, snuggling up to what many ponies believe to be the alicorn equivalent of a vampire, should no better than anyone just how misunderstood somepony could be!

-It's my life, he tells them, bristling, I am a fully grown adult, even if nobody in this fucking house seems to realise it. It is not your decision who I want to be with, it is not your place to bother us and hound us. Does anyone do that to you guys? No, because everyone else in Equestria actually respects your opinion. Stop treating me like I'm eight. I'm not a naive porcelain doll that needs to be protected. He pauses, then aims a big smile at Jam. How's that 'vacuum sale' job going Jamboree?

Also, nothing to do with the above, but imagine Lucy being Abby's apprentice later in life, studying magic of love an' stuff

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as an ace goth who is currently re-reading twilight ... Midnight just became my favorite character lol

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PB's outfit is evvverrryyythiiiing! <3 I'd steal that sweater too!

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Might I ask, what's the crescent moon marking on Midnight's forehead? I noticed in you previous post abt these two that she was wearing a headdress with the same symbol, did she get a tattoo of it?

Lopoddity's avatar

Ha, that wasn’t a headdress, she just had her hair braided. :) The moon symbol is a temporary tattoo. Spellcasters get them done purely for aesthetic reason, the tattoos are rendered with magical ink and light up when a spell is cast. Midnight has a lot of admiration for Princess Luna (the ultimate goth) and sometimes wears a crescent moon or star to show affinity for the forces of the night.

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Seeing you in my watch feed makes my day!

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Thank you so much! :D

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i thank you for this fluffy snack <3

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How do you choose who you are drawing? Is it whoever you feel like hasn’t gotten enough attention or do people inspire you to write a new headcanon?

Lopoddity's avatar

That’s a good question. :) Yes, I’m often inspired by other people, especially when people send me headcanons and story ideas. And yes, I do sometimes decided to flesh out a character who hasn’t gotten spotlight in a while. Sometimes I watch a clip of MLP and wonder how show characters could potential interact with my nextge, and I explore that with drawings. Mostly though, it’s all pretty random. I imagine my spacey ADHD brain as a big gum-ball machine. I sit down to draw, I crank the machine, and an idea tumbles out. Sometimes somebody comes along and rattles the machine, and lots of ideas come out. Sometimes nothing comes out at all, and I need to wait. In any case, I never really know what idea will come to me next.

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This is slowly becoming my favourite pairing. Also lmfao Missus Cake's face.

AND "prickly feral cat that steals from your trash bins" HAHAHAH

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More Midnight content always delights me, since she and Chakra as my two favorite characters in the pandoraverse. Glad that being turned to stone hasn't stopped more content from coming out about her.

Hope we get an image/scene of that headcanon bit between her and pinkie because that sounds like a goldmine of interesting drama, feels, and character studies. I like the thought of Pinkie Pie going from someone who deeply distrusts Midnight, to essentially becoming the sort of mother to Midnight that she's never had in Sunset or Starlight.

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