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She's A Jammy Dodger

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exploring jam sandwich, second daughter of pinkie pie: NextGen: Jam Sandwich by Lopoddity

1.) Jam apprenticing under the world famous FlimFlam brothers

i'm sure this will go well

2.) The student becomes the master! Later, suckers!

Jamboree Jessie Sandwich has one, and only one goal in life......and that's to become filthy stinkin' rich. Jam's spent most of her life amongst Ponyville rubes, who are "content" and "fulfilled" by their cozy, quaint, utterly boring one-horse town. Jammie wants more! Adventure! Prestige! And money, mostly. Lots of money. This means Jam's been cookin' up get-rich-quick scams since she was pretty much in diapers.

Like the FlimFlam bros, Jam once hoped to form an entrepreneurial duo with her twin brother, PB Sandwich. Unfortunately, PB is less of the cutthroat business partner she needs and more of....well, an idiot. And she means that in the most loving way, really! PB is just too sweet and trusting, with the rather annoying habit of dumping their proceeds on some hungry beggar on the street. Celestia damn it. For this reason, Jam says goodbye to Peebs and goes solo, heading to Canterlot, Equestria's shiny golden capital, where the uppitiest of the uppercrust reside.

3.) the original premise of jam and artemis' relationship has long become stale to me (it was really only ever just Jam pestering Artie into dating her, ick), so i'm changing it up

Although Artemis and Jam had always seen glimpses of each other growing up, the first time they meet formally is when Jam is arrested in Canterlot. It's her first time in the big city on her own, so her schemes were admittedly a bit crude. What can she say? She was a rookie back then! She's set up a small gambling ring to prey on Canterlot nobles when she's caught by none other than Artemis, non-binary heir to Queen Luna, captain of the royal guard, and official No-Fun McFeatherface. Oops.

Artemis swiftly arrests the charlatan and leads her away for processing. Despite being informed she has the right to remain silent, the little pink pony simply won't. Stop. Talking. About the most inane things! The weather, how Artemis likes it here in Canterlot, recipes for bundt cake....and good lord, the flirting. Artemis has never met such a cheeky commoner, nopony has ever dared to cuddle up to the Alicorn of the Eventide. The impudence! The audacity!

Meanwhile, Artemis hasn't yet noticed that Jam's already shimmied her cuffed arms from behind her back to her front, and is quietly picking the locks with a bobby pin.

And so Jam gives ol' Artie the slip.  Artemis spends all day doggedly pursuing her, but she always just manages to evade them and their night guard, leaving Artemis annoyed, exhausted, and..........admittedly, somewhat entertained. 

Artemis wonders......after all these years, and all this boredom.....have they finally discovered a worthy adversary?

headcanon from the enchanting :iconroboheather: : So now I'm semi-retconning that one old headcanon I had about Artemis assigning their personal guard to protect Jam. Now the guards are ordered to ARREST her on sight. Jam simply evades, dodges, and throws pies at them (Eclipse's pride takes WEEKS to recover). I like to think she cheekily leaves a pie on Artemis' desk afterward with a flirty (and highly suggestive note) stating she can't wait for their next "date". And the night heir finds themselves going through several emotions...and can't quite explain the fluttering in their chest or the sudden flare of anticipation for their next encounter.

4.) Following up Jam's first few negative encounters with Artemis, she decides to don a dress and sneak into a big fancy garden party in Canterlot. Artemis, rather bored making conversation with the aristocrats, is surprised at a tap at their shoulder and an invitation to dance, from none other than the pink menace herself.

Hm. Well. Perhaps it is a private event, but Artemis' officers are on guard. Perhaps one dance wouldn't hurt. One conversation. One evening......

And so Jam and Artemis fall into a long, long game of cat and mouse, with Jam pulling off clever cons and petty crime around Canterlot, and Artemis attempting to thwart her. Sometimes Jammie comes out on top, and sometimes Artemis spoils her fun. Jam's interest in Artie is 20% just-for-funsies flirting, 80% careful monitoring of Artemis’ position so she can scheme uninterrupted. At least, that's what she tells herself. Never fall for your own con, Jammie always says! Never fall for your own con....


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"I do not drink--wine" Dracula, 1931

"...and I do not smoke--shit" Love at First Bite, 1979

"Count Dorkula" FTW, 2020

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RiverFoxNerdHobbyist General Artist

I can totally see these two dancing at the garden party like Scrooge and Goldie in Ducktales 17 https://youtu.be/vaQfh1jrLpw

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CrescentScriptHobbyist General Artist

I'd never had a crush on any MLP characters, fan or canon, until Artemis. Plz send help ;u; ♥

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So how would Jam react if she found out she accidentally scammed someone out of their last few bits, putting them in deep financial strife. I know it's Canterlot we're talking about, but there must be a few ponies there, say, in crippling debt, but they have to put up a front (fancy clothes and all) until things hopefully blow over, because if you don't look the part you'll be cast aside.

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HeyYewHobbyist Digital Artist

I bet her motorcycle has a lot of *horse*power.

