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Sandwiches, Pies, and Cake

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some doodles of the Pie kids, mooooostly focused on Jam Sandwich


Cheese Sandwich and his fav lil stinker

2.) "Oh..........um, okay, sweetie. Ciao......"

The older Jam gets, the better she gets at business and scamming, which means she spends less and less time at home, to the detriment of Mama Pinkie Pie. One of her many "associates" is the charming Gladmane, who despite his kindly, paternalistic demeanor, is absolutely ruthless in his business dealings, and involved with no small amount of seedy underground crime. He's a dangerous pony to have as an enemy, which is why Jam's taken him on as a friend. They first bonded in their shared disgust of Filthy Rich. Jam cannot stand Filthy Rich. The dude touts himself as some self-made millionaire, but in actuality, he inherited both a sizable fortune AND Barnyard Bargains from his father. She can't stand his hokey, good ol' country boy act, she KNOWS he's ruthless behind the scenes, and that he's your typical robber baron capitalist. He underpays his workers to mass produce cheap goods, all so he and his stupid chain of stores can pop up and choke out local small businesses. Pinkie Pie and Cheese took a small loan from the Cakes to set up their own party supply/joke shop, and they nearly went under several times because Filthy kept undercutting their prices. He says there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, Jam disagrees. She called on Gladmane, and together they strong-armed Rich into staying OUT of Pie territory. Gladmane may be of similar fake-nice cloth as Filthy, but he's more transparent in a lot of ways, and Jam appreciates that. Gladmane, comparatively, is pretty fond of his apprentice, and considers her something like a daughter........uh, nevermind his actual daughter.

Unlike Gladmane, however, Jam does have some standards in which ponies she targets for her con jobs (typically wealthy aristocrats) and very much considers herself a modern day Robin Hoof. No clue why Pinkie's always so gloomy to see her go....

3.) So PB and Jam are fraternal twins and also best friends. Many people, upon entering their teen years, start distancing themselves away from their parents and siblings......it's just part of growing up. These two though? Nah. Never. They're still as close as they were back when they still shared a one-bedroom apartment in Mama Ponka's stomach. They finish each others' sentences and swap outfits on the regular. Jam (much like Cupcake, and also Pinkie), loves PB, and will destroy anybody that so much as makes her baby brother sniffle (yes, baby brother, she's a whole two minutes older than him, so there!) For this reason, she keeps him out of her shadier business dealings, pretending to be a traveling vacuum cleaner salesmare, or something like that. PB is the more dependent of the pair and much prefers to let his sister take charge of situations. When they were younger, PB suffered from persistent shyness and selective mutism, so Jam grew to do most of the talking for him. This isn't always a good thing, PB really wishes his family wouldn't coddle him so much

Since PB's middle name is James (Jam's is Jessie, naturally), she calls him "Jim".

4.) "I'm here to bake scones, or break bones. Your choice, baby brother."

"You don't scare me, sis. Face it. Your cupcakes are dry, and you're gonna die."

Competitiveness comes naturally to all three Pie children, including Cupcake. Especially Cupcake. They all get it from their mom and dad, whose first instinct upon meeting was to try to destroy each other in a Goof-Off. Cupcake normally adores PB, she's adored him from the moment she held him in her little arms and gazed into his baby blue eyes. She'd die for him, she'd (almost certainly) kill for him......but all that goes out the window for the annual Great Canterlot Bake-Off. The greatest baking competition in all of Equestria. PB is her darling baby brother, but he's also a fellow competitor, and sadly that means Cupcake has to destroy him. She will also destroy Missus Cake. And possibly her own mother. Blood and bonds mean nothing in the quest for total baking supremacy. Cupcake. Will not. Be. Stopped.

PB is a little intimidated, but also kinda amused that his big sis is finally taking him seriously as a rival, apparently enough to unwittingly trigger her hyper-manic and volatile Party Mode. Not scared of lil ol' Peebles, are ya Cuppy? His Triple Tier Strawberry Sponge won a blue ribbon in Ponyville just two months ago. Golly, can't imagine why that'd be threatening.....