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Awww dang, now they need little next gens of their very own
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RainbowFireShark17Hobbyist General Artist

That last panel, I'm officially in love with Artemis:love:

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Oh fuck yeah I love it! Jam and Artie have my heart and I love all the fun scenarios that could come out of this ^^

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monterrangHobbyist General Artist

"later suckers"

i died...

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OMG i love this ajkjhkjasdhfkjashkasjf I would like to see more about Artemis and Jam asjfhskjfskdfh

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at this point i would love to see a lineup of your characters in various outfits youve designed for them -- artemis looks GORGEOUS here.

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DragonriderSCHobbyist Artisan Crafter

im very late to saying this ! But im very very glad to see Artemis and Jams return <3 Artemis is one of my fav characters in your cast and i missed seeing them and theirs and Jams relationship holds a special place for me and its so comforting and sweet to their their new development to improve that relationship ! Hope to see more, loving all the new development youre giving to the small characters/those who've been out of spotlight for a while

beautiful art as always. looks like Artemis got an armoured upgrade ! naturally their dress game is on POINT.

Its surprising seeing how much Artemis enjoys revealing cloths it seems ! For a character who's so dutiful and stoic with their work its good to see that they still have such a loose taste for fun when its for less serious events. Get yourself a demi god who can do both <3

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LopoddityStudent Digital Artist

Thanks so much! :D Been brainstorming a lot on how to better flesh out my less often seen characters, I'm glad you're finding it enjoyable!

And yeah, Artie may be a stoic captain of the royal guard, but they're also a demi-god and being a bit vain comes with the territory. They love lavish outfits so mortals may BASK in their RADIANCE

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DragonriderSCHobbyist Artisan Crafter

Im loving it! And i really appreciate all the work your putting into your full cast! It really fleshes the world and characters and feels like theres more going on then the plot stuff, its also nice being invested in these small low-key things. I love me a repressed gay man and a hippie flower boy finding and falling in love and all the angst with it with all my heart, but sometimes you just want some shenanigans and light fluff with a low tier criminal and a flustered demi god .:blush:.

its also just so heart warming seeing more rep for those mixed identities/sexuality couples. I appreciate Artie a lot for that <3 and im happy to see more of the cast 'coming out' as well XD

i mean Artie's got me basking no issue x) <3 Wonder if Artie has high standard/taste with their wardrobe/ hire someone of high talent to tailor for them, but i suppose thats a given considering they're royalty

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BlizzardsDrawingsHobbyist Digital Artist


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TigeressBird324Student Traditional Artist

The Flimflam brothers deserved that!

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CarelessCuriosityHobbyist General Artist

Damn, this rework has ArtemisXJam going from my least favorite Lopverse ship to one of my favorites. Hhhhhhh, I'm a sucker for this dynamic. It's just too cute!

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Earthsong9405Professional Filmographer

Bruh I tell ya I'm fuckin' livin for your anthro style ;w;

Also I gotta say, I swear your art's gotten more distinctive. Like it's always been easy to pinpoint your art at a glance and good as hell but your recent pieces have been SPOT. ON.

I love the texture of the linebrush you've been using and how clean and deliberate everything feels, right down to the wrinkles on their faces. As much as I love colored linework, the sharp black against the colorful characters is fun and you make it work like noone's beeswax.

Your characters in specific has so much life thrummin' off them too. My brain's fried so I can't think of a better word outside distinctive again; like they've always felt alive, but your usage of shape language has gotten stronger and each of your characters feel so different from each other, especially when you have them interacting or put them next to each other. For instance Jam vs Artemis here; Jam's got some softness and feels more compact in stature vs Artemis and their broad shoulders, more angular shapes and sweeping lines. It's like cotton candy on a stick next toooo... uh. Actually I dunno what I could compare Artemis to in terms of their overall shape language. o3o Point is, that shit hits and I McLove it.

TL;DR, the linework and character design is yolo and the colors are shablam, amaze ;w;

Nah but for real it's always a joy to see what you got cookin', keep up the amazing work! uwu

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LopoddityStudent Digital Artist


you just gonna hit me with this while i'm WEAK? while i'm VULNERABLE???? right when i was having doubts about my drawing style??? fear my WRATH

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Earthsong9405Professional Filmographer



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MMmmmmmm Artemis in that last drawing :love:

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CountSnowyHobbyist Writer

I think besides Stormy Pan and Bruce, Artemis was alwaysy fav ^^

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AlkariArtNew Deviant
Omg I love Arties and James dynamic so much! Also a few things have been swirling around in my head for a bit now, like what’s the current state in Celestia and Chrysalis’ ‘relationship? Is Tia still being all lovey dovey to Chrysalis and stuff? And what does Jam think of Iridescence? I’m sure Jam has to have at least run into her once after running around the castle trying to get either away or to Artemis. SO MANY QUESTIONS! Lol
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ToastyBrainHobbyist Digital Artist

Lop, you spoil us with these doodle dumps. I love this new dynamic with Jam, really does add to the polar opposites stuff with the best good boi Peanut.

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