(I like to imagine the Bake-Off is mostly populated by sweet old grandmas and doddering gentleman, all looking on in confusion and terror as Cupcake and PB try to kill each other)

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Where does Jam's love of scheming and money come from?

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It's weird and kinda awkward to me seeing her call her mom "mamacita" as in spanish it's mostly used as a pickup line or to refer to a sexy woman you like xD

"Mamita" it's the more correct term if you talking to your mother or a mother in general

Lopoddity's avatar
LopoddityStudent Digital Artist

But Jam IS being weird and a bit condescending. “Mamita” doesn’t work for the situation, it’s too nice. Jam is being a jerk here. Even in english she’d use a similar pet name, “pretty lady”, “doll”, etc

makimi's avatar

Ah, ok. Sorry I misunderstood the situation

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DoubleRbandzStudent Artist
How did pinkies parents react to the children?
DoubleRbandz's avatar
DoubleRbandzStudent Artist
Don’t forget the sisters too.
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bobshmit13Student Writer

I feel so bad for Pinkie. Like she needs to learn to let her kids have independence, but her sad face is HEARTBREAKING!!!

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Me:"Man it must have been hard for a foal to sneak into the mayor's house and leave a stuffed animals head on her bed without being noticed."

Jam:"Actually it's super easy, barely an inconvenience."

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Ah-Yes-SpidersHobbyist Traditional Artist

ohh h hh my god they're so cute i love them

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Dismal-BronyHobbyist Digital Artist

I love your curl evolution throughout the years

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Dashie1214Hobbyist Digital Artist
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zukos-swigHobbyist General Artist

I think that is the sweetest looking Cheese Sandwich I've ever seen! <3 Such a sweet dad! I also love Cupcake's outfit, that lady's ready to BAKE. :evillaugh:

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MoonSilver21Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

Cupcakes baking outfit is cute. But can we take a momsnt and admire peanutbutters outfit. Boi has it going on and I've got a mad crush on this pony.

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Can we see more of the Flutterceps family too? I feel like we've seen not very much of them at all compared to all the other. 9 o 9

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AzbayziaHobbyist General Artist

I'm honestly surprised that PB isn't best friendos with Stormy and Rosemary. He has that sweet, goofball hippie vibe that I think would fit in very well with them. :)

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So you keep referencing pinkys empty nest... is that how little cheese happens 😉. Or are you not planing on making canon in the pandoraverse?
Lapin-Demoness's avatar

Lop has already stated in one of her status updates that Lil Cheese is not canon in her AU.

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"is absolutely ruthless in his business dealings and is involved with no small amount of seedy underground crime."

This guy sounds like he operates his business like the mob and Jam likes Gladmane more than Filthy cause he's honest about how much of a scumbag he is and how he treats her? Sounds more like Jam's more biased than anything cause of the way Filthy tried to screw over her parents.

It's understandable but Jesus Christ tap dancing on a cracker is it messed up.

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RedEmbersHobbyist Digital Artist

Aww an antho scene of cupcake holding lil PB. Come to think of it, we haven't seen much of your main OCs as antro youngins? (I think, don't reprimend me!) Except maybe Pandora.

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Also cool to see the party mode back again. I recognized it right away. And PB looks adorable in his outfit!! Such a pretty boi I love him 🥰
sapphiccherry17's avatar
I feel bad that Pinkie is always sad cause her kids be dealing with the craziest and down right dangerous shit ever. And they're all monster fuckers 💀
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toebeecatfuckerHobbyist Digital Artist

IM going fucking bonkers!! the starwberry earring! wholly shit!!!! bro i dont even like mlp anymore but ur like the only reason i still sign onto deviantart is so i can see ur art

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Bottom looks like a Jojo standoff.

Also, I feel weird for even asking this, but what you wrote for #1... is that a Pimp-Luscious reference?

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LopoddityStudent Digital Artist

I don't know what that is. That drawing is referencing the movie The Godfather, y'know, the scene where the mobsters cut the head off a prized racehorse and leave it in the bed of someone they're trying to strong-arm. Dude wakes up, notices he's covered in blood, pulls back the sheets, and bam, glassy-eyed horse head just lying there. It's one of the most iconic scenes in film history.

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